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Israel’s Religious Intolerance Hits Library

“Israelis are Brutes; Jews are Educated?”

Price Tag Offensive Graffiti | Convent of Saint Francis, Jerusalem

Price Tag Offensive Graffiti | Convent of Saint Francis, Jerusalem

While October 1 was quietly becoming October 2, 2012, the gate of the Convent of Saint Francis on Mt. Zion, Jerusalem, was vandalized in a “Price Tag” attack; the result can be seen in the adjacent picture. The Hebrew translations I do from time to time in this website show the direct and graphic nature of Hebrew; if used properly—as in the Bible—the result is magnificent. However, Israelis use it in a different way, offering a feast of violence probably unmatched by any other culture. In the five-word graffiti drawn on the gate, they managed to insult Jesus twice using just three words. Another two words added the signature of an odd terror organization which seems to enjoy the indirect protection of the State of Israel.

The problem of Price Tag is not that they are uncivilized beasts who do not understand their offensiveness. They are being purposely offensive. The three words of the insult mean “Y.Sh.U. Son of a Whore.” Y.Sh.U. (pronounced “yeshu”) is a Hebrew acronym for “Be His Name and Memory Forgotten.” As explained in Even Hitler’s Name Wasn’t Changed, this is the insulting way Jews refer to Jesus, Yeshua in Hebrew. The similarity between his name and the acronym is intentional. Three words, two insults; this is savagery’s world record.

I had described several Price Tag attacks in The Price Tag of Israel’s Doublethink. More recent attacks include the burning of the door of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Sept-Douleurs, at Latrun, in September 2012. The Israeli government invariably fails to catch the attackers, despite the organization being public. The term became public in July 2008, when settler Itay Zar from “Havat Gilad” publicly defined it: “Whenever an evacuation (of settlers) is carried out—whether it is a bus, a trailer or a small outpost—we will respond.” It refers to illegal actions carried out by radical right-winged Israeli activists and settlers. The actions of these Jewish hooligans include writing insulting graffiti, burning mosques, demonstrations, blocking of roads, clashes with Israeli security forces, throwing rocks at Palestinian cars, torching of Palestinian fields and orchards, and the destruction and uprooting of trees belonging to Palestinians. The last is particularly important since according to Ottoman laws still legally binding in Israel, trees can be used to show ownership of land.

Israelis and Jews like to define themselves as the “People of the Book,” in a pathetic attempt to claim moral superiority over others. The irony was emphasized by this latest attack. The Convent of Saint Francis is the core temple of the Franciscans in Holy Land. Its main structure dates back to 1335AD; it contains the oldest library in the country. Beyond valuable manuscripts of the Bible, it is known also for a unique collection of Muslim texts, including a manuscript known as Liber Almansoris, by Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Zakaria al Razi, (865-925AD), an important medical text. This time the library was spared, an odd defeat for the “People of the Book.”

Israelis are Brutes; Jews are Educated

At this stage, non-Israeli Jews reading this article would probably claim “Israelis are Brutes; Jews are Educated.” They will congratulate themselves while ignoring that Jews outside Israel are no less offensive, no less brutish, than Israeli ones.

Larry David

Larry David

In the October 25, 2009, episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” titled “The Bare Midriff,” Larry David urinated on an image of Jesus the Christ. Only a person of such a damaged cultured background would fail to perceive the difference between an image and the spiritual reality he lacks. After all, they pray to an old wall. The behavior of Larry David—a proud Jew—is strange. “Hate Laws” are pushed by Jewish communities around the world; yet, they seem not to be applied against Jews inciting hate and contempt against their neighbor. What would have happened if a Christian urinate on a copy of the Talmud—a book preaching the violation of little children—on American television? The truth is clear. Hate laws apply only against Christians and Muslims criticizing Jews. Jews offending Christians and Muslims are exempt.

Jewish semantics are easy to predict. “You are taking things out of context. Larry David is a single depraved example. He is the exemption, not the rule!” would the same reader abovementioned exclaim now. The fact that this depraved person gets published in one of the world’s largest television networks shows he is in the cultural mainstream. Moreover, it wasn’t difficult to find his connection to another racist event.

Michael Richards

Michael Richards

Larry David was one of the creators of Seinfeld, one of the most successful American television sitcoms. The other creator—and the star of the program—was Jerry Seinfeld. In life and show, he is a Jew, this is an open topic in the program; the ideology preached in it is closely related to secular Judaism, nihilism obsesses Seinfeld. Michael Richards was another one of the four stars. Racial discrimination was not a topic of the show, but related events show a decidedly disturbing picture. In the November 17, 2006, performance at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, California, Michael Richards shouted “He’s a nigger!” several times at a spectator, and mentioned the need to lynch him. Again, the claim we are dealing with a single depraved person doesn’t hold. In 2009, Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm reunited all the stars of Seinfeld. Neither Larry David—already proven racist—nor Jerry Seinfeld had any problem in appearing with Michael Richards. In Judaism, everything is relative, including racism.

It is impossible to look at the reality of the Jewish world in recent years and not to conclude there is a radicalization in its religious racism and discrimination. This happens in Israel and outside it. “Poor Goliath!” keeps the international community answering their insults, while punishing all others daring to criticize the real rogues. In an old monastery library, elderly monks pray for the safety of their valuable manuscripts; next to the monastery doors, menacing Jews draw insulting graffiti.

6 Responses to Israel’s Religious Intolerance Hits Library

  1. who_me October 4, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

    when one is “special”, that specialness gives them the right and privilege to do as they please when it comes to others not endowed with this “specialness”.

    these sorts of hypocrisies being practiced by jewish people are not going unnoticed and getting blanket condoning the way they used to be. one wouldn’t know this from the media, but people are starting to take notice and they are less than happy about the jewish self-imposed pedestaling.

  2. pgg804 October 5, 2012 at 5:26 am #

    The fact that someone is educated or intelligent, doesn’t mean they’re not a bigot, racist or brute. I know that’s what we’re told, but I believe some of the worst criminals that ever lived were very intelligent and educated.

    I see the photo with the NAZI book burnings above; but who has been doing all the book burning since then? The answer is the people who had their books burned by the NAZIS.

    They are the primary force behind the “holocaust denial” laws passed in the early 1990’s that tell historians what they can write and they carry a jail sentence if you write something prohibited. How is that different than the NAZIS? I’m not sure the NAZIS went that far. They have forced publishers to burn books by historians that Jews don’t like and they have gone on nationally syndicated television programs arguing that certain books should not be published,

    The Jews are every bit the burner the NAZIS were.

  3. Blake October 5, 2012 at 11:42 am #

    In 1948, the Zionists ethnically cleansed 100,000 Christians from Palestine. During the 1948 war, Zionists destroyed desecrated / profaned Christian churches, convents & institutions throughout Occupied Palestine. During June 1967 Israeli forces shelled & damaged many churches in the old city of Jerusalem & Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Israeli forces opened the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to Jews who poured into the holiest place in Christendom indecently dressed behaving disrespectfully joking, singing and pouring pharisaic hate & insults against Christianity/ Jesus Christ in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre & next to the tomb of Jesus Christ.

    Israeli Authorities censor all films and plays to prevent mentioning the name of Jesus Christ.

  4. fool me once... November 11, 2012 at 11:34 am #

    Michael Richards, Riviera Lodge No. 780, Pacific Palisades, CA, Date of Initiation December 17, 1998

    • Ariadna Theokopoulos November 11, 2012 at 12:19 pm #

      Oh, yeah… Michael Richard, the Jewish comedian who felt nostalgic about the times when blacks could be lynched:

      ” in 2006 when Richards went on a racist tirade at the Laugh Factory in real life. In that instance he yelled at heckler saying, “Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass…Throw his ass out. He’s a n***er! He’s a n***er! He’s a n***er!”

      It did not put a dent in his grossing ability in Hollywood because, after all, he is not a dumb Goy who dares to say Hollywood is owned by Jews (without however suggesting lynching them…)

  5. Ariadna Theokopoulos November 11, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

    “It is impossible to look at the reality of the Jewish world in recent years and not to conclude there is a radicalization in its religious racism and discrimination. ”

    I am not so sure I agree with this statement. To me is seems as false as saying: there are a lot more gays now than ever because I see so many of them in gay parades.
    What I think is more probable is that jewish racism, intolerance and hate of Goyim, with special focus on Christianity but not without ‘fond’ attention to Islam as well, are now out of the closet, paraded with an in-your-face sense if impunity.