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Norway's theatre shows true grit our politicans lack

Norway’s theatre shows true grit our politicans lack

Here’s a top-priority video message for the two contenders for America’s levers of awesome power. Perhaps the National Theatre of Norway can succeed where others have failed in getting across to world leaders the truth about Israel’s crimes against humanity. Watch, listen and understand, Clinton and Trump, and hang your heads in shame for what […]

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Russian parliamentary elections

Democracy’s Last Chance

The Russian parliamentary elections went smooth as a silk dress under the hand. The ruling party, United Russia, has got a big majority of the seats in the Parliament, while the other three parties, the Communists (CPRF), the Nationalists and the Socialists shared the rest. Pro-Western parties did not cross the threshold and remained outside, […]

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Could Hamas’s Haniyeh steer a course to freedom?

Leadership change offers a glimmer of hope for Gazans, and possibly all Palestinians, stuck in that Holy Land hell At least, that how I view the news that Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh appears to have thrown his hat in the ring for chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, a position held by Khaled Meshaal […]

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Putin as Caesar

A Lousy Dancer

Putin as Caesar A lousy dancer blames the uneven floor, and Mme Clinton had proven to be an unexpectedly lousy dancer in the competition for the presidency against the blundering New York tycoon. We would expect her to win or lose graciously, as befits a former First Lady, but gosh, she is clumsy – and […]

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Obama Gets No Respect

Has President Obama, the leader of the Western world, become a Rodney Dangerfield character on the world stage, the guy who gets no respect? First, he endured a humiliating snub on his arrival in China for the G20 meeting. What, “Deliveries through the service door, please?” And no red carpet, that’s for Putin. HANGZHOU, China (AP) — […]

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A Crooked Mile

The “crooked mile” from the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes (There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile etc) is Fleet Street, which is well known to London journalists. So I was told when I joined the BBC at Bush House, at the very end of Fleet Street. Not only is the street […]

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A Triggered Hillary Hits The Fan

A Triggered Hillary Hits The Fan

Hillary Clinton revealed that her campaign has come into direct conflict with the “trolls” of the Internet age. Perhaps this is why Obama is ceding control of the Internet from the USA to an international body on the 1st of October. Clinton in her speech before in Reno Nevada mocks her critics especially the nationalist-populist […]

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What If Henry Kissinger Was My Father?

What if Henry Kissinger was my grandfather? Actually, no. What if he was myfather!? He’s certainly the right vintage. My late father Pinek Raber would be 90 years old if alive today. If Henry Kissinger was my father I’d be an American Jew and not an Australian one. I’d live in a plush apartment in […]

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Obama versus Trump, Putin and Erdogan: Can Coups Defeat Elected Governments?

“Many of our interlocutors have been purged or arrested”. James Clapper, US Director of Intelligence on Turkish Coup (Financial Times 8/3/16, p. 4) Introduction Washington has organized a systematic, global, no holds barred campaign to oust Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump from the electoral process.  The virulent anti-Trump animus, the methods, goals and mass media […]

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