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Mother of three dies in Tibet

A mother of three has died after setting herself on fire in Tibet.

Rechok, who was in her mid-30s, died at the scene. She set herself on fire in front of the Jonang Dzamthang monastery in Barma Township. Her body is currently in the monastery and many Tibetans have gathered for her cremation.

Tibetan protest

Rechok spent the last few days tending to her family’s animals in the mountains and then travelled into town specifically to set herself on fire.

She is the fourth lay person to self-immolate in Barma Township in protest against the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

Full list of self-immolations in Tibet

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2 Responses to Mother of three dies in Tibet

  1. searching May 31, 2012 at 3:08 pm #

    I am more angry than touched b this news.
    Mother of three is not supposed to set herself on fire.
    She supposed to take care of her children no matter what.
    Suicide is not an option for anybody, especially for the parent.

  2. who_me June 1, 2012 at 1:30 am #

    “Mother of three dies in Tibet”

    mother of three commits suicide. there is a difference. just saying somebody dies is a neutral enough term, but it implies the choice to die was not voluntary. in the context of tibet, it is further loaded, by constant western ziofascist and fascist propaganda mental programming to imply it was the fault of the chinese government she died.

    the questions not being asked is what sort of people would try and convince a mother of three to kill herself for a cheap propaganda point in the jewish run western corporate media? what sort of people would try and convince anyone to do this?

    answer those questions and one will have the answer to why the west is so messed up now.