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Martial Law Britain

Those coming from Central Asia, Bahrain, Qatar or Saudi Arabia to the Olympics, interested to see what life in a democracy feels like, will find it seems exactly like life at home in their dictatorship. 17,000 soldiers will be glowering over the venues, checking identity documents, stopping and searching. The mlitary will occupy residential buildings, be buzzing overhead, rolling down the streets and patrolling the river. There will be missiles on land, sea and air, though nobody knows what the threat is that this is supposed to counter.

What will make our dictatorship resident visitors feel especially at home is the contempt for the ordinary citizen. Not only will they have the military all over them and be subject to frequent stopping and questioning, they will be expected continually to get out of the way of their betters. Special VIP lanes on the road will allow officials to sweep by, while normal citizens will simply have to sit in gridlock and stew. Who cares? The military will stick missiles on your roof if they wish. What they are going to shoot down, and which bit of London it will land on, is not to be questioned.

Here in Ramsgate we are losing our regular train service to London completely for the duration. All the HS1 trains are being commandeered to run a shuttle service between Ebbsfleet and Stratford. 22 trains a day from Ramsgate are simply cancelled. Slow trains are available, but a journey normally 70 minutes will become – at the fastest possible – 2 hours and 35 minutes. A large number of commuters will simply be unable to get to work anything like on time, and have to spend door to door over seven hours a day in travelling as well as their working day. Nobody was consulted. Quite a few don’t yet know – there has been no determined effort to tell people. Leaflets are available in the ticket office if you ask for one.

But the leaflets might as well just say,

You are fucked, and we don’t care.

The extra 3,500 military personnel it was today announced will be used at the games cover a shortfall in Group Four personnel. Group Four were providing 4,000 paid staff and 6,000 unpaid volunteers. It is the unpaid volunteer numbers which are short by 3,500.

Most people are not stupid. They may volunteer happily for sport or for charity, but to work for nothing to make tens of millions of pounds of profit for Group Four as it exploits them, plainly does not have universal appeal. Those 2,500 who have volunteered to work for nothing for G4S are the idiots in this story. How gullible can you be?

Bob Russell, MP for Colchester, today in parliament made the excellent point to Teresa May that Group Four (or G4S as they now call themselves) should not be employed because of their role in aiding and abetting Israel’s illegal activities in the West Bank and human rights abuse there. With breathtaking chutzpah Teresa May replied that it was this kind of valuable international experience that made Group Four the right company to provide security for the games.

Which brings me back to my point at the start. Those visiting from oppressive regimes will feel absolutely at home. That is the one and only thing you can trust Teresa May to ensure with grim efficiency.

9 Responses to Martial Law Britain

  1. etominusipi July 12, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

    having moved out of London twelve years ago, and being largely MSM-free, i hope to avoid much awareness of “The Olympics”, apart from the inevitable overexcited tweeters.

    Mrs Thatcher’s rhetoric was to “deprive the IRA of the oxygen of publicity”. this policy was carried out by applying pressure from SAS jackboots on Irish windpipes, and by having Gerry Adams words pronounced on the BBC news by an actor. if nothing had before, this absurd charade was enough to convince me that Britain was fast becoming a parody of the idea of a “nation”.

    but perhaps we should apply her idea to sporting events, when they are hijacked and treated as set-pieces of NWO self-publicity.

    we used to laugh at the Soviet May Day celebrations with their self-congratulatory display of lethal hardware and military obedience training.

    i would not advise those not unfortunate enough to live there to go anywhere near London during the Olympics.

    there will be a long-enduring deluxe version of the national pastime of travel misery, usually inflicted just for a couple of weeks over Xmas. there will be paranoia aplenty. non-VIPs will be treated like cattle, as they are in airports nowadays. and as everyone knows there will be a massive scope for false-flag tourism incidents. there will be ridiculous hype about people running around fields, throwing spears and cannonballs, and so forth and so forth. and all in aid of what? exactly?

    all the nasty regimes will insist on bringing their own security, however many missiles HMG places on tower block tops. so our great metropolis will be crawling with vermin to a greater extent than during normal times.

    the BBC will use it as an satan-given excuse to eschew interest in any other events around the globe. pundits will gather and indulge in lengthy discussions of total irrelevancies.

    and how has this mad jamboree landed in London? by years of bribery and armtwisting in smoky rooms by the fat devil-worshipping perverts and paedophiles who call themselves representatives of the great and good

    it is most distasteful, and should be ignored by all decent people, even those with a genuine interest in athletics (in the Olympic context this is shorthand for the systematic testing of performance-enhancing pharmaceuticals).

    pass the sick-bag, Alice.

  2. Jonathon Blakeley July 13, 2012 at 1:03 am #

    the BBC will use it as an satan-given excuse to eschew interest in any other events around the globe. pundits will gather and indulge in lengthy discussions of total irrelevancies.

    and how has this mad jamboree landed in London? by years of bribery and armtwisting in smoky rooms by the fat devil-worshipping perverts and paedophiles who call themselves representatives of the great and good

    this is Wicked 🙂

    Great Articel Craig… you nailed it. Total Hypocrisy Faux democracy

  3. who_me July 13, 2012 at 1:09 am #

    hasn’t martial law been effect in britain since that thatcher transsexual?

    • who_me July 13, 2012 at 1:10 am #

      er…was pm?

  4. Jonathon Blakeley July 13, 2012 at 9:11 am #

  5. who_me July 14, 2012 at 2:56 am #

    “Ultimately, the man behind the mission is Chris Allison, the national Olympic security coordinator. The security company being employed is the error prone G4S. Allison’s fear lies less in terrorism per se than that grand old British habit of rioting. Terrorism is the orthodox target – controlling the merry instincts of a disgruntled population is far more the likely object.

    Even now, despite London’s ringed defenses, there are suggestions that this is a farce before it starts. A whistleblower “Lee Hazledean” (better known as the director Ben Fellows), who apparently infiltrated the G4S company, claims that the security layering in London is a load of good, well concealed bollocks. The most obvious fact was that Fellows could be admitted as an employee to begin with. The personnel are ill-trained and specialists in incompetence (nothing new there). According to Fellows, they aren’t averse to the occasional drug deal.”

    g4s, the israeli owned company…..

  6. who_me July 14, 2012 at 3:04 am #

    “But in spite of all, perhaps the most alarming material has come from an undercover reporter experienced in such work, employed as a security guard with G4S the main contractors for Olympic protection. His truly terrifying recounting includes a plan to evacuate the whole of London (11 million people) and the importation of 200,000 (body) caskets, each being able to hold four or five people.”

    the list of weapons and forces deployed are that of an occupying army. and caskets enough to hold a million bodies? wtf? what sort of false flag are the zionazis planning? setting off one of israel’s many stockpiles suitcase nukes?

    • who_me July 14, 2012 at 3:05 am #

      “setting off one of israel’s many stockpiles suitcase nukes?”

      setting off one of israel’s many stockpiled suitcase nukes?

  7. who_me July 18, 2012 at 12:04 am #

    never fear, the child gropers are here: