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The Sick World, the Money System & Artificial Scarcity

A most amusing talk from Jaques Fresco on his futurist vision for the World. My favourite bit is the story about his racist Jewish Mother and the guilt trip he laid upon her to get her to like his friend.

The Venus Project in Slovenia. Jacques Fresco comes in at 17:15.

2 Responses to The Sick World, the Money System & Artificial Scarcity

  1. Ariadna Theokopoulos September 11, 2014 at 12:18 am #

    Yes, it’s a sick world. Yes, the scarcity is artificially created and yes, the “money system” is bad but having ennunciated these platitudes there is little in the way of real answers in his lecture. He gets asked a lot of good questions (‘What about the bankers? what shall we do about them and about the politicians?’) but he answers none of them except by rambling about technology solving everything. Even a simple one he proposes to explain– how language deceives us — he totally messes up with “Why do we say “Have a Nice Day?” instead of “Have a nice life”…
    We are asked to believe that everything will become wonderful once money disappears , because it is the money itself that makes people do bad stuff and money will disappear by itself once economy collapses, which is imminent, so hold tight and just embrace the Venus project.
    The surveyors, engineers and scientists will sort it all out how best to manage GLOBAL resources for everyone’s benefit.
    Greed itself will disappear because it is only a side effect of … money.
    The Venus project site even explains how the Middle East will become a heaven with all the people there, thankfully free of money, sharing everything like brothers. Why not? It’s not my land, my country, it is all …. global, don’t you know.
    The globalists, JP in particular, could not have asked for a better diversion aimed at those who sincerely (and rightfully) worry about the destruction of the physical world and its resources and the enormous social inequities that plague mankind.
    Some of his spiel gives the impression Fresco just woke up from the 19th century when the money lenders/usurers/hoarders held sway over the fate of nations by exercising power and influence over the cash-poor landowners and the capital-thirsty industrialists.
    Fresco needs to be updated: the money lenders/usurers/hoarders have long detached the land owners, the industrialists, the media owners of their possessions and now they own everything. So, fine money disappears and then what? Everything still belongs to them, irrespective of the form in which tis value is expressed. I did not hear Fresco mention expropriation.
    His utopia is a remake of the marxist one: a society in which everyone gets his bellyful for “free” (“to everyone according to his needs”) and, being freed from work for the most part by automation, gets to dedicate himself to making music, designing software or whittling whistles (“from everyone according to his possibilities”).

    It is more than likely that he dollar will collapse either before or soon after the Euro and not in the too distant future. “Globalists” like Chenney have known this for some time (he reportedly converted all his dollar-denonimated assets into “other” — non-specified — “instruments” years ago). Perhaps it is hoped that when that happens and hundreds of millions of people see their savings, pensions and liquid assets wiped out this kind of crap might sustain their zombified state so as not to come out with pitchforks.

  2. Deadbeat September 11, 2014 at 3:39 am #

    Yeah Adriana, I really bought into the Venus Project stuff when I first heard about it. But as my perspective changed, the Venus Project is nothing more than atheistic Marxism repackaged. Much of the Venus Project relies on centralization meaning that only a narrow number of folks will have the technical skills and capabilities to maintain the Venus system. This small group of “technocrats” will have an enormous amount of power over the entire globe.

    It is clear that Fresco is a globalist and anti-nationalism — traits that are essentially Marxist by definition. His ridicule of Christianity is all too obvious and his use of political correctness — even to the extent of slamming innocent children belief in Santa Clause — is spiteful in the typical manner of a cultural Marxist to say the least.

    I’m also not clear how Fresco was funded all these years to work on his project but the timing of Fresco and his link to Peter Joseph (a Jew with a gentile sounding name) is extremely suspect. But taken together both Fresco and Joesph have a utter disdain for Christianity. Fresco’s disdain is quite obvious and if you venture to spend time watching the Zeitgeist trilogy, the “gospel” according to “Peter Joesph” is that Jesus Christ never existed and that he and his 12 disciples actually represent the Sun (“son of god”) and the 12 zodiac symbols corresponding to the twelve months. This is nothing more than Kabbalah dogma promoted by Jews to disparage Christianity.

    If you ask yourself the simple question why Christianity is constantly under attack by Jews and start your investigation as an agnostic, by the end you’ll end up faithful to Christianity.