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Madonna SuperBowl

Madonna:- Israel GIG – then Iran War?

Madonna SuperBowl

Madonna as Isis the High Priestess at the SuperBowl 2012

It looks like we have the date for the Iran War. Although the subject of this leak is un-orthodox, her Zionist credentials are without question. I am talking of course about the ‘Queen of Pop’; Madonna. The shocking revelation came through via Haaretz. They reported how an Israeli Facebook group was campaigning for the Iran war to be postponed until after the Madonna Gig.

Queen of Pop’s planned show in Tel Aviv on May 29. ~ Haaretz

Madonna says of herself.

“I am not a Christian I am not a Jew”

Because Madonna was born a catholic and later chose to be converted to Judaism. She then went on to famously become a devout follower of Qabalah; the mystical study of the Tree of life and various Jewish Holy Books. She also later insisted that her ex-husband Guy Richie, sacrifice his foreskin for he Judaic beliefs. Well at least he will have got an anaesthetic which is more than the babies do. But I digress… I think we have demonstrated Madonna’s Zionist credentials. So it just makes good business sense to postpone the War ’til after the gig.

Madonna is the ideal Zionist recruit, a white celebrity supremacist who actively promotes the “American Dream”,  because “its the best that I’ve seen”. The Following are two short videos which neatly reveal the Zionist mind programming embedded in her work. The first is an analysis of her latest Super Bowl Ritual performance. The performance has sparked controversy on the Internet because of its use of overt Illuminati Symbolism. But the other video I am presenting is equally disturbing.

American Life

The song is a look at her life, losing weight, being a star. All very important stuff, all the while she dances and gyrates dressed in para-military gear. The setting is a Fashion walk way, with models and famous people looking on at the spectacle. Madonna’s outfits and actions seem overtly fascistic and lurid. The video gradually degenerates into people being blown up in scenes from some war. But it is not some War, it is just another Hollywood creation made for our amusement.

I am sure that Madonna and her cohorts think that they are being ironic with this video. I just think it is revealing of the shallow materialism that America has sunk into.

“Do I have to change my name, will I have to lose some weight, Will I be a Star”
Madonna:- American Life.

The answer Madonna is written in your songs. The answer is YES! The Disney brainwashing compels you to do anything to succeed, and to succeed at all costs. But with that a terrible price is paid. Celebrities are a Zionist Marketing aid and Madonna as such has embedded herself into the psyche of the planet. From her “Material Girl” to “American Dream”, nothing  is as it seems. Indeed Madonna, indeed.

The Mother of all GIGs

One has to wonder, seeing the grandeur and opulence of the lavish SuperBowl Production, what will the Madonna Israel gig be like?  I think it will probably be the mother of all gigs. Apocalyptic No doubt, and who will Madonna play in that role? Isis or will it be Babalon? Time will tell…

5 Responses to Madonna:- Israel GIG – then Iran War?

  1. ariadna February 10, 2012 at 2:17 am #

    Jonathan, you’re so unfair. Reading you one would think that in this video Madonna celebrates the triumph of kitsch, bad taste and mediocrity over art and even basic education.
    So maybe there is an undue fondness in the subtitles for what must be a newly acquired and not fully grasped word–“Ironically”– and then there is the awkward bit about her having been named after … a painting. Maybe she wrote it all herself.
    Yes, there are a lot of scenes of tinseltown-type violence and war but a video without them would be so boring, and just declaring “World Peace” as a goal like every beauty pageant contestant would not impress.
    Why Egyptian mythology? Simple: they have the best costumes.
    Given her attraction to horns maybe in her Israel tour she’ll be a Valkyrie. No, that would offend: too… you know, Arian.
    I for one applaud her upcoming tour in Israel. Look, the Israelis are willing to forget about their ‘existential threat’ for several weeks just to see her. Now that’s art!
    I only regret that she doesn’t plan to stay there. She might just make the existential threat go away entirely.
    And another thing: imagine the powerful sartorial influence she could have on the settlers’ drab wardrobe. All pluses.

  2. Jonathon Blakeley February 10, 2012 at 9:47 am #

    Madonna celebrates the triumph of kitsch, bad taste and mediocrity over art and even basic education.

    ha ha ha ha. Indeed. She is so tasteful. I remember the days when a woman didn’t have to strip down to her bra and knickers to sing a song, admittedly it’s been a while for Madonna… thankfully.
    What I find interesting is the way she has moved from ‘Like a Virgin’ to the ‘Madonna’ to…. well… ‘Whore’. Virgin/Mother/Whore

    I really find her repulsive and I think she sums up everything I hate about rampant material excess. IMO She is the Zionist High Priestess and the Neocon Whore of Abomination all in one.

  3. Laura Stuart February 10, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

    My favourite peice of random knowledge about Madonna.

    There was a letter to the Telegraph which read as follows :-

    Sir – When Madonna moved to England she said she wanted to feel more English.

    She is shortly to become a single mother with three children by different fathers. Job done then.

  4. ariadna February 11, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    She converted to Judaism. Fine by me. As fine as anyone converting to Islam or Christianity. None of my business.
    As long as they hold on to Vittorio Arrigoni’s memorable plea:


    • fool me once... February 11, 2012 at 8:20 pm #

      Vittorio Arrigoni’s memorable plea:

      RESTIAMO UMANI! – well said!