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Obama “best is yet to come” confirmed by projections for 3012

Social scientists working with computer models have confirmed U.S. President Barack Obama’s election night statement that, “…for the United States of America, the best is yet to come.” According to Waistov Goudmonet, leader of the research team, “Our models indicate that after the U.S. recovers from transfer of its wealth to international tycoons, corporations and […]

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further dramatis personae

on the occasion of today’s glorious quadrennial celebration of American democracy, the presidential election, to which Jewish fund-raisers have contributed so much, it is fitting that we should also give thanks for an earlier example of the benign influence of Jewish benefactors on the development of western civilization. since i have already posted comprehensive lists […]

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Romney and Obama balloon

Obama and Romney Both Concede

This reporter has learned that the presidential candidates of the two major parties have both decided to concede the election. Since they had both prepared their speeches in advance and were waiting for Wheel of Fortune to finish, I was able to do a short interview with each of them via SMS text to their […]

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Flooding Syria with Foreign Arms: A View from Damascus

 Flooding Syria with Foreign Arms: A View from Damascus Franklin Lamb Damacus Local Editor  Across Syria these days, one is able to examine massive evidence that this ancient civilization, the historic bastion of nationalist Arabism and since the 1948 Nabka, an essential pillar of the growing culture of Resistance to the Zionist occupation of Palestine, […]

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Mutual admiration society lets tyrants indulge the illusion of political stability

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Thomas Jefferson Behind all the arrogance and smugness, Canada’s Stephen Harper is just an insecure petty tyrant. Like any unjust, unconstitutional ruler, he must fight a relentless war against his own country so that he can force […]

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The Rebirth of the Stern Gang

All colonization, even the most restricted, must continue in defiance of the will of the native population. ~ from The Iron Wall (1923) by Ze’ev Jabotinsky On October 25, 2012, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman announced that their parties—Likud and Yisrael Beitenu (Israel is Our Home) respectively—will run […]

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FaceBook, Mordechai Vanunu: Wrapping it up and Moving On

In 2005, during my first of seven investigative journeys to both sides of the Wall in Israel Palestine, I began a series of interviews with Israel’s Nuclear Whistle, Mordechai Vanunu and arranged this interview conducted by MONKEY FIST PRODUCTIONS: went online three weeks after that interview while I was in Berkley, California and you […]

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New Israeli Attack on Sudan

“And this also,” said Marlow suddenly, “has been one of the dark places of the earth.” from Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad on London as the epitome of Western Culture Far from the headlines a fully fledged war is taking place between Sudan and Israel. For years now, reports on Israeli attacks on Sudan […]

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Rebel Convoys at the Cape of good hope

Rebel Convoys at the Cape of good hope By Naram Sargon Partial, edited, translation by Alex Gaza Hashim, the martyr’s blood reservoir where Hezbollah fighters carried missiles on their shoulders through tunnels to Hamas fighters, turning it into a focal point for Palestinian Resistance, has become a cleanser, a new Cape of good hope for […]

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Response to ABC’s “Tick, Tick, Boom” and What’s with Jonathan Cook?

In  Iran – Tick, Tick, Boom!, ABC correspondent Trevor Bormann admits, “As well as killing some scientists and urging others to defect, the CIA and Mossad are making the working lives of Iranian nuclear scientists utterly miserable. “Israel has long recognized the power of nuclear know-how in this most volatile of regions and ruthlessly defends […]

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Hamayreh: Sheikh Hamad: ahlan wasahlan (welcome to Palestine)

Hamayreh: Sheikh Hamad: ahlan wasahlan (welcome to Palestine)   UpdatedHamayerh claims that he wirites from occupied Jerusalem. If true, Hamayreh is a mossad agent, holding a VIP pass, to move from Dura, Al-khalil to Jeusalem.In his latest comment in the sectarian PIC, he claimed: “It was…Qatar that rolled the sleeves up, hastening to the rescue […]

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Miko Peled

“The name of the game: erasing Palestine…”

The name of the game: erasing Palestine… ~Miko Peled Around the time my article “Who does ‘Agent Cameron’ work for?” appeared last week a Jewish lady, Elizabeth Morley, wrote to Mr Cameron scolding the prime minister for his shocking dinner speech to the United Jewish Israel Appeal . Agent Cameron told his Jewish audience: […]

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It’s True… There’s No Going Back

True … No going back!    Ibrahim Amin     Tomorrow is another day. It has to be. The logic of life dictates that. The victims and the bereaved want it to be another day, as do Wissam al-Hassan’s murderers.Former premier Fouad Siniora also made clear in his speech that tomorrow is another day. The […]

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A Gloss For The Perplexed

Recently one of deLiberation’s finest and most impassioned journalists, Stuart Littlewood, did us all a great service by printing and criticizing the British PM’s speech to a shadowy but influential Westminster lobby group which calls itself the UKHOEA (United Khazar Hell On Earth Association). The text of this speech, as published, did seem rather ghastly, […]

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Israel, Syria, Iraq: Who Benefits From the Beirut Blast?

  Who is the benificiary?? I asked lmmediatly after the attack   “MOSSAD, most likely its a response to Ayoub surveillance drone. As Israel can’t attack Hezbollah, because such attack could lead to war, Mossad selected an easy target, to hit two birds, Al-Hassan who arrested many mosad cells in Lebanon, and target Lebanese stability. […]

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Damascus Street Notes

Damascus Street Notes    By Franklin Lamb Al-Manar Graphics by Alex The half hour drive from the Lebanese border at Maznaa to Damascus is always pleasant with the wide, well paved and maintained highway, cutting through rolling hills often with large herds of goats and sheep lazily watching the traffic below. As this observer watched […]

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The NEW Fourth Estate’s Foreign Policy Questions To Presidential Candidates

The New Fourth Estate is comprised of Internet reporters who do not take orders from editors or paychecks from conglomerates. We seek the truth and report as a matter of public service. In a true democracy with a media dedicated to seeking and reporting the truth the presidential debates would include other parties and inquiries […]

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(October 13, 2012) - The local Tibetans refused to hand over his body to Chinese authorities and they took his body back to his home. As a mark of respect, they then gathered to pay their last respects to Tamdrin Dorjee and offered traditional scarves to his body. Photo: The Tibet Post International

55th Tibetan Self-immolator Dies in Protest Against China’s Rule

Dharamshala: – A Tibetan man set himself alight and died today, Saturday afternoon in Tsoe city, Malho county of Amdho region, north-eastern Tibet to protests against China’s repressive policies targeting Tibetans in their homeland, according to a latest information received by The Tibet Post International (TPI), an independent news agency based in Dharamshala, India. “Tamdrin […]

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Lebanon’s coming election: women demand civil rights

Lebanon’s coming election: women demand civil rights  Franklin Lamb Beirut Graphics by Alex   Tehran and Washington are employing competing strategies via their political allies in Lebanon to win 70 seats in next years June 2013 parliamentary election, should they actually be held which is looking doubtful to this observer. Their efforts are designed to […]

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Venezuelan Elections: a Choice and Not an Echo

Introduction On October 7th, Venezuelan voters will decide whether to support incumbent President Hugo Chavez or opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski.  The voters will choose between two polar opposite programs and social systems:  Chavez calls for the expansion of public ownership of the means of production and consumption, an increase in social spending for welfare […]

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Drone Is Ours, It Won’t Be the Last…

Hezbollah confirms sending drone into Israeli airspace     Sayyed Nasrallah: Drone Is Ours, It Won’t Be the Last… October 11, 2012        by occupiedpalestine Note occpal: This post will be updated with the transcript and video of the speech as soon as available.   Hezbollah Secretary-General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah (file photo) PRESSTV | Thu Oct […]

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The Life & Legacy of Che Guevara

October 9th, 2012 marks the 45th anniversary of the U.S.-Rothschild Jew backed assassination of Cuban revolutionary; Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, affectionately known to billions around the world as Che. Born on June 14th, 1928 and raised in the modest surroundings of Rosario, Argentina. Che embarked upon his now legendary motorcycle trip across Latin America […]

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Turkey Reaps Bitter Harvest of Its Syria Policy

Turkey Reaps Bitter Harvest of Its Syria Policy    A member of the FSA checks a  bus as it drives past their checkpoint on a road betweenAleppo and Turkey on  Aug. 1, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra)   By:Mohammad  Noureddine           posted on     Friday, Oct 5, 2012 The Syrian shelling that killed five Turkish […]

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Establishment Darkness

I am a guest speaker on 04/09 at the NUJ Conference in Newcastle, on the subject of blogging. Never one to appease an audience, I shall give them it straight on my opinions of the collusion between mainstream media and power, and thus those who work within it. I expect to hear a lot about […]

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Assad rebounds

Assad Rebounds

Wounded, a roaring lion looks westwards… During the first days of October 2012, several events accumulated into what looks as a Syrian government rebound; one year and seven months after an Arab Spring spinoff-war begun, neither the rebels nor their Western masters have made any significant conquest. On the contrary, the Syrian government has become […]

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AIPAC: Israel’s Agent Feeling Squeezed?

AIPAC: Israel’s Agent Feeling Squeezed? Franklin Lamb Al-Manar Graphics by Alex The American Israel public affairs committee (AIPAC) has seen headier days  according to US congressional staffers forced to work regularly with the  pro-Zionist agent of Israel. The grip of fear and the lock on Congress that the  Israel first organization has long touted in […]

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On the 42nd anniversary of Nasser’s Death: 4 Nasserist Parties merge to resist selling out Egypt

Egyptians gathered at former President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s mausoleum to commemorate the 42 anniversary of his death and declared merge. On the 42nd anniversary of Nasser’s Death: 4 Nasserist Parties merge to stop selling out Egypt   “The king is dead!,” as the French say, “long live the king!”   “Will this be the case in […]

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A Trip With The General

A Trip With The General Michel Aoun, God protect you! (N0) “Our Lebanon” – (N0) “Your Lebanon”- (N0) “Their Lebanon” One Lebanon for all By: Ibrahim al-Amin Published Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Al-Akhbar’s editor-in-chief Ibrahim al-Amin recalls his first hostile encounter with General Michel Aoun. Amin, a young journalist, was also a member of the […]

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Mayor of Ersal: The Border is Mine

Mayor of Ersal: The Border is Mine Alex’s note: This Mayer is the the son of feudal family, But the French Mandate confiscated his family’s property, “so some of them fled to Syria and worked for aghas (feudal landlords), farming and plowing,”  He joined the Communist Action Organization lead by Muhsin Ibrahim (formed from Lebanese […]

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A Final Word On The Foolish Tools

A Final Word On The Foolish Tools Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah needs only to whisper in my ear, and I will stop the publication of “Al-Akhbar” without hesitation, if it is in the best interest of the resistance. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) By: Ibrahim al-Amin Published Friday, September 21, 2012 Reading Ali al-Amin’s reply, which he published […]

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Arab Spring, Iran, America’s Autumn and Israel’s WMD

On the second morning of Autumn, AIPAC praised the efforts of Sens. Graham (R-SC), Lieberman (I-CT), Casey (D-PA), and 80 additional cosponsors, who passed resolution [SJ41] by 90 to 1, to affirm the “vital national interest of the United States to prevent the Government of Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.” The senators echoed […]

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Israel bluffing with anti-Iran threats: Gareth Porter

As Israel continues to issue anti-Iran threats, an American investigative journalist says this is a strategy used by Benjamin Netanyahu to mount pressure on the US and other Western states and steer them toward confronting the Islamic Republic. Iranian authorities and military officials have dismissed the Israeli war rhetoric as a psychological warfare campaign against […]

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New Delhi: - September 22, 2012, at Jantar Mantar, Indian police taking away one of three indefinite Hunger Strikers, Mr Dhondup Lhadar, TYC Vice-president. Photo: Deliberation/Yeshe Choesang

Indian Police Forcibly Take Away TYC Indefinite Hunger Strikers to Delhi Hospital

New Delhi, 22nd September, 2012: The TYC Indefinite Hunger Strike faced its dark day today, when around 1pm this afternoon the Delhi Police came with their medical officials to have a check up done of the three fasting leaders. On checking their vitals and getting the readings, the medical officials had a discussion with the […]

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France bans all Muslims’ political protests

Published on Sep 22, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews After a French newspaper sparked global outrage by publishing obscene images of the Prophet Muhammad, the state decided to forbid all protests by Muslims – and their threats have worked. The protestors who expressed themselves were immediately arrested. Curiously, France is denying freedom of expression in order to […]

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Israeli War against Palestinian Children

By Dr. Elias Akleh 18 September, 2012 The Israelis were not satisfied with the mere occupation of Palestine, the evictions of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of their country, the annihilation of Gaza Palestinians through a choking economic siege and frequent aerial bombardments, and the continuous confiscations of Palestinian land and the demolitions […]

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ryan-romney-fawkes cropped

Exclusive: Romney Embraces Anarchy

U.S. Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney has been besieged with requests for clarification of his statements on video that 47% of Americans depend on government.  However, this journalist was able to reach him in the shower and force him to answer questions before giving him his towel, which resulted in a surprising revelation. Barb Weir:    […]

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