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Nasralla: “They were rockets from Syria and transferred through Syria”

Nasralla: “They were rockets from Syria and transferred through Syria”

All Arab countires know very well what it means for Syria to give  Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islam Jihad Movement weapons at a time when Arab  regimes prevented food and money from being transferred to Gaza!”

Who gave  [Gaza fighters] rockets?

The Saudi regime? The Egyptian regime?


They were  rockets from Syria and transferred through Syria.

Sayyed Nasrallah Speech on  6th Anniversary of Divine Victory: “Israel’s” Operation Was Qualitative  Illusion

On the 6th anniversary of the Divine Victory which was achieved by the Islamic  Resistance in Lebanon in July 2006, Hizbullah held a central ceremony in the  Beirut Southern Suburb’s al-Raya field on Tuesday, the 18th of July.

Following  verses of the Holy Quran, the Lebanese and the Hizbullah anthems, Hizbullah  Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah appeared via video-link  to deliver a speech on the occasion. The ceremony was held under the slogan “No  place for Retreat, No place for Weakness, no Place for Defeat”. 

Sayyed  Nasrallah welcomed and thanked the audience who has come to celebrate the  ceremony marking the 6th anniversary of the 2006 July victory, stating “brothers  and sisters, there are many issues I would like to speak about, but regional  developments, particularly in Syria and what happened today, forces me to set  aside part of my speech and tackle the regional developments.” 

Before  tackling the violence that hit Syria, Sayyed Nasrallah went in a flashback to  one of the most important events that took place during the July war in 2006.  His Eminence revealed one of the Resistance’s major achievements, one which was  never mentioned during the past years.

“Israel’s” Qualitative Illusion Operation

“On the 6th anniversary [of the 2006 July victory], the  “Israelis” who have been holding seminars and discussions involving high-ranking  leaders acknowledge the defeat, and are still in shock over the 2006 defeat,”  His Eminence said.

“For us, it is enough to recall that the head of the  “Israeli” Mossad in 2006 [Meir Dagan] telling “Israeli” Prime Minister [Ehud  Olmert] that the July victory was a national catastrophe during which “Israel”  received a decisive knockout”, Sayyed Nasrallah iterated, recalling other  stances of “Israeli” officials who admitted that the “Israeli” entity was  harshly defeated during the July aggression it had launched against  Lebanon.

Sayyed Nasrallah noted that “Israel” was maneuvering and had  declared an important operation dubbed “Qualitative Weight Op” on Friday the  14th of July 2006.  

The “Israeli” mini-cabinet met to discuss the  operation, where they proposed collecting accurate information on Hizbullah’s  missiles and their launchers and platforms. The War Minister at the time said  that they conducted maneuvers in the past years to shell these missile launchers  and platforms. 

He told the mini-cabinet that if this operation was approved,  Hizbullah will not be able to fire long and medium range missiles at “Israel”

Hizbullah Secretary General noted, adding “An hour after this operation was  approved, more than 40 warplanes launched their attack and targeted what the  “Israelis” said was more than 40 rockets. In 34 minutes, the operation was  finished, and all the targets that were said to be Fajr 3 and Fajr 5 rocket  launchers were hit. “Israeli” Official Halutz called [Israeli Prime Minister  Ehud] Olmert telling him: We won. The war is over.”

Sayyed Nasrallah  Went on to Say “On the second day, “Israeli” [President Shimon] Perez declared  that “Israel” triumphed and that Hizbullah SG fled to Damascus, even though I  was still in the Beirut Southern Suburb.

He noted that the “Israelis”  discussed the extensive security effort they did maneuvering and gathering  information and allocating huge budget to achieve what they compared to the 1967  war when “Israeli” warplanes targeted a major part of the Egyptian aerial arms,  adding that the “Israelis” remained to believe what Halutz had said, that  “Israel” destroyed 60 to 70 percent of Hizbullah’s missile capabilities.  

Revealing the truth, Hizbullah SG pointed out “The Resistance found  about the enemy’s intention [to bombard] the missile launchers and platforms,  and played along and even helped them collect information.” 

Martyr Imad “Owing to  the bright Security mind of Haj Imad Moghnieh and his brethren, the first  security achievement was achieved, when the Resistance knew that “Israel” knew  where the platforms were located,” Sayyed Nasrallah underscored, adding “The  second achievement is that the Resistance was able to change the location of the  launchers and platforms without allowing the “Israelis” to find out. These  [platforms and lauchers] were transformed to other places the enemy did not  know. When “Israel” made the decision to execute the attacks, most of the  locations bombarded were empty; the platforms were allocated and were ready to  attack Tel Aviv.”

“The operation [Israel] dubbed as the Quantitative  Weight, we call the Quantitative Illusion, and more than 70 to 80 percent of the  Resistance capability was ongoing until the last day of the July war,” Sayyed  Nasrallah highlighted. He went on stating “When [Israel] realized the next day  that their operation failed, War Minister Dan Haltuz told the mini-cabinet that  it seemed “Israel” became involved in an operation that may last for weeks and  then “Israeli” President Shimon Peres swallowed his tongue, he still does  today.”

Sayyed Nasrallah added “We know that the “Israelis” collect  information about us and that it is preparing to attack us. We know what [their]  first attack would be in the next war. We will surprise you when you make your  first attack. We promise the “Israelis” of a big surprise. Assuring further  victory, Sayyed Nasrallah said “Be very confident that amid all this noise there  is a resistance and resistance fighters who are working night and day on the  issue of the conflict with the enemy and they are not being distracted by any  shouting from here or there. We were victorious in 2000 and 2006, and we can  achieve better victories in any war.”
“We know what your first strike will  be and we promise you a big surprise and of course I want the Lebanese people  and all the peoples to be very confident in the Resistance’s capabilities and to  know that in this region we have the heart and will to organize, manage, fight  and eventually win, Our fate is not defeat and failure like most Arab rulers  claim,” His Eminence reiterated.

Sayyed Nasrallah moved on to another point,  highlighting that the “Israelis” had then moved on to evaluate along with the  Americans what had happened.

The July war was supposed to be a war to crush the  Resistance in Lebanon and destruct the Resistance axis in the region. His  Eminence assured that the second thing “Israel” would have done was to overthrow  President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and destroy Syria under the claim it had  helped the Resistance. Yet, the Resistance’s victory prevented such from taking  place. “I tell you today, if there was solidarity in Lebanon and if some  daggers were not placed in our backs during the last days of the war, political  negotiations would have been achieved on the national level. But there were some  helping “Israel” on the political level to get [Israel] out of the crisis it  placed itself in.

“Israeli” Officials’  Confessions

According to Sayyed Nasrallah, Former  “”Israeli” Defense Forces” chief of staff Moshe Ya’alon said: It was clear that  Hizbullah was a fixed phenomenon that could not be crushed through a military  operation and that there is no reason for a conclusive military solution to  Hizbullah’s [arms]. This is why I encouraged a political action to disarm  Hizbullah [through] a domestic Lebanese operation.
Hizbullah SG went on  adding “Ya’alon also said: I realized that there was no means to remove  Hizbullah from the hearts of the Shiites, therefore, I suggested working on a  political and military manner to contain Hizbullah and eventually reach the  point where Hizbullah is seen in Lebanon as illegitimate.”
Sayyed Nasrallah  assured that the “Israelis” bet on the Lebanese domestic developments, calling  on the Lebanese to wake up. Sayyed Nasrallah Condemns Assassination of Syrian  Leaders 

Syria, according to Sayyed Nsrallah, constitutes  a real problem to the Americans and “Israelis”, as they saw important  development in Syria during the past phase. Military strategy, according to  Sayyed Nasrallah, transferred it to a military power and made it a possible  threat to “Israel”. “Syria is a path for the Resistance and a bridge of  communication between the Resistance and Iran,” His Eminence noted, adding “I  have two [proofs] for Syria’s role [in supporting the Resistance].

The first one  is that the most important rockets that targeted Haifa and the center of  “Israel” were made by Syrian military and given to the Resistance. Syria was an  aid to the Resistance and gave weapons that we used in the July War; not only in  Lebanon, but also in the Gaza Strip.”
Pointing out that “Israel” today is  afraid of Gaza and afraid for Tel Aviv, Sayyed Nasrallah questioned “

Who gave  [Gaza fighters] rockets?

The Saudi regime? The Egyptian regime?


They were  rockets from Syria and transferred through Syria. The Syrian leadership was  risking its interests and existence for the sake of the resistance in Lebanon  and Palestine to be strong. Show me one Arab regime that did the  same.”

“All Arab countires know very well what it means for Syria to give  Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islam Jihad Movement weapons at a time when Arab  regimes prevented food and money from being transferred to Gaza!” Sayyed  Nasrallah noted, and further explained “

Syria sent weapons and food to Gaza and  took a risk to do so.

This is Syria, Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, the Syria of the  martyrs Assef Shawkat, Daoud Rajha and Hassan Turkmani [who were martyred in  Wednesday’s violent attacks in Damascus].

“Today in Syria, there is a  US-“Israeli” scheme that says it is forbidden for strong armies to exist in the  region, it prevents a regional state other than “Israel” from having a strong  army,” Sayyed Nasrallah assured.

Hizbullah Secretary General called on the  Syrian people, army, and government to maintain Syria, and highlighted that the  only solution is to hold dialogue.

“We owe these prominent leaders [who  were martyred today in Syria]. We offer the Syrian leadership, army and people  our condolences and we condemn this attack that only serves the interests of the  enemy. We have full trust that the Syrian army has the ability to remain  standing.”

“Israeli” Major Concern; Iran

According to Hizbullah Secretary General, “Israel’s” only  concern in the past years was Iran. He noted that there are dozens of Farsi  television stations tasked with inciting against the Iranian people and  government, iterating that these stations and [incitement] led to protests in  Iran. “Everything the US and the West could do to Iran, they have done. But Iran  is today 100 times stronger than it was thirty years ago and it will become  stronger,” Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say.

Lebanese Army National Guarantee, No to  Strife

Moving on to domestic politics, Sayyed Nasrallah  called for avoiding and decreasing sectarian tension and reiterated the strong  relationship with the Free Patriotic Movement headed by the General Michel Aoun. 

Reiterating the strong relationship, His Eminence said “We confirm our  relation with FPM leader MP Michel Aoun. The alliance between us for the past  six years cannot be ended by a dispute, allies [may] disagree and neither of us  follows or cancels the other.”

His Eminence noted that “there should be a national  consensus which strengthens the army especially in face of domestic and foreign  threats. But He pointed out that accusing the army of sectarianism and voicing  doubt over its patriotism weakens it.”

He further added “Some are paying  money and inciting in the media to ruin the country, that’s why we must abide by  the silence of the strong and everyone knows that we are not weak, but we put  the national interest above everything else. We want a strong army, but I tell  the government and the national dialogue committee that to have a strong army we  must first have a strong will, which means we must not fear the US ambassador or  the US generals.”

Calling on all to be mature, Sayyed Nasrallah assured  “Today there is a lot of sectarian rhetoric and preachers should confront this.  If a Shiite says something that insults another sect, we, as Shiite scholars  have to stand up in his face and silence him. The Sunnis, the Christians and the  Druze have to do the same.”

Sayyed Nasrallah said there will always be sides  in the Lebanese government who would want to unarm the Resistance, or provide  the Syrian opposition with weapons, as the Lebanese government holds different  parties of different opinions, iterating these should be only solve through  dialogue.


11 Responses to Nasralla: “They were rockets from Syria and transferred through Syria”

  1. Alex July 19, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    As expected, a third double veto by Russia and China. Bad news for stooges who sold their souls, their Islam to the satan

  2. who_me July 19, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

    israeli spokesman (woman?), hitlery clinton threatened russia for preventing the zionazi establishment from passing further sanctions in the un. it looks like the zionazis carried through with the threat:

    “Top Islamic leader of Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan, Mufti Ildus Faizov, has been attacked due to his anti-extremism activity, Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee told reporters on July 19.

    Police are also considering other motives for the attack.

    On July 18, unknown individuals blew up Faizov’s car in the Tatar capital Kazan. The Mufti has been hospitalized with injuries.

    On the same day, the Mufti’s deputy, Valilulla Yakupov, was shot dead near his home in Kazan. He was famous for his strong anti-Wahhabi stance.


  3. who_me July 19, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    “During the sixth anniversary of the July 2006 war, Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has warned Israel on any strike against Lebanon in the future and that Hezbollah’s resistance will have a big military surprise for them.”

    (presstv video)

  4. who_me July 19, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    the article describes the likely chaos that would follow if assad quit. while its description is realistic, it “forgets” to mention why israel wants this chaos. in fact, it “forgets” to mention israel altogether.

  5. Jonathon Blakeley July 19, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

  6. Alex July 20, 2012 at 3:58 am #
    “it forgets” to mention why Israel wants this chaos.’

    Very true, because Usrael is not ready for conventional war, which shall open the gates to hell. Therefore, the best and cheapest option is the Islamist’s Libyan option.  (Biden prescription for winning wars without losing a single life.).

    All the massacres, that has happened in Syria were planned in advance to Nato intervention, and Nato no fly zones. However, they forget that Assad is not Kaddafi, and Syrian army is something else, especially after the lessons all learned from July war which proved that wars can’t be won by air force.

    With the information Nasrallah revealed, I would say, there is a Hezbollah like groups within the Syrian Army, able to mix traditional and guerilla tactics.

    They also forget the Geo-political importance of Syria, for Russia and China. Hitlary as somebody called Clinton, threatened that Russia will pay the price, she threatened that unless Assad leaves, Damascus battle is coming. She thought that by killing the Military-Security leadership, followed by concentrated media-psyco war the Syrian army would collapse, and Al-qaeda/Brotherhood will take Damascus, the same way they did in Libya.
    They plan and God (people who follow the way of God) plans, he is the best planner.

    Yesterday, the Russia-China third veto shocked and Awed the imperial powers and their stooges. Russia and China are ready to pay whatever price, not for Syria, but for their own national security. The third double veto drives the last nail in their hope to bribe/cheat Russia and China.

    What the Zionized western countries, can do?
    Yesterday, America hinted that that the veto is not the end and would work outside the UNSC to put more pressure on Syria. I guess America almost consumed all its options (sanction, safe zones, free Syria army.). The only left option is WAR?
    The question is: Is the west ready to pay the Price?

    My answer is: No.
    We say in Arabic: اشتـدي أزمـة تنفـرجـي قـد آذن ليلـك بالبلـج
     From the Syrian womb a new world is emerging
  7. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 24, 2012 at 2:21 pm #


    Washington’s Plan B for Syria
    By Stephen Lendman
    July 23, 2012 “Information Clearing House” —
    Replacing independent governments with pro-Western puppets is official US policy. So is war on Islam.
    After Soviet Russia dissolved, Muslims replaced communists as public enemy number one. Since the 1990s, millions were ruthlessly killed. Many more die daily. Dozens succumb every day in Syria. US-sponsored death squads murder them.
    On July 20 or 21st, Ramadan began. It continues for 30 days until August 18. It’s a time for prayer, fasting, reflection, spiritual purification, self-sacrifice, charity, and forgiveness.
    On July 20, Obama hypocritically “extend (ed) warmest wishes to” American and global Muslims. He wished them a “blessed month.” He did it despite official US policy to murder them. It doesn’t stop in deference to Ramadan, Christmas, or any other time of year.

    He contemptuously expressed support for their determination to achieve “democracy,” “equality,” “justice,” and “universal rights.” He said his administration stands forthrightly with them.
    He lied. He’s a serial liar. He’s also a war criminal multiple times over.
    Last week, Washington upped the stakes. Killing Syrian officials at Damascus National Security headquarters Wednesday was strategically timed.
    They happened ahead of the latest Western Security Council scheme to authorize military intervention. It failed. At the same time, battles raged in and around Damascus and elsewhere. They failed.

    Efforts were made to hijack Syria’s satellite channel frequencies and silence other state run online media. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) was repeatedly hacked and shut down. On Sunday it was operating. It and other Syrian media remain vulnerable.move Assad,” saying:

    Obama officials are meeting with Israeli, Turkish, and Western counterparts. They’re also discussing policy with Syrian opposition leaders.
    Internal Washington “daily high-level meetings” are held. At issue is Plan B “to help map out a possible post-Assad government.”
    “The administration has had regular talks with the Israelis about how Israel might move to destroy Syrian weapons facilities, administration officials said.”

    Washington is directly involved in arming, funding, training, and directing Syrian opposition mercenaries.
    They’re cutthroat killers. They’re enlisted to commit mass murder.
    They target pro-Assad civilians and others randomly. Expect stepped up efforts ahead of direct Western and/or regional allies’ intervention.
    Unnamed US officials said:
    “You’ll notice in the last couple of months, the opposition has been strengthened. Now we’re ready to accelerate that.”

    According to hawkish, pro-Israeli Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) member Andrew Tabler:
    “We’re looking at the controlled demolition of the Assad regime.”

    Senior Syrian opposition group representatives are meeting covertly in Germany. The State Department provides funding.
    For “the last six months,” they’ve been working with so-called US Institute for Peace (USIP) members. They’re planning a post-Assad government.
    USIP is a pro-Western front group. According to the Weekly Standard:
    Washington supplies millions of dollars. “Since 1985, taxpayers have forked over more than $720 million (inflation adjusted).”
    “That has included support for a gleaming new 150,000 square foot office building in the shadow of that other taxpayer-supported institution (allegedly) devoted to peace: the State Department.”
    USIP’s Steven Heydemann heads the initiative. In June, he met with Friends of Syria representatives in Istanbul. The project is called:
    “The day after: Supporting a democratic transition in Syria.” Heydemann said USIP is “working in a support role with a large group of opposition groups to define a transition process for a post-Assad Syria.”