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Julian Assange interviews Hassan Nasrallah

After much hype here is the first offering by Julian Assange from his new interview series on RT  “The World Tomorrow”. Still under house arrest in the UK for alleged Swedish indiscretions, Julian promises to interview some controversial figures. I was impressed by his first attempt,  although his awkwardness is still rather funny.

“The state of Israel is an illegal state, it was a state that is based on occupying the lands of others…” Hassan Nasrallah

I wonder how long till Offcom bans RT like they did PressTV?

Are you ready? What is your vision for the future of Israel and Palestine? What would Hezbollah consider victory? And if you had that victory , would you disarm?

The state of Israel is not a… is an illegal state, it’s a state that was established on the basis of occupying the lands of others, or usurping the lands of others, of controlling by force the lands of others, of committing massacres against the Palestinians who were expelled, and these include Muslims and Christians too, so for this reason justice is… justice remains… remains on the side where even if ten years passes the progress of time does not turn justice into… does not negate justice. If it’s my house…if your house… and I go and occupy it by force it doesn’t become mine in 50 or 100 years just because I’m stronger than you and I’ve been able to occupy your house, that doesn’t give me… that doesn’t legalise my ownership of your house. At least, this is our ideological view and our legal view and we believe that Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people. But if we wanted to combine ideology and law, and political realities, and relate it on the ground, we should say that the only solution is we don’t want to kill anyone, we don’t want to treat anyone unjustly, we want justice to be restored to the… and the only solution is the establishment of one state – one state on the land on Palestine in which the Muslims and the Jews and the Christians live in peace in a democratic state. Any other solution will simply not be viable, and it won’t be sustained.

3 Responses to Julian Assange interviews Hassan Nasrallah

  1. ariadna April 19, 2012 at 1:25 am #

    Great post. Assange did a pretty decent job of it: comprehensive and balanced and Nasrallah is always excellent –hope he hides himself well

  2. searching April 19, 2012 at 1:42 am #

    “hope he hides himself well”
    I am sorry , I am being a little silly right now, but this part of your comment reminded me of an old joke. 🙂
    “A German soldiers were chasing partisants ,who hid in an old well.
    Germans were standing next to it,
    ( not knowing that partisants were inside of the well), and talked loudly.
    “Maybe they went to the forest” said a German soldier. One of the partisant’s started to imitate an echo: “maybe they went to the forest”.
    The other German soldier said: “maybe they went to the village” . The partisan in the well, pretending to be an echo, repeated :”maybe they went to the village”.
    The third German soldier said: “maybe they are in the well”
    The echo repeated: “maybe they went to the forest”.

  3. who_me April 21, 2012 at 2:24 am #

    “I wonder how long till Offcom bans RT like they did PressTV?”

    that would surprise me. most of the rt staff are jewish people from britain and the usa. 🙂