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On Being Angry and Dangerous

I learn the interesting news that David Aaronovitch tweeted to Joan Smith and Jenny Jones that I am:

an angry and dangerous man who could as easily be on the far right as the far left”.

I had no idea I was on the far left, though I suppose it is a matter of perspective, and from where Mr Aaronovitch stands I, and a great many others, look awfully far away to the left. I don’t believe you should bomb people for their own good, I don’t believe the people of Palestine should be crushed, I don’t believe the profit motive should dominate the NHS, I think utilities and railways were better in public ownership, I think education should be free. I guess that makes me Joseph Stalin.

But actually I am very flattered. Apparently I am not just angry – since the invasion of Iraq and the banker bailouts everybody should be angry – but “dangerous”. If I can be a danger to the interests represented by a Rupert Murdoch employee like Aaronovitch, I must have done something right in my life. I fear he sadly overrates me; but it does make me feel a little bit warmer, and hold my head that little bit higher.

One Response to On Being Angry and Dangerous

  1. Ariadna Theokopoulos August 24, 2012 at 2:12 pm #

    Aaronovich’s description of you makes sense.
    “Angry” is a descriptor for those animated by WRONG anger. Those animated by righteous indignation (against ‘islamofascism” and such) are never “angry;” they are (like Hilary Clinton is often depicted) “concerned,” or “worried.”
    You are preoccupied with the wrong things, your indignation is not justified, hence you are ‘angry.’

    ‘Dangerous’ clearly follows from the above because you are swaying your readers towards wrong anger.

    On the issue of “far left” and “far right” you are focusing on the wrong words. ‘Lef’t or ‘right’ do not matter, ‘FAR’ does.
    The ancient Romans, believing that Rome was the center of the universe, calculated where the geometric center of Rome was and placed a marker there inscribed with “The Navel of the Universe” (Umbilicus Orbi).
    No marker has been placed yet in the geometric center of Israel because its borders are still fluid and the neoplastic state is still spreading but ideologically speaking everyone knows, just like Aaronovitch, where the center is, and you are very far from it. It makes no difference if you are far to the left or to the right.
    You are an outlier, a dangerous thing to be to any liar.