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Manufactured Realities
The Truth About The Arab Spring, Occupy Movement And Anonymous – by Bill Noxid

by Bill Noxid
(Summary and excerpts)
In an impressively large and detailed analysis of social media communications, their echoes in the mainstream media (MSM) and the subsequent official/governmental position on what he concludes was a manufactured “event,” Bill Noxid sets out to show just how the false perception was created and propagated worldwide.

The incredibly speedy sequence of events was not a spontaneous outburst of global concern for “Iranian students” and their hopes vis-à-vis the presidential elections in Iran, shows Noxid, but was a fake media tsunami engineered by a group of technologically sophisticated professionals aided by MSM.

He further states that the Iranian election “event” is the prototype operation of what later surged as “Arab Spring” and the Occupy Movement, joined by many unsuspecting and well-intentioned water carriers.

Noxid makes his demonstration with a detailed and reasoned analysis of many twitters whose objective, synchronized and centralized message, and “branding” all show them to be a campaign of creating a false perception, appealing to the people’s human rights sympathies and supporting the goal of multinational intervention in Iran, regime change and elimination of Ahmadinejad.

The platform of this operation was twitter, Facebook and youtube and the rapid dissemination of this disinformation was achieved through the MSM network, which reported it without any support, confirmation or vetting.

The author shows how he identified twitterers who changed identity (presumably to appear more numerous), demonstrates the “premature” messaging (i.e., twitters under the name IRANRIGGEDELECT on the very day of the election before votes were tallied), and he also shows the central coordination evident in the wording of the false messages stressing urgency (“people are dying”, Mousavi won but he was robbed of his victory by rigged elections), and in the symbols used (all using the same color icons, soon changing their time zones to Tehran time to appear to be writing from there), the “V” symbol (later to be also used by the “Arab Spring” and Occupy), etc.

Noxid does not spell out who these operatives might have been and fromwhere they were twittering from but he alludes to it only indirectly by first establishing that they could not be Americans because no American would say, as one did, on the very same day when Obama was elected President: “stfu about Obama” because you have to “help the people of Iran overcome dictatorship.” It was not that important for Americans to switch attention from their own to a distant land’s election. Second, he asks Cui Bono? Third, he shows how a clever attempt was made to mask the involvement of the real perpetrators by throwing suspicion on US Agencies (see the dissemination of the declassified US Covert Operations Training Manual).
Again, cui bono?

The timing problem—twittering about elections being rigged before the results were even tallied—is somewhat reminiscent of the BBC report talking about the fall of Building #7 about 20 minutes before it fell “of its accord.”
Many of the twitter/Facebook accounts, Nozid says, were created only days before or after the June 12 election. The alternative explanation would be that all those “Iranian students” had gone without before, but suddenly sensing the need, all became wired, opened accounts and started working in an enormous and incredibly well coordinated effort.

These messages establish a false reality upon which they build talking points as if they are a cohesive, well-led group, and all that from the very day of the election, before election results were known. Furthermore, their messages inundated the MSM as if they were vetted reports from known and trustworthy journalists on the scene.
The same MO can be seen in all of Arab Spring fabrications, as were seen in the “dictator violence” slogans used prior to invasions and are seen now in the campaign against the Syrian government.

No spontaneous grassroots event is characterized by the global display of unity of message, uniformity of style in the message and technical ability, to say nothing about being prescient, and all that from day one.

“Beneath the psyop deceptions of ‘free speech and peaceful protest.’ “ says Nozid, “lies sinister covert destabilization and disinformation tactics.”[emphasis added]
Again, more directly, Noxid asks: “Who benefits from all these disasters, from “pitting brown against brown,” from Islamophobia, and “who benefits from the US and NATO being seen as the source of Arab Spring invasions, while the actual handlers manufacture a new conflict every day?” [emphasis added]

“I no longer believe, “ concludes Noxid, “any of these so-called terror groups that are presented for us to fear are any more ‘real’ than the Basiji/Hezbollah/Hamas invention that was claimed to be beating Iranian students before the election was even over….. all terrorism on this planet is Puppet Theater, and the puppeteers have gotten quite adept at it.”

His plea is, “Fear is not an acceptable excuse anymore. Anybody think this global terrorism is going to just ‘go away’? What’s your plan? Wait it out?”
“The only choice you have is whether you’re in this fight, or victim of it. This isn’t the movies, this is: Life on Earth…. You’re a puppet on a string whether you understand it or not. The only question is if you’re going to wake from the Matrix, and have the courage to stand up for yourself.”

9 Responses to Manufactured Realities
The Truth About The Arab Spring, Occupy Movement And Anonymous – by Bill Noxid

  1. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 8, 2012 at 11:59 pm #

    Unbelievable work done by Bill Noxid! Decoding and piecing together the whole strategy, means and tactics whose result is:

    “untold destruction and divisions across Europe and the United States as this operation methodically turns governments against their people and people against their governments, just as they turn Sunni against Shia and Shia against Sunni across the Middle East.
    This global remote control puppetry continues to train myriad divisions of false flag terrorist groups responsible for unspeakable acts as the usual suspects are scapegoated without any validation whatsoever, as mainstream media remains little more than the propaganda wing of the operation – offering no critical analysis of the ongoing fraud.”

  2. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 9, 2012 at 12:02 am #

    This is very true:
    “Need proof of that reality? Every Union and worker organization in Wisconsin fought for a year against the Legacy Slavers and their foot soldier, and it didn’t get on the news until after they had lost. Let five people gather around a burning garbage can with an Occupy sign, and these people will have it on the evening news… Time to wake up.”

    But does this

    “Want to know how to deal with global psyop disinformation & terrorism, and how to get the media’s attention on actual causes instead?… You need to Talk to Me.”

    mean he wants to be the next Assange?

  3. who_me July 9, 2012 at 1:40 am #

    nice find, this piece.

    the info about the “green” color revolution is well documented. my problem with it is how it begins, or the premise at the beginning:

    “Everything you know and believe about Arab Spring, everything you know and believe about the Occupy Movement, and everything to know and believe about Anonymous came from and is rooted in this operation. Every single bit of these manufactured realities from the “V” for Victory sign, the Guy Fawkes masks, the adaptation of “Allah Akbar” chants, the “World is Watching” mantra, the “We Are Legion” slogan, the “Expect Us” warning, the organized global civil disobedience, and now ubiquitous cyber war, all stems from this one operation like the base of a oak tree.”

    the color revolution strategy is not something invented for the iran election. what these people are doing is using prior strategy and improving upon it with each new application.

    some examples. before iran, there was georgia and ukraine. go back a little further, there was serbia. still further, there was what happened in nicaraugua in the late 80’s.

    the zionazi/capitalist/fascist use 2 basic policies to control their world and gain new territory. the first is aggressive domination. the second is “by deception we will wage war”. the first is obvious and i’ll skip it. the second is less well understood.

    the sort of campaign unleashed on iran in 2009 and since expanded upon is a culmination of past operations. after each one of these, they are analysed to see what didn’t work, what did, and what could be improved upon. this is the job of the government analyists at goverment security orgs. it’s also a main staple of the zionazi/fascist think tanks. the whole framework of sociaology-marketing-indivisdual and mass psychology, all of the manipulation fields are geared to controlling populations for the polygarchy. guess who excells in those fields. as new tech becomes available, these are also worked in. each new operation informs the next and they get more effective and sophisticated. these operations are effective because they are military operations “scientifically” researched, planned and updated. each is the learning base of the next.

  4. etominusipi July 9, 2012 at 6:18 am #

    this operation methodically turns governments against their people and people against their governments

    shame! just when we were all getting along so well!

    c’est la vie, malheureusement.

  5. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 11, 2012 at 11:40 pm #

    Twitter Seminar by Invitation Only

    Aleph: You have to remember that your readers are idiots: short on comprehension, shorter yet on memory. It’s counterproductive to get fancy with with them. One story is good enough for all cases. Yes, X, what is it?
    X: But sir, if we use the same story over and over, won’t they get suspicious?
    Aleph: Glad you asked. On the contrary! Repetition is key. The more they hear it the more they believe it and, after a few of them, they start patting themselves on the back and feeling smart that they can predict the ending.
    They’ll say to each other: “These Arabs always kill each other. More Arabs have been killed by other Arabs than by…
    Y (interrupts): by Jews!
    Aleph: Y, are you trying to illustrate how “prediction” and guessing the ending works?
    Y: No. Sorry, sir.
    Aleph: They have the minds of kindergardeners: they are attracted by colors. Use colors! Color revolutions, colors in the Alert Codes.
    Z: Sir, just one more question: are the dangers we must warn them about always the same?
    Aleph: Good question, Z. Yes, in general, yes. They are:
    1. “Killing their own people, including babies.”
    2. “Planning terrorist attacks inside the US.” Never inside Israel, OK? Israel they want to … what? Can anyone give me the answer here?
    Chorus: Wipe the face of the earth!”
    Aleph: Good. Next:
    3. They are a danger to the whole region, which they destabilize because they have WMDs (bacteriological for sure, nuclear, soon if we don’t stop them.
    4. They enslave women and oppress gays.
    That’s it for today.

  6. who_me July 13, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    i posted this article on a discussion about syria, but it is also applicable in the wider discussion on this page:

    The major Western mainstream media outlets have been running a “shock and awe” propaganda offensive against the Syrian government of President Bashar Al Assad for nearly 16 months. The misinformation has been unrelenting, monolithic, unverified, one-sided and, frankly, increasingly preposterous.

    With the suppression of mounting facts that Western governments are waging a covert war of aggression in Syria, the Western public is right to treat the conventional media sources with skepticism and outright contempt. Such media are seen as “politicized” and “unreliable”, serving a naked imperialist agenda for Western regime change. In a word, they are damaged goods.

    This is where a segment of the so-called alternative media can play a valuable propaganda function for Western powers. Because such media are supposed to be independent, critical, non-corporate, the public tends to consider their reports as objective and unbiased. One such “alternative” news service is “Democracy Now” hosted by Amy Goodman. Goodman is seen as something of a campaigning critical journalist shedding the light of truth on the depredations of the US government, corporations and the Pentagon. But a closer look at what Goodman’s “Democracy Now” is reporting on Syria shows that the purported critical broadcaster has become a purveyor of Western government propaganda. While the mainstream media’s propaganda function is obvious to the informed public, Goodman’s Democracy plays a more subtle role. Camouflaged with the trappings of critical, independent journalism, “Democracy Now” serves to sow powerful seeds of misinformation in a way that the “compromised” mainstream media cannot.

    This misinformation from “Democracy Now” is valuable to the ruling elite because to many of its readers it is not seen as misinformation.

    Rather, the “news” on “Democracy Now” is viewed as reliable and representing the views of the anti-war, anti-imperialist constituency. In this way, Goodman is a valuable asset to Washington and Wall Street because her broadcasts can serve to disorient and undermine a constituency that is normally opposed to Western warmongering and imperialism. Many of the subscribers to “Democracy Now” may see through the misinformation. Many, though, may not, and therefore will become embedded with the imperialist agenda. The fact that Democracy Now ratings appear to be holding up would indicate that a lot of its followers are oblivious to the insidious effect of such misinformation. As such, Democracy Now is more valuable to the powers-that-be than, say, the New York Times or the Financial Times. “Democracy Now” ensures that the agenda of the powerful becomes infiltrated in a constituency that would otherwise be opposed to that agenda.

  7. Laura Stuart July 13, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    The Western media such as the BBC today and yesterday have been very clear on saying that they do not know what the truth is. Since journalists can’t get in and those who have got in have been killed or imprisoned not many are willing to go.

    • who_me July 13, 2012 at 9:22 pm #

      oh, those poor propagandists.

      btw, laura, i got this bridge i need to unload. i’ll give you a great deal on it. i promise the funds for the sale wont be used for anything that’s not kosher. 😀

  8. who_me July 18, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

    the establishment gofers are very busy working out ways to use their computers to further the “cause”:

    more reasons to avoid sites like facebook.