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Iron Curtain, Iron Wall

It appears that Scott Creighton’s most dire predictions have come to pass: Manufactered Hero Edward Snowden: Paving the Way for New CISPA by Scott Creighton OBAMA’S SPEECH TEXT ——- “The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPAH.R. 3523(112th Congress), H.R. 624 (113th Congress)) is a proposed law in the United States which would allow for the sharing of Internet traffic […]

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When will the Palestinians clear the decks?

Let’s shine a light into the ICC’s dusty corners… When will the Palestinians clear the decks for action? I watched the Palestinian ambassador, Prof Manuel Hassassian’s performance before a session of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee enquiring into ‘Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories: prospects for 2014′. . He was asked by […]

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The ‘Jewish Covenant with God,’ According to Pope Francis

Originally posted on Fig Trees and Vineyards The supposed “covenant” establishing the Jews as God’s “chosen people”—and particularly Pope Francis’ recently-articulated position on this—has been the subject of a very lively online discussion over the past week or so. Francis is quite possibly the most philo-Semitic pope in history, and in November of 2013 he […]

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Sharon took ‘brave decisions’ for peace, says Agent Cameron

In a statement marking the death of Ariel Sharon, British prime minister David Cameron said he was one of the most significant figures in Israeli history and as Prime Minister he took brave and controversial decisions in pursuit of peace, before he was so tragically incapacitated. This sickening tribute will not go down well outside […]

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Sharon’s Funeral: Revolt or Submission?

Reading the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup of Sharon’s funeral two writers present divergent views, one claiming that the absence of Western world leaders represents a revolt against the Jewish Lobby pressaging more “tsures” ahead for Israel. The other, presenting a picture of hatred for Sharon widespread in Israel beyond the settlers […]

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Greenwald’s ‘Coming Out’

In Israel, Greenwald Reveals Whose Agenda He Is Serving By Maidhc Ó Cathail The Passionate Attachment When waging unconventional warfare,  timing is everything. In some pro-Israel circles, President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry are now being hysterically compared to Neville Chamberlain for their alleged “betrayal”  of the self-defined “Jewish state” to yet […]

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Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told

A new documentary. Produced by Dennis Wise. Length: about six hours WW II affected hundreds of millions of people and it affected millions of Europeans and Asians born after the war too. If not for the war, myself and millions of other people would be citizens of a different country today. Millions of people were […]

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Help prod the ICC into action over Israel’s illegal ‘settlements’

The Palestinian leadership won’t do it – will you? Unbelievably, President Mahmoud Abbas and his hapless crew in Ramallah promised the US not to file charges against Israel in the International Criminal Court. Meanwhile the Israeli regime is accelerating its squatter programme on Palestinian territory even in the middle of so-called peace talks, increasing its […]

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Erekat wakes up to the peace swindle; Abbas still in Cloud Cuckoo Land

The Times of Israel reports that Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, who recently resigned (again) but mysteriously remains in post, said in an interview that the Palestinians will not agree to extending latest talks with Israel one minute beyond the allotted nine months, ending in April. “The objective is to reach an agreement on all […]

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Netanyahu: Quote of the Week

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Palestinian leaders Sunday of “inciting hatred,” as US Secretary of State John Kerry visited the region to push peace talks forward. “The Palestinians are continuing their campaign of inciting hatred, as we have seen in the last few days with their refusal to recognise Israel as […]

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Ariel Sharon: “The Hell He Richly Deserves”

Miko Peled is the author of the book The General’s Son, one of whose reviews describes him as “the son and grandson of leading figures in Israel’s political-military elite,”  whom a personal tragedy (the loss of a beloved niece in  suicide bombing atack) led to soul searching and transformed “into a courageous and visionary activist […]

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Friends of yours, Mr Cameron?

Israel’s appalling crime-sheet for 2013… Killed 56, injured 1385, carried out 8636 raids and attacks, demolished 172 homes… Friends of yours, Mr Cameron? The Palestinian Embassy, for once, has done something useful and released figures that paint a shocking picture of Israel’s mega-crimes against their helpless Palestinian neighbours over the past year. Of course, these […]

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The Mysterious Disappearance of the Syrian Revolutionaries

The mysterious disappearance of the Syrian revolutionaries — the Free Syrian Army — fighting for democracy poses a difficult problem for the upcoming Geneva conference which their representatives are supposed to attend. Their sincere supporters, the US, UK, NATO, the Saudis, Turkey and, dependably but more discreetly, Israel, are silent about it. The military arm […]

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Generalisimo Ariel Sharon, Still Undead but Not Feeling Well

“JERUSALEM (AP) — Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has been in a coma for eight years, was in critical condition on Thursday, clinging to life after a decline in the functioning of various bodily organs, his doctors said. Dr. Zeev Rotstein, director of Tel Hashomer hospital, said Sharon’s condition had deteriorated over the […]

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Anti-Semitism — An Annotated Analysis

AT Note: The analysis, lucid and comprehensive, belongs to Mark Weber. The annotations in bold face, all mine, are not disagreements but rather nuance punctuations as well as further questions his analysis suggested to me. Anti-Semitism: Why Does It Exist? And Why Does it Persist? By Mark Weber December 2013 Over the centuries, rage and […]

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Redemption: A Challenge to World Jewry

This is what a normal Palestinian thinks and sounds like. I am inclined to consider Nahida, a highly articulate thinker and a talented poet, an ordinary Palestinian because Palestinians are after all known as “a nation of poets.” “Books are written in Palestine, published in Lebanon and sold in Egypt” is what another normal Palestinian […]

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Glenn Greenwald – the “Truth to Power” Purveyor by Appointment

Along with Sibel Edmonds, Scott Creighton has been tenacious in tracking, analyzing and debunking the MSM stories on Snowden and Glenn Greenwald, pointing out he glaring discrepancies between the “product” and its advertising claims. Describing himself as a courageous crusader for  transparency in government, freedom of information and journalism brave enough to “speak truth to […]

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Shabbat Goyim Subgroup: The Copulatory Covenant

The Urban Dictionary defines Shabbat Goy (variant spellings: Shabbos, Sabbath, Sabbath) as follows: Originally, a non-Jew who does work on Sabbath that a Jew] cannot do. In modern times, it is a non-Jew who toadies to the every wish and whim of the Jews, especially in politics, or a non-Jew who is heavily supportive of […]

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Blood in Beirut

Beirut Blast Targets Middle East Stability by Finian Cunningham The deadly blast which hit the Lebanese capital on Friday is the latest attempt by enemies to destabilize the entire Middle East, an analyst writes in an article for the Press TV website. “The latest deadly attack in Lebanon’s capital Beirut is yet another desperate attempt […]

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Walled in by Zionist ugliness

Walled in by Zionist ugliness The grim horror now surrounding our ‘Little Town of Bethlehem’ London’s Christmas was made gloomier this year – and rightly so – by the appearance in the courtyard of St James’s Church, Piccadilly, of a replica of the hated Israeli annexation Wall that threads its thieving way around the Palestinian […]

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Israel Defies the World

It is commonly believed that serial killers cannot stop because their compulsion is so strong that they are in effect addicted to murder and that the addiction must be fed each time by an act more gruesome than the previous one. Furthermore, it is believed that unable to stop they subconsciously act with more brazen defiance […]

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Israel — More Demolitions

UN Condemns Christmas Eve Demolitions of Palestinian Homes by Israel The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees has condemned Israel’s demolition of Palestinian Bedouin dwellings in the West Bank, calling for an immediate halt. “UNRWA condemns the latest demolitions in the West Bank, which displaced 68 people, the most recent of which […]

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Jews and Immigration

In a recent article, Gilad Atzmon excoriates the blatant double standard of the “traditional” Jewish position on immigration in the Western world vs Israel, analyzes its chameleonic and opportunistic evolution in the ‘diaspora,’ and pities the sorry state of kosherized French philosophy. Alain Finkielkraut, Jews, and Immigration By Gilad Atzmon Along the second half of […]

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Water and Jews

Kosher Coleridge: “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink unless you pay our price” Palestinians complain about the Israeli control of water and restrictions that make their lives miserable apparently based on the assumption that  access to the water in their land is a right: “Israel now controls 85 percent of the water […]

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Victoria Nuland — The Matze Maiden

[Ed. Note.  In this exposé of the neocon tentacles of power that control and direct US foreign policy, not only in the ME, but globally, Wayne Madsen focuses on Victoria Nuland (née Nudelman), whom he daubs the neocon "Doughnut Dolly." Further down he calls the "gifts" she distributes to protesters in various locakes of color revolutions […]

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Cut Zionist Genocide, Feed Americans Instead

Cut Zionist Genocide, Feed Americans Instead By Finian Cunningham (from PressTV) Some 47 million poor Americans – one in four children – see their already meager federal food allowances slashed this week. The cuts amount to $4 billion a year over the next decade. That $4 billion figure should ring a bell. It is equivalent […]

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Stealing Palestine

Creeping annexation, ethnic cleansing and ‘the politics of fragmentation’ inflicted by criminals who strut the world stage and thumb their noses at international law As the international conspiracy to rob Palestinians of their freedom and homeland is exposed a little more each day, observers and activists still puzzle over the duplicity of the United Nations […]

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US-Israel Special Relationship Timeline

“The US” is variously referred to by some to connote (1) the state/government and its (a) current polices and actions and/or (b) its historical track record; (2) the American people (a fluid entity whose demographics have changed dramatically over the past decades to the point where whites are no longer the majority); or (3) the […]

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Continuing American Humiliation of Israel

Congress Triples Obama’s Request for Military Aid to Israel The US Congress has authorized $284 million to fund Israel’s missile systems program, triple the amount the Obama administration had requested. The bill, introduced jointly by the House of Representatives and Senate budget committees, includes $33.7 million to improve the Arrow Weapon System, $117 million for […]

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Atzmon Says “Anachronism,” Settler Flees

Highly entertaining There were no Palestinians in ancient Palestine but no Ashkenazim either and apparently the Romans were not Italians…. Confusing. By the way, there is no ethnic cleansing of the Bedouins, only efforts by the Israeli government to improve their lives, says Rubin. On Iran… By just mentioning the Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Atzmon enhances […]

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Lebanon: Resistance Air Defense Commander Assassinated, Hezbollah Will Respond

Mourners carry the coffin of Hassan Hawlo al-Lakiss, one of the Hezbollah’s top commanders, during his funeral in the eastern Lebanese city of Baalbek on December 4, 2013. (Photo: AFP – STR) By: Ibrahim al-Amin Published Thursday, December 5, 2013 Who made the decision to strike such a painful blow to the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon by […]

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Will the Pope Insist on Seeing Gaza This Time?

After the humiliation of the last papal visit, Will the Pope insist on seeing Gaza this Time? Or, should he too, Boycott Israel until Jerusalem  and the Christian and Muslim Communities are freed from Occupation? CNN reports [1] on Israeli PM Netanyahu’s reception at the Vatican and plans for the Pope to visit Israel […]

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The Holocaust™ — Mother of All Lies

This video stands apart from all other analyses of the complex tissue of lies that constitutes the Holocaust™ narrative. The reason is that it reveals recognizable Holocaust™ leitmotivs (babies, shrunken heads, etc) that the same serial fabricators of false history and character assassins have reprised time and again in Jewish propaganda ever since. The Holocaust™ […]

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9/11 Truth: From Concealment to Burial

To conceal the truth of crimes, betrayal and mass murders, a skillful and devoted commando unit, from cacophonous noise makers to gate keepers to aggressive bouncers to grave diggers, are busy piling mounds of lies, dissimulations, half truths wrapped around core lies and disinformation, and digging deep graves to hide it all from the public […]

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On 66th Anniversary of UN’s 181 Pal. Resistance Continues to Gather Global Support – “Palestine, from River to Sea, Must be Returned to Real Owners”

Posted on November 30, 2013 by uprootedpalestinians |  Franklin Lamb Damascus Al-manar Every year on November 29, approximately three quarters of a million Palestinian refugees whose families were forced into Syria and Lebanon, during the 1948 Nakba (catastrophe) and the 1967 Naksa (setback) along with their countrymen in more than 130 countries where they have sought refuge […]

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Justice for Jewish Refugees!

Justice for Palestinian  Jewish Refugees! Who better to put lipstick on the proverbial pig than the cosmetic empire mogul and President of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald S. Lauder? In a recent opinion piece published in the Jewish Week (thanks to Rehmat for this find), Lauder claims that the world “has long recognized the Palestinian refugee problem […]

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10 Explosive U.S. Government Secrets About Israel

This article focuses on the intel gathered by America about Israel and its Nuclear/WMD proliferation… er sorry, ‘security endeavours’ and the ceaseless attempts by Jewish Power to control world affairs in the interests of Israel. It is because administrations and civil services can become infiltrated and corrupt that it is unacceptable to have governments deciding […]

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Emad Aqel: The Palestinian

22-year-old Emad Aqel was born under the tyranny of Jewish rule in occupied Palestine. He lived, fought and was martyred 20 years ago on November 24th, 1993. May 12th 1948: The Aqel family were driven out of their home at gunpoint in the Al-Majdal district of Bar’er. Jewish terrorists of the Givati and Negev Brigades […]

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Make or Break Time for Iran and P5+1 by Finian Cunningham

Posted on November 20, 2013 by dandelionsalad by Finian Cunningham Writer, Dandelion Salad East Africa Crossposted from Strategic Culture Foundation November 20, 2013 Never mind “workers of the world unite!” How about just “people of commonsense unite!” This new rallying call acquires cogency this week as the third round of talks gets underway in Geneva between Iran and the sextet […]

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JFK, Zionism and Rothschild

November 22nd will mark the 50th anniversary of the Israeli backed assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. JFK went from being pro-Palestinian in the 1930s to a shabbos goy in the 1950s and back to being pro-Palestine in the 1960s. He was a capable, charismatic and eloquent statesman: The last U.S. President who put […]

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Israeli Hawks Resisting Deals

To the Israelis, any deal made between the world powers and Iran would be a bad deal. It’s obvious from Israeli reactions to the talks in Geneva that the only action acceptable to Israel would be to bomb Iran. Minister of Military Affairs Moshe Ya’alon describes any agreement with Iran as “a historic mistake”. Israeli […]

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