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Obama Trumps AIPAC, Romney, Republicans with Yet more Iranian Sanctions

Obama Trumps AIPAC, Romney, Republicans with Yet more Iranian Sanctions

Franklin Lamb
According to the Obama Presidential campaign issues staff,  temporarily operating out of the Democratic National Committee HQ at 430 South  Capitol Street, SE in Washington DC, Team Obama scored an electoral coup again  rival Mitt Romney this week by moving fast to pull the rug from Romney’s hoped  for advantage from his obsequious Israel trip. That visit, which ranks among the  all-time most groveling led to  even Zionist media outlets including the New  York Times and Washington Post dissing Mitt’s trip as “un-presidential.”
Obama operative James Carville boasted this week  that “Romney & Co.  ain’t ready for no major league Presidential campaigning and we’re gonna keep  whupping em real bad  til November 6th.” “Slick Jimmy” as Mr. Carville is fondly known back home in Big Easy bars  along Bourbon Street as well as some of his associates are explaining why:
US presidential candidate Mitt RomneyThe Republican National Committee, now essentially part of the Romney  campaign even though it is supposed to stay neutral until the party chooses its  nominees at the August 27-30 Tampa, Florida Republican Convention had worked  for  over a month with AIPAC and Florida  Republican Congresswoman Ileana   Ros-Lehtinen to help deliver pro-Israel votes and cash to Romney.
The plan was to cap off Romney’s Israel trip with another round of sanctions  against Iran which he would promote at a major photo op while bashing Syria in  the process. This was to be achieved via yet another law, this time H. R. 1905  named by AIPAC as  The Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of  2012.
US President Barak Obama during AIPAC conferenceIt was last December the Iran Threat Reduction Act draft law on the House  side heaped more sanctions on Iran. The problem was that the White House was  then tepid and US Senate Foreign Relation Committee Chair, John Kerry (D-Mass)  did not cooperate as he continues to work to launch a diplomatic initiative with  Tehran on behalf of Obama.
The current  AIPAC version has emerged from Israel lobby dominated House-Senate negotiations  and it includes the most flagrant layers of sanctions ever enacted to undermine  the economy of any country.
Congressman Ron Paul rose to speak in strong  opposition to H.R. 1905 on 8/1/12 labeling it a “declaration of war against Iran  even though Iran has no nuclear weapons program”.   And so it is. H.R. 1905 sponsor and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana  Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) was almost giddy as she promised to deliver Florida to  Romney and gushed:
“This bipartisan, bicameral Iran sanctions legislation  strengthens current U.S. law by leaps and bounds and it updates and expands U.S.  sanctions, and counters Iran’s efforts to evade them. The bill sends a clear  message to the Iranian mullahs that the U.S. is committed, through the use of  sanctions, to preventing Iran from crossing the nuclear threshold.”  She  reminded the media that Romney told Israeli officials in Jerusalem that the  Obama administration was not doing enough to stop Iran’s nuclear program and  that:  “Essentially president Obama is doing nothing!”
H.R. 1905 is a catch all frenzied election year gimmick that lumps together  legislative initiatives of all sorts in order to corral votes for Romney  immediately after his Israel trip which left little doubt that Israeli leaders  believe that Israel will have less leverage to squeeze the US to take on yet  another big military action if Obama is re-elected than if Romney  wins.
H.R. 1905:•   Puts virtually all of Iran’s energy, financial,  and transportation sectors under U.S. sanction. Companies conducting business  with Iran in these sectors face losing access to U.S. markets; •  Applies  harsh sanctions designed to prevent Iran from repatriating any proceeds from its  oil sales, thus depriving Iran of 80 percent of its hard currency earnings and  half of the funds to support its national budget for education, health, food  subsidies and other needed public purposes; •  Places more tough sanctions on  the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), the National Iranian Tanker Company  (NITC) and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC); •  Targets Iran’s  use of barter transactions to bypass sanctions, the provision of insurance to  Iran’s energy sector, and the provision of specialized financial messaging  services to the Central Bank of Iran;  Click here to learn more about the  legislation and how it is designed to increase pressure on Iran.
Sanctions on IranIn its letter to Congressmen, designed to aid Mitt Romney, AIPAC  writes:  “America and our allies must unite in a tough response to Iran’s  belligerent approach. We must continue to send a strong message to Tehran that  it will face unremitting pressure until it complies with its international  obligations and end its nuclear weapons quest. We strongly support The Iran  Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act (H.R. 1905) and urge you to vote  YES.”
The letter is signed by the following AIPAC supporters of Romney:  Howard Kohr, Executive Director, Marvin Feuer, Director, Policy & Government  Affairs, and Brad Gordon, Director of Special Campaigns.
Learning what  the Israeli lobby was attempting from its contacts at AIPAC, Obama campaign  strategists moved fast and decided to have their candidate use his  constitutional powers and undercut the Romney strategists toute de suite. Obama  did and angered AIPAC and Republican leaders in Congress before the lopsided  House vote on 7/12/12 when the White House quickly invited supporters of Israel  to a media event at which the President issued an Executive Order which  he  explained included “ Two major actions to further isolate and penalize Iran for  its refusal to live up to its international obligations regarding its nuclear  program and to hold accountable financial institutions that knowingly provide  financial services to Iranian banks.”
As a result of pre-empting AIPAC’s  H.R. 1905, and despite ‘feel good’  further action by Congress on H.R. 1905, the  Obama campaign says they gutted the AIPAC/Republican/Romney scheme while once  more assuring Israel and its lobby of Obama’s  willingness to use all his  Constitutional powers on Israel’s behalf and to target its “existential threat”  Iran.
According to two congressional insiders, the quick witted maneuver  by the Obama campaign is a key reason their candidate currently leads in the  swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania while reminding the media that no  presidential candidate since 1960 has won the White House without carrying two  of these three states.
Meanwhile, Romney operatives are seeking  alternative ways to convince Israel to maintain its support and cash for his  campaign during the next nine weeks of what “Slick Jimmy” is calling, “American  Democracy at work.”
Franklin LambFranklin Lamb is doing research in Lebanon. He is reachable c\o He is the author of The Price We Pay: A Quarter-Century of Israel’s Use of American Weapons Against Civilians in Lebanon.
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  1. happeh August 4, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    Did you hear the joke about why Obama is brown?

    It is because he spends so much time up in AIPAC’s butt.

  2. who_me August 5, 2012 at 12:38 am #

    ringing condemnation of obama and his knee pads:

    Ten Reasons I’m Not With Barack

  3. Alex August 5, 2012 at 11:55 am #

    “You go girl, er, country!”

    “Once again.  Israel, go for it!  If you think that you can’t live with technologically advanced Muslim countries then hit Iran.  You go girl, er, country… You show them wogs what their place is…  at your feet, right?  After all, aren’t you God’s chosen people?  The stupid Americans will come in and clean up after you by finishing off the enemies of God.  And you better do it before November, ’cause Obama might win and then, he might be harder to control with campaign money and the threat of losing the election in a few places like Florida.  Romney, well, if only you could be sure…  pl”