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Israel’s Religious Intolerance Hits Library

“Israelis are Brutes; Jews are Educated?” While October 1 was quietly becoming October 2, 2012, the gate of the Convent of Saint Francis on Mt. Zion, Jerusalem, was vandalized in a “Price Tag” attack; the result can be seen in the adjacent picture. The Hebrew translations I do from time to time in this website […]

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Interfaith dialogue is no answer to Israel ’s racist bullying

So the Albuquerque Episcopalians got jumpy and ‘disinvited’ the Friends of Sabeel who had booked their cathedral for a conference. Sabeel is an international peace movement which calls itself the Voice of Palestinian Christians. Why would one Christian group snub another? The excuse for turning away the conference was concocted by the Dean of the […]

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Assad rebounds

Assad Rebounds

Wounded, a roaring lion looks westwards… During the first days of October 2012, several events accumulated into what looks as a Syrian government rebound; one year and seven months after an Arab Spring spinoff-war begun, neither the rebels nor their Western masters have made any significant conquest. On the contrary, the Syrian government has become […]

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Vanunu Responds to Gunter Grass and My Question to SECURITY

The International Press and in particular the Israeli Media have been buzzing all weekend regarding a new poem by German writer and Nobel laureate Gunter Grass, in which he calls Israel’s Nuclear Whistle Blower, Mordechai Vanunu, a “paragon” “modern-day hero” and a “righteous man, who has remained loyal to his country the entire time.” Vanunu […]

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.  Background: Dimona nuclear reactor.

Dershowitz Breaks Mideast Deadlock, Promises to Fix

  The Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz announced September 25, 2012, that Harvard law professor and Israel advocate Alan Dershowitz had broken the deadlock between Israel and the Palestinian Authority with a revolutionary new plan for a settlement freeze.  Details of the plan, however, indicate that the deadlock will be easy to repair. Dershowitz is admired […]

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blind reading

Blind Reading the Blind: Review of Beinart’s “Crisis of Zionism”

With apologies to those who are reading this as braille or audio, Beinart’s entire thesis depends upon overlooking the fact that Israel is a product of one of the great ethnic cleansing projects (or if you prefer, genocides) of its century. Beinart’s case is therefore that if the initial ethnic cleansing in 1948 was relatively […]

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Jew Peak or Not Yet?

(The video shows Haim Saban proudly describing what amounts to his financing a fresh crop of future sayanim.) A recently coined expression likely to be gaining currency among analysts and commentators in the alternative media, “jew peak,” and meant to signify that jewish power (jp) has crested in the US, is a speculation based primarily […]

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UN General Assembly: Egypt hits Israel

“Washington should also live up to its own Camp David commitment to Palestinian self-rule.” Today, September 25, 2012, the General Debate of the 67th UN General Assembly will begin and last for a week. Two planned speeches are of immense importance for the future of the Middle East. The newly elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, […]

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Ehud Barak's latest offer of territory for a Palestinian state

Ehud Barak’s (latest) “Generous Offer” to the Palestinians

Israel’s current Defense Minister and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak was plainly anxious to see me. “You’ve got to get down here right away, Barb, or I’m going to give this story to someone else,” he said over the phone. “I’ve always said that resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian impasse requires imagination, and I think I’ve […]

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Arab Spring, Iran, America’s Autumn and Israel’s WMD

On the second morning of Autumn, AIPAC praised the efforts of Sens. Graham (R-SC), Lieberman (I-CT), Casey (D-PA), and 80 additional cosponsors, who passed resolution [SJ41] by 90 to 1, to affirm the “vital national interest of the United States to prevent the Government of Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.” The senators echoed […]

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Picture 9

Israel bluffing with anti-Iran threats: Gareth Porter

As Israel continues to issue anti-Iran threats, an American investigative journalist says this is a strategy used by Benjamin Netanyahu to mount pressure on the US and other Western states and steer them toward confronting the Islamic Republic. Iranian authorities and military officials have dismissed the Israeli war rhetoric as a psychological warfare campaign against […]

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Yom Kippur 2012: Israel’s Un-Atonement

Following the recent celebration of the Jewish New Year, Israel begun very disturbing preparations for Yom Kippur, the Atonement Day. This is a much more special date than New Year; after all, Israel recognizes four different New Year’s Eves and in fact conducts its civil life as per a fifth one, the Christian one. In […]

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Behind the Deepening Crisis with Iran: The Real Story Versus the Cover Story

By Mark H Gaffney February 21, 2012 “Information Clearing House” Recently, President Obama imposed new sanctions on Iran which according to reports have been very effective, causing a sudden major devaluation of Iran’s currency. The Iranians correctly understand that they are under attack, and have threatened to respond by closing the strait of Hormuz, through which […]

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Canada-Iran tensions: Why Israel is so happy

In a frantic and unexpectedly hysterical decision made on September 7, the Canadian government suspended all its diplomatic ties with Iran, closed its embassy in Tehran and ordered the Iranian diplomats to leave the Canadian soil in 5 days. The Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird made an unbelievably offensive statement, calling Iran “the most significant […]

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Canada-Iran: Canada’s diplomatic disaster

On 7 September, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced that Canada is suspending all diplomatic relations with Iran, expelling all Iranian diplomats, closing its embassy in Tehran, and authorizing Turkey to act on Canada’s behalf for consular services there. Baird cited Iran’s enmity with Israel, its support of Syria and terrorism. “Canada views the government […]

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‘Egypt in league with Israel on Gaza’

Published on Sep 9, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews The Egyptian Army says it has destroyed 31 Gaza supply tunnels in its recent operation in the Sinai Peninsula. Due to the Israeli blockade, some 1.5 million residents of Gaza are being denied their basic rights, including freedom of movement, the right to a decent standard of living, […]

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Radio Free Palestine: A Wake-up Call

Irrepressible Palestinian children… But smiles of happiness may turn to tears of frustration when they grow up to find their dreams dashed in a country ravaged by decades of military occupation… where lands and resources have been stolen, education curtailed, freedom cancelled and travel made almost impossible. How will they build a career or raise […]

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The Syrian Gambit

The Syrian War Aftermath Syria being a strategic country in the Middle East—it has a significant population and sits on important commercial and military crossroads—we are unlikely to see the ongoing war continuing for much longer. Both sides in the conflict have mighty allies, who are helping their protégées. Both sides can claim victories. In […]

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Free Palestine

EU strengthening economic ties with Israel

Published on Aug 26, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews It was revealed last week that the European Union has approved a massive upgrade in Israel special trading status. In 2008 there was a freeze on the preferential treatment that the EU gives Israel in the wake of Cast Lead. But now it’s business as usual. How is […]

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IDF is the World’s Largest Terrorist Organization: Joe Cortina

Captain Joe Cortina is a former airborne special operations officer and U.S. Army Training Center commander. He subsequently embarked on missions as intelligence investigator and anti-terrorist advisor and traveled to different countries in the Middle East and Central America. His visit to Israel was an opportunity for him to realize the anti-American atmosphere governing the […]

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Bahai Gardens at Carmel

IDF: Home Front Command not ready for war with Iran

Open letter to the IAF pilots chosen to strike Iran urges them to refuse order Along the Narrow Path delimited in our times by file transfer protocols and similar informatics’ terms, one may find unlikely allies from time to time, even among Israel’s secular left wing and IDF generals. Two days ago, I published Will […]

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The Proper Procedure for Killing Unarmed Civilians

An Israeli military spokesperson announced Sunday that an Israeli soldier referenced only as Staff Sergeant “S” would serve 45 days in prison for killing Ria Abu Hajaj and her daughter Majda during the January, 2009 invasion of Gaza code-named “Cast Lead”. The sentence was the result of a plea agreement. I was able to locate […]

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France Fortifies Israeli Settlements

On August 10, 2012, away from the headlines, thirteen French-speaking families arrived at the West Bank settlement of Eli (pronounced Ali, but I’ll stick to the conventional English transliteration) and made it their new home. They came from Paris and Lion in France and Brussels in Belgium, after a two-year long period of preparation. Sixty […]

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Israel: Not a Banana Republic but a State of Law and Order

Under the provocative title, ‘Israeli Mayor to Demolish UN Humanitarian Agency Emergency Shelter, the International Middle East Media Center publishes a report showing the Israeli efforts to keep East Jerusalem free of structures built without a permit (some of which even predate the ordinance, which shows how far back Palestinian illegality goes and how deeply […]

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Israel and Egypt Attack Sinai Insurrection

Egyptian air force attacks in Sinai for first time since 1973 August 2012 began violently in the Sinai Peninsula. Glowing leftovers from the violence that took place last February erupted into full flames, causing unprecedented attacks from Israel and Egypt. On August 5, Global Jihad militants attacked an Egyptian outpost near Gaza, killed 16 Egyptians, […]

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“Israel cooked, Egypt ate, and Gaza has to wash the dishes,”

“Israel cooked, Egypt ate, and Gaza has to wash the dishes,”  The Sinai Attack: Sending a Message An Israeli soldier inspects a burnt armoured vehicle near the Kerem Shalom border crossing after unidentified gunmen crossed into Israel from Egypt on 6 August 2012. (Photo: AFP – David Buimovitch)   “there are two winners, Israel and […]

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August 5 Sinai Attack Bears All the Hallmarks of an Israeli False Flag

On Sunday 5 August a number of unidentified militants carried out an attack in the Egyptian Sinai in which several Egyptian soldiers were killed, and Israel’s border was penetrated. After Iftar as the Egyptian Muslims were breaking their fast, unknown militants killed 16 Egyptian soldiers and stole an Egyptian armoured vehicle. Using a pick-up truck […]

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Ousting Bashar al-Assad

Israel’s possible reaction to the ongoing deterioration in Syria One hour before sunrise, the heat was already scorching. In the late summer, there was no hope of a relieving rain. Yet, fast flowing air cooled the motorbikes, making the trip sufferable. Half hidden in its morning gloom, the City of Damascus could already be seen. […]

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Wrath of Israel

London 2012 Olympic Games create controversy in Israel David or Goliath? How many medals did Israel win in the Olympic Games? The truth ruth is that not even Israelis care about that. The London 2012 Olympic Games became a controversial topic in Israel, despite their Zion-like logo, due to a very different issue. These days, […]

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The Statement Of Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah)

  On The Provocative Claim Of Israel Against Al-Aqsha Mosque :   جماعة المسلمين (حزب الله)  JAMA`AH MUSLIMIN (HIZBULLAH) Secretariate : Jl. Pesantren Al-Fatah No. 01, Pasirangin, Cileungsi, Bogor, 16820 E-mail :, Telp./Fax : (021) 82498933, HP : 082182036019 THE STATEMENT OF JAMA’AH MUSLIMIN (HIZBULLAH) ON THE PROVOCATIVE CLAIM OF ISRAEL AGAINST AL-AQSHA […]

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Weapons Have Rights, Too

“Our weapons are nothing if not patient,” said the Israeli Military Civil Coordinator for the Israeli Military Commander for Civil Administration of Military Affairs for Civilians in the West Bank AKA Judea & Samaria (IMCCIMCCAMACWBAKAJS).  “Would you believe that they have been waiting since 1999 to move into this area?”   He was referring to […]

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Netanyahu Declared War on Iran

On July 23, 2012, Associated Press reported the results of the Burgas bomber autopsy; not for the first time in this affair, the findings didn’t fit the initial official declarations. Five days before, a suicide bomber attacked a bus transporting Israeli tourists at the Burgas Airport in Bulgaria. The bus driver and five Israelis were […]

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Spingola Specials: Ken Freeland talks about the work of Roy Tov

[mp3-jplayer tracks=",,,"] On Saturday, Deanna Spingola – Republic Broadcasting Network – published an interview with Ken Freeland, speaking for Roy Tov. Your are kindly invited to listen. My website is still Next week, will begin to operate as a mirror site.

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We All Are Bulgarians: Burgas Bombing

who are the victims of yet another false flag attack? On July 18, 2012, a suicide bomber attacked a bus transporting Israeli tourists at the Burgas Airport in Burgas, Bulgaria. The bus driver and five Israelis were killed; over thirty people were injured. Within hours, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iran and Hezbollah, justifying […]

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World Response to Knesset Member Destroying Bible

  Reaction is coming in swiftly from around the world after Israeli Knesset (parliament) Member Michael Ben-Ari tore up a specially bound and annotated edition of the New Testament. The book was given to all Knesset members by Victor Kalisher, head of The Bible Society in Israel, a Christian publishing house, at the same time […]

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In a Sunday July 1, 2012 photo,  Rabbi Yaakov Israel Ifargan, right, known as the 'X-Ray' rabbi for the belief he has the ability to diagnose patients by eyesight only, sits next to businessman Nochi Dankner, left, at the annual gathering of the rabbi's followers and supporters in the town of Netivot, southern Israel. Over the past few decades, Ifargan and dozens of other rabbis have carefully positioned themselves at the fulcrum of Israeli power and influence. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov)

Every Shekel Brings True Peace

A recent Press report describes the wealthy aristocracy of rabbis that has appeared in Israel over the past few decades, who have “have carefully positioned themselves at the fulcrum of Israeli power and influence.” Their followers are some of Israel’s richest businessmen. These moguls have helped the new rabbinic “aristocracy” to turn their shekels into […]

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Is this Canada’s last summer?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Spanish philosopher George Santayana The best way to illustrate the assault of democratic totalitarianism on Canada is by way of historical analogy, but therein lies a problem. Learning from this particular history is a dangerous undertaking because our governments and media actively sabotage it. […]

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Arafat’s Assassin Admits

Dramatic Development after Swiss laboratory finds poisoning signs in Arafat’s belongings On July 3, 2012, Al Jazeera published a report of the Institute of Radiation Physics at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland that claimed to have found significant traces of polonium in samples taken from Arafat’s personal effects, including his trademark keffiyeh. In other […]

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Arafat’s Assassin is…

Not a Conspiracy Theory anymore Certain topics refuse to die. On July 3, 2012, the death of Yasser Arafat on November 11, 2004, returned to the headlines of international media. Arafat was in good health until he suddenly fell ill on October 12, 2004. At the time he was besieged by Israeli tanks in the […]

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September 11, 2001: Zionist shock therapy and the birth of the lie

Article reposted from September 2011. New York City, New York. Shock is a curious thing. The human mind is at its most susceptible when the proverbial rug has been pulled from under its feet. When a momentous, shocking event occurs we are thrust into an uncomfortable, unfamiliar, frightening place. We look for explanations, try to […]

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Rabbi Lays down Religious Basis for Attack on Syria

A few days ago, in Alawi Republic of Latakia Saves Syria, I commented on the international conference that took place in Geneva regarding the ongoing violence in Syria. The event ended in nothing, with no formal decisions taken and a proposal on general elections that could not be accepted by the actual Syrian regime. The […]

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In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Unholy Devil

Shamir’s Obituary Writing an obituary about a terrorist? I couldn’t degrade myself into that; yet, the topic was amusing to the extent of irresistible. “The Digger” had died. Yesterday, June 30, 2012, Israel’s seventh Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir died in Tel Aviv. He was 96 years old and had suffered a severe case of Alzheimer […]

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Daphni Leef Arrested | June 22, 2012, Tel Aviv Square

Rabin Square, Tahrir Square

Israeli violence against social protesters in Tel Aviv’s heart On June 27, 2012, a Knesset Member finally acknowledged the seriousness of the unending social protests in Israel. Miriam Regev—who was the IDF Spokesperson before joining the Likud party—said “the far left activists want to transform Rabin Square into Tahrir Square, and to throw out the government.” […]

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