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The wreckage of a soul

  Drifting in the fevered winter of a desolate mind The captive pursuit of status and power a daily grind In such a space the stilled bells of conscience no longer toll For travailing arduously against sense and dignity many lose their soul The lure of a total materialistic apex never quite complete Ever more […]

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We Are Closing Our Apologies

We Are Closing Our Apologies A locked and boarded department store A bakery that is no more— This is how, it seems to me, Christians close their apologies. An end to the never-ending, A glance up high into the trees, Terminus to condescending, The songbirds’ mouths now all shut, The vessel empty, the cord is […]

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My last rhyme so I’m gonna take my time like a hymn with clinging chimes I’m gonna blow your mind it moves and it stays together like a maze to count the days in many different ways the sun ablaze the moon in a haze in a circling phase forever the future never the past […]

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Like something got rearranged and feel a change something out of your range and turn the page to see an empty stage like a monkey in a cage can make you feel rage this is no ordinary on the contrary it’s the opposite so sit where you feel fit we’re gonna get to it bit […]

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Not to burn a hair what a scare to not know what’s there anywhere and everywhere you need to know the details so you can make the sales and not give up and bail then you tell a tall tale that you regret your decision about you mission sometimes you need not do for there’s […]

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Do you have something good to say or are you just blowing smoke in my way if your boasting it’s o.k. I just hope it’s sincere and dear or is it just racket for my ear is that Bach I hear do you criticize to make you feel wise even though you telling lies and […]

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I refuse to be someone who puts before thee a solution that crosses me for it’s such a pity to survive by any means necessary even if it includes wrongfully and selling out living in doubt is not what it’s all about to go on living with guilt building I’d rather die willing for there’s […]

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Who we are near or far there are not too many we have to stick together with every penny for we are the few and they are plenty we hold onto our nature and refuse to be a traitor things go right with us we don’t need a crutch for they want to leave us […]

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They have no love and are not real they don’t exist in this deal it’s almost everybody you feel so they try to steal ours and destroy it and devours are power with slobbering smiles hour after hour mile after mile for they lie to get their way day after day night after night we […]

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The world is turning and you should keep yearning for intellectual thirsting till it’s bursting inside you what else is there to do discovery is new don’t you want to to know what’s true or who you are a journey to seek far without ignorance or have no signifigance in the distance with no ideas […]

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He’s not to blame in his good name for your mistakes that you makes are your responsibilities to takes if you won’t then don’t complain if you have to feel the pain he’s done nothing wrong he just corrects you and puts you back where you belong if you don’t learn then it’s your turn […]

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It’s not too odd he’s not a fraud but does he exist is this in reality who are we I need proof for me to see if we created thee is inevitably a wonder that would be a symbol of right and light he is innocent but are we not quit are we as real […]

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Would you do anything for your pipe maybe get on your computer and type heck why not skype you follow the bread crumbs like some flashy bums until you get somes and your nothing comes like your just one of the ones a trend you commend if someone tries to tell you not to you […]

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Do you do it you make me want to spit at you in a dark pit did you know it’s a lie to hide behind the same thing you deny is what you abide by how does it make you feel this truth that you steal with the devil you make a deal but in […]

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There’s no denial it’s worth your while with a smile so do not file or you’ll be a bland pile of tasteless kale in a pail swept by the hail and get nowhere what a scare to just be there with no care what a bore to be no more and not grow to see […]

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