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On History and Intellectual Courage

I want to talk about something which is taboo yet cliche. It is widely accepted yet universally denied. Those who talk about this are ridiculed as conspiracy theorists and racists. On the other hand, many people freely admit this reality but dismiss it as inconsequential and ‘the way it is’.

Jews dominate Hollywood, the global news media, and the global financial system. By extension it is often argued that ‘Jews run the world’. Essentially, one group of people with a unifying ideology and vested interest, is controlling the institutions by which we receive news. In addition to this, the film industry and cinematic media is something which we develop a very profound emotional attachment to and identify with closely. In other words, we are talking about an instrument of brainwashing. Is this not something we should talk about? If, for example, Hollywood, the global news media, and our ‘fiat money’ financial institutions were dominated by Arab Muslims, would we perceive this as a problem?

Of course we would, and rightly so. But this is not the case currently – we are afraid of speaking out and tackling this. Why?

What other group would be capable of attacking the world’s most powerful superpower, killing thousands in a sophisticated terror attack, and get away with it, blaming it on someone else? 9/11 is but one example, the USS Liberty is another. Most Americans have not even heard about the Liberty – a false flag attack designed to draw the USA into nuclear war with Soviet Russia.

The truth of the matter is, Jews are largely exempted from criticism in the West, and this runs much much deeper than any of us care to admit. Most people reading this are subconsciously thinking: ‘He just hates Jews because he’s Muslim’, ‘He’s a conspiracy theorist and he’s got nothing better to do’. Well, no I don’t hate Jews. No I’m not Muslim. No I’m not a ‘conspiracy theorist’ either; I am merely trying to exercise intellectual courage. We are constantly singing the praises of freedom, liberalism and democracy, but we are nothing more than a servile herd of cattle when it comes to being intellectually courageous. Our claims of love for democracy and freedom are utterly hollow without this.

Even the more ‘enlightened’ activists and bloggers (no point talking about the bought-and-paid-for mainstreamers) are more obsessed with catering to their readers’ ignorance and stroking their own ego, than performing an honest appraisal of these issues. Let’s be honest – it’s nice to get lots of ‘likes’ and to be patted on the back by your nodding, agreeing peers. To paraphrase Mark Twain, if you find yourself on the side of the majority, then it’s time to check yourself.

It is clear – talking about this issue makes one severely unpopular. This fact alone is a startling clue as to the underlying truths. Those who discuss this topic are stigmatised and ostracised, and it would be silly to think that there is no reason for this.

On a not unrelated note, I want you to help me with something. The popular reading of history portrays Jewish people as perennial victims who are persecuted anywhere they go for no reason other than that they are Jews, and irrational ‘anti-Semites’ hate them. The ‘holocaust’ is a paradigmatic example of this, and this is another issue which cannot be discussed in an open forum (so much for democracy). What I would like help with is this: history is replete with massacres, murders, torture, wars, and a myriad of different crimes that have been perpetrated by everybody from the Romans to the Americans; can you name a single historical event wherein, in the popular reading of history, Jews are portrayed as the aggressors and criminals?

Perhaps Jews really are perennial victims and have never done anything wrong. Or perhaps our reading of history is manipulated, censored, and reconstructed to convey a certain narrative? We often repeat the adage: history is written by the victor. Is there some truth in the idea that history is written by the powerful? If so, are we not being subjected to what is essentially mind control, whereby we harbour a completely incorrect interpretation of history? And is it not time that we started to put all historical events, especially those which we are told not to question, under the microscope?

3 Responses to On History and Intellectual Courage

  1. Jonathon Blakeley August 5, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

    The MS has become a ludicrous farce that I can no longer bring myself to watch as it induces fit of anger, The way Jews are inevitably protected and given special treatment is all to clear in the media and in Banking.

    Its started in Journalism they all became cowards and started thinking about their careers, they sold out and lacked courage to do real journalism or question what is true. Instead they picked through peoples mobile phones and do exposes on celebrities.

    Intellectual courage is what we are lacking these days Martin – it is a very good subject to talk about.

  2. etominusipi August 5, 2012 at 11:04 pm #

    yes, Martin, and your observation:

    history is replete with massacres, murders, torture, wars, and a myriad of different crimes that have been perpetrated by everybody from the Romans to the Americans; can you name a single historical event wherein, in the popular reading of history, Jews are portrayed as the aggressors and criminals?

    is a good example of a useful type of exercise which any intelligent person can (and should) perform for themselves.

    examine what you were taught about history in school

    i was not drawn to history at school – mainly because of my passion for mathematics, which eclipsed the attractions of other subjects, but also because ‘history’ was all-too-obviously a seemingly random selection of particulars, with no sense of explanation, or even coherent narrative.

    when at a later stage i did become somewhat more interested in history, certain things surprised me. such reactions, because totally unpremeditated, and without a hint of ideological motivation, are very good clues to begin with.

    one thing that surprised me was that we had been taught almost nothing about the history of Islam, although Islamic civilisations appeared occasionally as threats and hostile forces on the borders of the Eurocentric world.

    a second thing, even more surprising, was that i was taught even less about Byzantium, the Christianised continuation of the Eastern Roman Empire. in fact i was taught nothing at all. because when a friend introduced me to Yeat’s poem Sailing to Byzantium i had to look the word up in a dictionary.

    a third thing that surprised me is the number of times (over many centuries) that important documents, sometimes whole libraries, have been lost due to fires.

    this short sketch is vary inadequate even to describe the lacuna in my rather cursory school history education. but i hope it suffices to show why i feel that a considerable effort, a concerted effort on the part of several agencies unknown, has been exerted over long periods of time, to limit, distort and falsify the historical record, and to control the dissemination of truthful historical accounts via education, literature and the media. this is an integral part of a broader agenda to entrap people in an entirely false view of reality.

    the falsification of history might well itself present a very timely theme for historical study.

    one very small historical footnote: it is now long overdue to make a proper investigation into the death of Olaf Palme. it appears, at least superficially, that for a politician he was a rather high-minded individual, and his memory deserves the effort required to publicly unmask the perpetrators of this ignoble deed. not that their identification will be a very demanding task for most readers of deLiberation.

  3. who_me August 5, 2012 at 11:41 pm #

    i wish more people were asking the questions asked by mi in this article.