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“Dodgy” Syrian charity threatens prominent peace activist

Controversial British Hand in Hand for Syria (HiH) charity’s rapid rise bears detailed examination as do their long-established links with Mohammad al Arafe, the most notorious recruiter of British male and female (sex) jihadists for Syria. Although ostensibly a secular charity, HiH has now joined with two other Muslim Brotherhood linked charities, under the auspices […]

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Suspicious Deaths linked to Paedophile Rings

  Richard Kerr has been talking to the alternative press for some time about the catalogue of abuse that he suffered as a young boy. From Kincora to Elms Guest House to Dolphin Square and beyond, boys were trafficked around the UK for the enjoyment of wealthy paedophiles.  Lord Mount Batten himself is implicated in […]

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President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia receiving his Cypriot counterpart, Nicos Anastasiades, in Moscow in February.

Greece & Cyprus Turn to Russia

TUESDAY / APRIL 7, 2015    NY Times: Waving Cash, Putin Sows E.U. Divisions in an Effort to Break Sanctions By ANDREW HIGGINS The Russian president has mended issues with Cyprus and has courted Greece as Moscow seeks to assert influence in some of Europe’s most troubled corners. REBUTTAL BY In a devilish display of […]

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They never interfere with democracy. Until they do.

Of all the laughable falsehoods about The Windsors, the idea that they are apolitical is the most mendacious. Apolitical ? In a Land Owning-Fox-Hunting-Posh Worshipping-Class-Structure-Entrenching-Public School Promoting-Army-Lovin-Aristocrat-justifying-Red-white-and-blue-patriotism type way? Apolitical in the way that reinforces the idea of a class system where those at the top deserve their status because they DO RIGHT? Remind you […]

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The Federal Reserve

No Inflation?

THURSDAY / MARCH 19, 2015 NY Times: Fed Signals It May Increase Interest Rates by Midyear By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM Dropping its promise to remain “patient” on a rate move, the central bank expressed optimism that the economy no longer needs quite as much help, while acknowledging that growth has slowed and inflation declined. REBUTTAL BY […]

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... and exited this side

The day Tower Bridge was so rudely violated

To protest the fading glory of the RAF on its 50th birthday a disgruntled fighter pilot made a hair-raising precision ‘ground attack’ on the famous London landmark The RAF is about to celebrate it 97th birthday. In 1968, on April Fools’ Day, its 50th was a miserable affair. Nothing befitting such a momentous occasion was […]

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From Green to Pink

NY Times: Boston Celebrates End of Ban as Gays March in St. Patrick’s Parade By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE and JESS BIDGOOD Hundreds of thousands of people celebrated a new chapter in this city’s history on Sunday as the storied South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade opened its ranks for the first time to gays and […]

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The NY Times Obsesses Over Rapes in India

MONDAY / MARCH 16, 2015 NY Times (International Section): Nun Raped During Robbery at Convent School in India By ELLEN BARRY A nun in her 70s was raped during the robbery of a convent school in West Bengal before dawn on Saturday, police and church officials said. REBUTTAL BY Evidently, there must not be any […]

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UK’s Muslim Manifesto and the roots of Islamophobia

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell (1903-1950) ~ As the quagmire of hate and discrimination becomes deeper, faced with marginalization at all levels from unemployment, wealth, education, poor housing, and growing numbers in Prison, Muslims in Britain have ‘democratically’ decided, not to join ISIS as […]

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The Stench is Becoming Unbearable

Hugo Chavez, after George Bush spoke at the U.N. 9/20/2006 If Chavez were still with us and in attendance at the joint session of America’s congress addressed by the Israeli leader, he might have sniffed fire and brimstone along with the madness he identified in the American president’s politics. AIPAC and its Knesset caucus in […]

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, appearing before an estimated 16,000 supporters of Israel, characterized the disagreement over Iran as a family fight.

Bibi Netanyahu’s “Historic” Speech

TUESDAY / MARCH 3, 2015 NY Times: Obama and Netanyahu Play Down Rancor on Iran, but Views Still Differ Sharply By PETER BAKER President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel offered divergent approaches to Iran but tried to cool down the personal nature of any dispute.   REBUTTAL BY Coinciding with Bibi Satanyahu’s “historic” […]

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Terrorism in Tibet?

Tibetans and Chinese in Tibet: Who are the real terrorist?

Dharamshala: – The recent notice of “20 illegal activities related to the independence of Tibet” issued by Chinese authorities in Rebkong County, North-eastern Tibet a clearly shows all Tibetans inside Tibet were once again systematically deprived of all their basic rights and freedoms such as the right to life, equality before the law and freedom […]

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Senator John Thune, Republican of South Dakota, said that Democrats were lining up with President Obama in favor of the F.C.C. position on net neutrality.

Marxist control of the Internet?

WEDNESDAY / FEBRUARY 25, 2015 NY Times: F.C.C. Net Neutrality Rules Clear Hurdle as Republicans Concede to Obama By JONATHAN WEISMAN The Republican resistance in Congress surrendered to President Obama’s call to protect an open Internet, with rules likely to be approved by regulators on Thursday. REBUTTAL BY   Forever playing the theatrical role of […]

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Wei-Hock Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, whose articles have been tied to corporate funding.

Vicious Attack on “Climate Denier”

SUNDAY / FEBRUARY 22, 2015 NY Times: Deeper Ties to Corporate Cash for Doubtful Climate Researcher By JUSTIN GILLIS and JOHN SCHWARTZ Newly released documents show the extent of the links between corporate interests and the published work of Wei-Hock Soon, a Smithsonian-affiliated scientist who has tried to debunk the consensus about global warming. REBUTTAL […]

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