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Corbyn’s Latest Sin: Ignoring Summons to Visit Holocaust Museum in Israel

Poor Jeremy Corbyn. He’s in hot water again. His latest offense? Ignoring an invitation from the leader of the Israeli Labor Party to journey to Israel to visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. And the Israeli Laborites are incensed at the absence of a reply, while the Blairite centrists in Corbyn’s own party are reportedly […]

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Why do we vote for Brexit?

An Interview of Rodney Atkinson: Why do we vote for Brexit? By Catherine Robertson Rodney Atkinson (born 1948) is a British eurosceptic conservative academic, political commentator and author, a sworn enemy of the EU. Famously, he described the EU as a fascist super-state established according to the Nazi blueprints. In this short interview, he explains his position, how […]

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Dalai Lama calls for unity of Tibet, Dr Sangay sworn in as Prime Minister

Dharamshala — The most important aspect of the Tibetan movement should be to fulfill the aspirations of the majority Tibetans who continue to remain inside Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, while calling for concerted effort to resolve the issue of Tibet. Dr Lobsang Sangay, the newly re-elected Sikyong, or political leader, was sworn […]

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The Deadbeat Effect

AP — May 26. Pundits are all dumbfounded by the phenomenon they call the Deadbeat Effect, a stunning acceleration in the already mounting approval of Trump in public opinion, named after the political commentator who signs “Deadbeat.” His comments on various blogs are different from those of the run-of-the-mill Trump fans. He does not push […]

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MAGA: Trump Secures Delegate Count

By MJ Lee, CNN National Politics Reporter (CNN) Donald Trump has the delegates to clinch the GOP presidential nomination, according to a CNN delegate count Thursday. While Trump has had the nomination locked down for weeks, he has now reached the threshold of 1,237 delegates with the help of previously uncommitted delegates who now support his […]

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Xenophobic, Racist Rhetoric? Bill Clinton Immigration Policy

Xenophobic, Racist Rhetoric? Bill Clinton Immigration Policy

The Left becomes increasingly irrelevant as its hypocrisy becomes increasingly apparent.  Here’s a clip of Bill Clinton policy on immigration from 1996.  The 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act came one year after the enactment of Civil Rights legislation.  The Civil Rights laws were intended to open up opportunities denied to native minorities that struggled for equal rights […]

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Trump Is Always Blamed For ‘Inciting Violence’ But It’s His Left-Wing Critics Who Are Guilty

[Deadbeat:  Pundits raising “concerns” about Donald Trump, seem to miss one of the biggest stories that have emerged from the Trump campaign — the true face of the Marxist Left.  These Marxists, better known as “social justice warriors” (SJWs), have a total disdain for the 1st Amendment rights of Trump supporters and have engaged in bullying tactics […]

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Mouseland is a wonderful fable that Thomas C. Douglas, ‘the Greatest Canadian,” used many decades ago, trying to teach his fellow Canadians the difference without a distinction between the two parties succeeding each other in Canada’s “democracy.” Mouseland is not only the metaphor for Canada’s democracy and for the US, but indeed for every country […]

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Clinton and Trump: Nuclearized or Lobotomized?

Introduction Over half the US electorate views the two leading candidates for the 2016 Presidential elections with horror and disdain. In contrast, the entire corporate mass media, here and abroad, repeat outrageous virtuous claims on behalf of Hillary Clinton and visceral denunciations of Donald Trump. Media pundits, financial, academic and corporate elites describe the prospects […]

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Cold light of dawn for Corbyn

as UK Labour is again punished at the polls in England and in melt-down in Scotland The Party’s performance once more was dismal despite the unpopularity of Cameron’s Conservatives and the irrelevance of the Liberal Democrats. Jeremy Corbyn will be surveying the election wreckage and wondering where he goes from here. Some will blame the […]

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Age of Fools – Book Review

Reviewed by Jim Miles (Age of Fools.  William A. Cook. Dandelion Books, LLC.  Mesa, Arizona. 2015. ) In a world of fools,  Age of Fools by William Cook is passionate and accusatory book that reviews the Bush/Sharon era of Israeli/Palestinian affairs. Cook’s style is different than the usual prosaic works of history, and while the ‘facts’ […]

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Get Corbyn!

Antisemitism Inquisition shifts up a gear in bid to wreck Labour’s election chances and remove the ‘loose cannon’. With important local government elections a few days away the campaign against alleged antisemites reached a crescendo over the weekend, with the press and TV corps in full cry.   Their main quarry was former mayor of […]

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UK Labour Party in grip of Zionist Inquisition

The orchestrated smear campaign against pro-Palestine sympathisers sent me reaching for my pen. But Gilad Atzmon too was eyeing the Labour Party’s crazed witch hunt for “antisemites” with misgiving and had already declared, in his usual robust way, that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn was not so much a party as a piece of Zionist-occupied territory. […]

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