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Bankers Seem to Upset Max Keiser

  Nevertheless, when he is cool and collected Max talks more reasonably and explains why executing bankers is the “humane”option (not only serving as a deterrent to other financial terrorists but also giving their shamed families closure), although he is not sure about the Vietnamese approach of putting a lemon in their mouth. The artist […]

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MEPs denied access to Gaza

Subject: Re: MEPs denied access to Gaza From: Date: Wed, March 26, 2014 4:20 pm To: OK. But what are the Palestinian authorities (PA/PLO) doing about it, please? How are they using this important information? What is your leadership saying/doing? What diplomatic moves are being made? Where is the Ambassador’s statement/briefing? How do […]

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Anger as Cameron tries to superglue Britain to Israel

Prime Minister is asking to be targeted by BDS The other day I signed a ‘Get Well’ petition for Palestinian youngsters Adam and Johar who were viciously maimed and crippled by the British Government’s ‘friends’ in Israel. The two cousins, 17 and 20 years old, were returning home from football training when they were attacked […]

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Syria: Blackmailed, Mugged and Robbed

European Commission Seizes Frozen Syrian Assets First they froze them then they stole them. The European Commission announced having “freed up” Syria’s frozen assets, in order to fund the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons. This unilateral decision runs counter to the OPCW resolution, adopted 15 November 2013, which highlights Syria’s financial inability to pay for […]

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Inflation Jacks Up the Price of Color Revolutions

US, EU Paying Ukrainean Rioters is the title of the Press TV report below  confirming the ‘bears do indeed sleep in the woods” type of claim that the US and EU are paying protesters, trying to start another color revolution in the  Ukraine. That is not what got my attention. It was the escalating cost of […]

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Renouncing US Citizenship

Renouncing the US Citizenship — A Growing Trend WASHINGTON — The number of individuals who renounced their U.S. citizenship jumped to 1,131 in the second quarter of this year, a whopping sixfold increase over the same three-month period in 2012, when just 189 Americans gave up their U.S. passports, as Bloomberg reported. According to Forbes, taxes seem […]

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Let’s End the Fed

In Brother Nathaniel’s latest installment, he calls for ending the Federal Reserve. Thanks to many truth seekers over the years, many citizens are becoming aware that the Federal Reserve is “no more federal than Federal Express”. In other words, in 1913 and for the past 100 years, the monetary system of the United States was […]

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Blair and Kanye West are Prostitutes

The Tony Blair House Journal (editor Alan Rusbridger) reports on Kanye West’s disgusting private performance for the Kazakh dictator and his family, and takes a sideswipe at David Cameron for visiting that country. But peculiarly they fail to mention that Tony Blair receives US $4 million a year as a consultant to the worker murdering Kazakh […]

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Harper’s impeachable misconduct invites allusion to Nixon’s Watergate cover up

In the wee hours of June 17, 1972, a security guard at the Watergate Hotel found some door latches taped over to prevent them from locking. He removed the tape but later found it had been replaced. He called Washington D.C. police, who proceeded to catch five “burglars” conducting an illegal surveillance operation inside the […]

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Bill Oddie’s BankWatch

Why was Bill Oddie evicted from HSBC’s London HQ? Watch the film to find out. Sign petition for change here:… The UK’s biggest bank has so far made around £100 million by providing loans and services to some of the most destructive logging companies in the world, often in violation of its own policies. […]

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World Bank Exposed!!! Whistleblower tells all

INTERVIEW with Karen Hudes, Former Senior Counsel to the World Bank—now turned whistle-blower! During the interview Karen indicated that the world is rapidly changing, with western power structures breaking down, economic & political influence gravitating to BRICs nations, all amid a pending currency transition which will highly favor precious metals.

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Jewish Wealth

by Steve Sailer Americans can learn much from Israel. In Israel, you can write openly about one of the more interesting and important subjects of our era: Jewish wealth. For instance, the Israeli-American centrist think tank Jewish People Policy Institute reported in 2010: “World Jewry today is at a historical zenith of absolute wealth creation.” […]

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Who’ll mourn Maggie?

These last two days the airwaves have been awash with eye-dabbing tributes to former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. She has been elevated almost to sainthood by commentators, political hacks and former colleagues. Such near-hysterical adoration, it seems to me, is a measure of the wretched scarcity of leadership talent in Britain over the last […]

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ECB entire system based on usury

Published by Press TV A political analyst tells Press TV that the entire operating system of the European Central Bank (ECB) which is the European arm of the international Zionist banking cartel is based on usury. The comments came after Cypriot lawmakers overwhelmingly voted against a controversial levy on bank deposits, proposed as a condition […]

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Owned and Operated

Owned & Operated is a mosaic of the world through the lens of the Internet. Showing our lives as consumers, under the thumbs of privileged individuals and their methods of control. But the world is awakening, and the experience is something outside the normal rules of social interaction, causing excitement in those who are not […]

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Philanthropy 2.0: Problem or Solution?

This article by Glenn Ashton was originally published at under a Creative Commons License * * * * Warren Buffett has pledged to give away the bulk of his fortune to philanthropic causes. Bill and Melinda Gates are prominent benefactors. In South Africa, Patrice Motsepe has joined the club. Russia has Vladimir Potanin. These […]

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printing money

Time To Sequester Austerity: For Good

“This whole planet needs a hug” ~ Shock G Many still swallow the preposterous notion that the 1% and their finances are too big to fail while the 99% and their lives are too small to succeed. That’s always been the rationale of class division, whether between royalty and serfs, masters and slaves or at […]

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Bilderberg Group: The Secret Rulers of the World

Published by Press TV. on Mar 7, 2013 In 1954, the most powerful men in the world met for the first time under the auspices of the Dutch royal crown and the Rockefeller family at the luxurious Hotel Bilderberg in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeek. For an entire weekend, they debated the future of […]

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Keiser Report: Mon-Satan (E415)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Mon-Satan before the Supreme Court as the vertical devastation of copyright monopolies become apparent. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to musician Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation about what he sees as the serf like lifestyle of many […]

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Amazon ‘Rape’ T-shirts Controversy

Amazon is another example of American Corporate hubris beyond all imagining. The latest controversy to hit the on-line-supplier is regarding the selling of T-shirts which come printed with various “parody slogans” – I think the intention was to be ironic.  Here are some of the phrases that have caused such a furore on the social […]

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The Rockefellers & Trilateral Commission

published by PressTVGlobalNews. A brief overview of the Rockefellers, the rise of John D. Rockefeller, and how he made one of the world’s largest fortunes in the oil business during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A look at Rockefeller-Morgan alliance: one of the largest joint private empires in the world. Sensing a profound […]

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The Fall of Capitalism

“A great video from Press TV on the inevitable fall of capitalism, definitely worth a watch”  JB-) Capitalism is a cult. It is devoted to the ideals of privatization over the common good, profit over social needs, and control by a small group of people who defy the public’s will. The tenets of the cult […]

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Arrested Development

The great horse-meat scandal appears the result of fraud perpetrated in the European meat processing industry, and it worked because the supermarkets really care very little about food quality: care little and test less. The media frenzy has spurred on the arrest of a handful of people from small British abattoirs which are in no […]

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IMF & World Bank: Two major levers of US economic hegemony

IMF and World Bank policies are opening national markets to US-dominated “multinational corporations” effectively destroying the homegrown economy of poor countries all over the world from Latin America to Africa to Asia. The program was essentially about enriching a few ruling families by kickbacks and bribes accompanying loans that opened the borrowing countries to American […]

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IDF Corruption Case Explodes

No science is immune to the infection of politics and the corruption of power. ~Jacob Bronowski In the aftermath of the elections in Israel, only one person is laughing hard. On January 11, 2013, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert gave an interview to Channel Two’s “Friday’s Studio.” He accused Netanyahu of spending $3 Billion on “hallucinated adventures that […]

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How to Play ‘Jewnopoly”

From the brilliant mind of Noor at “Snippits and Snappits blog. Jewnopoly is played on many levels, as evidenced by the ZOG owned psyops industry called Hollywood, a land of smoke and shadows that never tires of putting out mind-numbing holocau$t movies,178 to date and that doesn’t include documentaries or endless ‘TalmudVision’ outlets like the […]

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We need more debt!

My cousin Penin Diaz, a used car salesman, claims to have found the solution to stimulating the economy, ending the home foreclosure crisis and reducing unemployment (or at least the loss of income due to unemployment).  I unfortunately owe him a favor for marrying my sister, so I agreed to publish the following interview with […]

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Global Jewish Mafia

In the article below, published by Strategic Culture Foundation, Wayne Madsen analyzes the Magnitsky Act recently signed into law by President Obama in its historical perspective, revealing the vast reach of the Jewish mafia, backed by Jewish power, not only in bending US foreign policy to its will, but also the policies of European nations. […]

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Jewish Christmas

ANNOTATED NEWS (Reuters) – Ten senior Goldman Sachs Group Inc executives, including Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein, were on New Year’s Eve given stock pegged to earlier restricted awards worth tens of millions of dollars. [THE DELAY OF A FEW DAYS WAS INTENTIONAL TO AVOID THE IMPRESSION THIS WAS A CHRISTMAS GIFT, WHICH WOULD HAVE HURT JEWISH SENSITIVITIES.] The executives, […]

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Banksters, Whales and Pirates

Starting with the recent news of HSBC being fined rather than criminally charged for laundering massive drug trade profits for the drug cartels, and the fact that the free pass was rationalized as necessary in order “to avoid destabilizing the system),”Max Keiser develops a few related themes: 1. The latest match between global banksters (GB) […]

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What’s Radical Now

Fifteen months ago, Occupy Wall Street launched the meme of the 99% against the one per cent. We identified the agents of the crash as “Wall Street” and its primary consequence for the 99% as debt. In 2013 the agenda has to move forward. The new agents of exploitation are the mining and energy companies. […]

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Lebdev punched Polonski live on Russian TV

Oligarch Smackdown LIVE!

An Entertainment Who said the filthy rich are good for nothing? Their antics are very entertaining! The Nouveau Riche have always been notorious headline-stealers, but the newest crop of Russian oligarchs make the robber barons of previous generations look timid and colourless. As money ages, it becomes anaemic; divided and subdivided by careful lawyers into […]

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