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We Are Closing Our Apologies

We Are Closing Our Apologies A locked and boarded department store A bakery that is no more— This is how, it seems to me, Christians close their apologies. An end to the never-ending, A glance up high into the trees, Terminus to condescending, The songbirds’ mouths now all shut, The vessel empty, the cord is […]

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My last rhyme so I’m gonna take my time like a hymn with clinging chimes I’m gonna blow your mind it moves and it stays together like a maze to count the days in many different ways the sun ablaze the moon in a haze in a circling phase forever the future never the past […]

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Like something got rearranged and feel a change something out of your range and turn the page to see an empty stage like a monkey in a cage can make you feel rage this is no ordinary on the contrary it’s the opposite so sit where you feel fit we’re gonna get to it bit […]

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Not to burn a hair what a scare to not know what’s there anywhere and everywhere you need to know the details so you can make the sales and not give up and bail then you tell a tall tale that you regret your decision about you mission sometimes you need not do for there’s […]

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Do you have something good to say or are you just blowing smoke in my way if your boasting it’s o.k. I just hope it’s sincere and dear or is it just racket for my ear is that Bach I hear do you criticize to make you feel wise even though you telling lies and […]

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I refuse to be someone who puts before thee a solution that crosses me for it’s such a pity to survive by any means necessary even if it includes wrongfully and selling out living in doubt is not what it’s all about to go on living with guilt building I’d rather die willing for there’s […]

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Who we are near or far there are not too many we have to stick together with every penny for we are the few and they are plenty we hold onto our nature and refuse to be a traitor things go right with us we don’t need a crutch for they want to leave us […]

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They have no love and are not real they don’t exist in this deal it’s almost everybody you feel so they try to steal ours and destroy it and devours are power with slobbering smiles hour after hour mile after mile for they lie to get their way day after day night after night we […]

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The world is turning and you should keep yearning for intellectual thirsting till it’s bursting inside you what else is there to do discovery is new don’t you want to to know what’s true or who you are a journey to seek far without ignorance or have no signifigance in the distance with no ideas […]

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He’s not to blame in his good name for your mistakes that you makes are your responsibilities to takes if you won’t then don’t complain if you have to feel the pain he’s done nothing wrong he just corrects you and puts you back where you belong if you don’t learn then it’s your turn […]

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It’s not too odd he’s not a fraud but does he exist is this in reality who are we I need proof for me to see if we created thee is inevitably a wonder that would be a symbol of right and light he is innocent but are we not quit are we as real […]

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Would you do anything for your pipe maybe get on your computer and type heck why not skype you follow the bread crumbs like some flashy bums until you get somes and your nothing comes like your just one of the ones a trend you commend if someone tries to tell you not to you […]

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Do you do it you make me want to spit at you in a dark pit did you know it’s a lie to hide behind the same thing you deny is what you abide by how does it make you feel this truth that you steal with the devil you make a deal but in […]

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There’s no denial it’s worth your while with a smile so do not file or you’ll be a bland pile of tasteless kale in a pail swept by the hail and get nowhere what a scare to just be there with no care what a bore to be no more and not grow to see […]

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You tries to disguise your alibis is not wize or very sly for I do to be true but deeper than the ocean blue my feelings I speak through to let you know I cancel the show so where will you go no more poor excuses that ruins our habitat what could be worse than […]

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For what you’ve done to thee yet you want to blame me for your insanity a tug of war no more to score on your prey not now not today I say go away to no truth that you put on your youth and speak with your sore tooth wasting my time I make another […]

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My life 2

My Life 2

I’d like to share this view too with you It’s been cool all the things I do have been true in beauty and accomplished plenty an amazing journey with great times in memory I’ve done so much I don’t know where to start I won’t back out now that’s funny from the heart there’s no […]

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What it’s all about to try with no doubt to try a new route everything is in this biz to accomplish more and not be a bore to make the score is sometimes a chore but get to the core is what this is for the more you do the better you knew is a […]

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To make it through to always do until it’s new can make you feel blue but experience too to not give up hope with reality you cope you moan and grope when it’s too much to scope you wonder what will be when your set free and able to see clearly like a busy bee […]

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In session to teach you a lesson your luck your pressin building up tension anxiety and aggression held in detension no pension no intension this oppression no question to mention frustration fixation no sensation I’m hation this creation of incarceration is abomination and demorilizion I’d like to saction

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A low down blues you feel no muse you pay your dues you feel like you lose your mind not so kind in a bind no cure to find this unfortunate torturement leaves you bent and weak and not seek not to your peak a trouble that’s deep tears may creep a lonely weep no […]

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It’s scary to fall asleep when I wake up what will I meet some more yelling at my feet or a 9 to 5 beat inspiration is not complete when happiness is before I sleep I feel like it’s gonna creep up on me till I weep my mind can’t take this abuse it’s survival […]

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You don’t know before you see me though but you react anyway so your wrong and I can’t trust you cus it’s a different outcome due to my reason for what I do now you have to back up your foolish cup that you drink from denile while your lies pile higher and higher till […]

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Not so for me you know look at yourself though and you see so much that you crutch the truth be such but will you change your touch and be pure after you’ve seen the cure is not your future I just want to be with her but will there ever be a true for […]

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shame and blame

Shame and Blame

As you disgrace you put it on someone else’s face you seem to keep this pace is a never ending race which comes first is the same curse that you thirst neither is worse inside you burst but no truth is your fault you just don’t want to be caught and accept your love for […]

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All you can do cus its”s not you and play the fool laying back in a swimming pool while you have many sins of this that you dis and refuse to miss your happiness cus you think your precious and disrespect is your intellect like you don’t know the truth and lie to look right […]

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In your name and it came but you are lame to be accepted from what you reflected in your actions for what you’ve done is not really one and you think it’s fun in such stun maybe grab a gun but you move on like it never happened and blame the violence on rappin but […]

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Life is like suicide on horses they ride by rules they don’t abide on lies they slide truth they don’t confide just marry a bride over come by the tide my reality has died due to their misconstrued so I have to live in this feud is too much to conclude and there’s not much […]

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In Memory Of A People With A Land

A wailing poignancy tearing at the very heart of a much troubled core Drenched in a blood soaked landscape incessantly scarred by murderous lore Powerfully bearing witness to insatiably violent gratuitous gore No-where to escape from the invasive putrid sore No-thing but wrought brutality and slaughter oozing from every pore   The weighted thundering silent […]

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In valiant fortitude

In valiant fortitude Soraya Boyd   Unlawfully pincered between harsh collective punishment and base military aggression The tear bedabbled faces of innocent children in constant lacrimation Afforded no respite cling desperately to their progenitor for safety and protection   Incessantly tossed and trounced in a criminally virulent sphere Innocent children lead daily lives carved in […]

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The Belligerent Occupier

With breathtaking magnitude, resolute in forfending responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity A darkly glib inhabits the psychic scape of a ruinously polished occupier seeking pseudo security   Justifying the indefensible to effect incessant brutal dispossession and perpetrate vile murder, Cruelly inflicting untold pain, immeasurable loss, unquantifiable grief no mortal being should suffer. […]

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I don’t understand why is this a free land isn’t freedom free it doesn’t make sense to me so to say that it is bubbles like fizz in my mind it’s fake just a smoke screen to take a reason to make a big mistake the same old lie that is a o.k. guy but […]

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You seem it but don’t do it   you get up to that point but don’t hit that joint   you take it for granted but have no seed planted   you do not give but take to live   then you complain in bad weather rain   a bad shame that curse your name […]

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I’ve come a long way and I’ve finally realized that I’m gonna make it today and be stabilized I’ve got love and I know how to use it I’ve got time and I won’t abuse it thank the almighty for keeping me strait now I can do it on my own with no constraint It […]

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BB attitudes

        إنجيل القديس متى – العظة على الجبل   QNN بمساعدة تقديم إلى اللغة الإنجليزية       Cursed are they who are  self-righteous: they are shut off from Heaven         Cursed are the proud: they will lose All           Cursed are they who murder […]

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Not a virtue but to nurture for it has been this curse that we must reimburse with this no accomplishment due to oppress with weakness day after day the nothingness is less the reason we abuse this skill we use till we have blues and I refuse to live in such unamuse is the logic […]

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In a void that’s toyed with my happiness this got me pissed like I got kissed by Satan’s misress no bliss made me hiss from what I miss now I make a fist in my skin like a cist my time is a wisp that I’d like crisp without agony instead of insanity and content […]

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Doing something beyond your safety a failure in entity hard to grasp this reality won’t it just roll over me best to learn from thee then you won’t have to worry about your pain that is spontaneously chasing and haunting and wanting more of you how could you ever get it to be through you […]

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Dreams 2

Not as it seems awkward schemes in stranger themes redeems the flowing streams to flee to free and recharge your energy in the mind till you are done with the blind technique then you will speak and forget about your unique freak experience that was no coincidence that brings you to this bliss reality that […]

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Sets you free and gives meaning to thee then you have a purpose to be in the most imaginable way to see your future in glee means everything in course with no obstacles to force your diabolical mission comes with precision for you to be livin in joy ahoy we have seen the next step […]

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Our Priorities

by Jane Jewell “She’s Anti-Semitic!” “Oh no, she’s not!” “But she is, she is!” someone cried. Round in circles they went as they argued and argued And simply couldn’t decide. The internet shook with furious use, As tweets and emails went flying, And nobody noticed that over in Gaza Children were quietly dying. But who […]

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You have none got to live by the gun what fun your fate is sealed and done no freedom from the oppressors that come with violence and force not by your will of course what I would do to be who I want of me and carry on a legacy to see what I want […]

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Can I borrow some of your horror or misfortune just a portion that leaves you scorchin from torchin in atrocity as so many that live in a city wallowed in pity crumbled down to a rubble curled up in a bubble to see from the Hubble a sorry sight to make your eyes double a […]

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what also must be said

this pome is dedicated to gunter grass who has issued a timely reminder to all artists and intellectuals that their vocation is to serve truth, humanity and creation. i beg the indulgence of deLiberation for self-publishing doggerel in a serious journal. HEY, YOU LOT !!! you call yourselves bankers and refuse all debate – but […]

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More than from above and flies like a dove like putting on a glove it does whatever you want to even putting on a shoe what do you think it is this power it gives gives you control and lives all around us and inside you thus makes it possible to do anything you want […]

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It inspires you everything I do is for you too you make me feel so “oooo” If they take you away I’m through don’t ever leave me stranded without a clue you are too true you make me and I make you like a tree that grew leaves with morning dew I planted more than […]

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