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Israel’s UN Ambassador unwittingly endorses BDS

Israel will probably not be attending a conference on turning the Middle East into a zone free from weapons of mass destruction. On Friday, the Zionist regime’s UN ambassador, Ron Prosor, told the AFP news agency that before there is “comprehensive peace in the region … we feel that this is something that is absolutely not relevant.” Whether or not Israel attends the conference, the nuclear armed state will continue its belligerent military occupation of neighbouring territories and blockade of the Gaza Strip. Israel’s intransigence is entrenched by diplomatic cover and the unconditional supply of arms and financial support from the West, particularly the United States. Thus, Israel has reason to believe itself able to keep peace at bay in the region for as long as the overriding goal of achieving Zionism’s territorial ambitions requires.

A commitment by the US and its allies to the observance of international humanitarian law, reinforced by appropriate sanctions, would achieve far more than any amount of nuclear disarmament summits or peace conferences. Meanwhile, civil society, through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, must continue to shoulder the burden so disgracefully shed by our political leaders.

Referring to Western efforts to destabilise Iran, the Israeli Ambassador unwittingly endorsed the argument in favour of BDS, saying that economic action is “much more effective than people think, and hopefully it might change behaviour patterns. . .” Amen to that – but the aim, so far, is misdirected.

The global spirit of BDS continues to provide the best hope for peace with justice in the Middle East.

Leslie Bravery – 1 April 2012

One Response to Israel’s UN Ambassador unwittingly endorses BDS

  1. Laura Stuart April 1, 2012 at 7:20 am #

    Boycotting being a very Jewish thing to do. Gilad wrote about it here
    I must state here that I do not buy certain products which I am told the profits of which support the occupation, however, I don’t feel that B.D.S. will bring down the State of Israel and too many people seem to have made careers out of the movement.