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Israeli Credit Card Hack

The Following is a press release from oxOmar a collective of Arabian Hackers. Recently over the Xmas period various hacker factions have united to try to deal with Israel and its oppressive Zionist regime. They perceive quite correctly that Zionists operating out Israel, UK and US are leading us all to War War III.  They have decided to try to do what ever they can to stop this psychotic regime before its too late.

~ Jonathon Blakeley


anonymousIt’s 0xOmar from group-xp, largest Wahhabi hacker group of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabia hackers of Anonymous hacking movement.

We have posted this message in pastebin, but it seems they have deleted the file. So I try to use this page.

We decided to release first part of our data about Israel.

We have hacked a lot of Israeli servers and extracted a lot of information about Israeli people, their name, address, city, zipcode, Social Security Numbers (Israeli ID

numbers), mobile phone number, home phone number, credit card number (including exp year, month and CVV) and…

We daily use these cards to solve our problems, purchasing VPNs, VPSes, softwares, renting GPU clusters, renting cloud servers and much more!

We decided to give the world a new year gift, about 400,000+ Israeli people information!!!

Here is list of data I leak:

  • 4000.htm, it includes 4000+ credit cards and all needed information. All is Israeli.
  • 27000.htm, it includes 27000+ credit cards and all needed information. All is Israeli.
  • Cards1.mdb, it includes 260272 credit cards and all needed information. It includes address, emails and passwords of 260272 Israeli people.
  • Cards2.mdb, it includes 120745 credit cards and all needed information. It includes address, emails and passwords of 120745 Israeli people.
  • IsraCards1.txt, it includes 184 working fresh Israeli credit cards and all needed information.
  • Business.mdb, it includes 22604 Israeli business people details, including, names, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, etc.
  • Judaism.txt, it includes 65 Zionist people who purchased stuff from Judaism web site
    TblDonate.htm, it includes 500+ people who donated to Israeli Zionist Rabbis.

If you need to purchase something, you have to use Google Translate to convert hebrew letters to english.

It’s first part of our release, my goal is reaching 1 million non-duplicate people, which is 1/6 of Israel’s population.

We have it already, including 1M Israeli social security numbers (ID numbers) and all of their details, we want to see reactions to first part, later we’ll release rest!

Enjoy purchasing stuff for yourself in internet, like VPN, VPS, Software licenses, commercial emails, domains, etc.
We even purchased security scanners like Acunetix to hack more servers using these cards!

What’s fun for us?

  • Watching 400,000 people gathered in front of Israeli credit card companies and banks, complaining about cards and that they are stolen
  • Watching Israeli banks shredding 400,000 credit cards and re-generate new cards (so costly, huh?)
  • Watching people purchasing stuff for their self using the cards and making Israeli credit cards untrustable in the world, like Nigerian credit cards and much more…

Enjoy our work and feel free to contact us.

Web Contact Form

Our website:

(The files have since been removed from the interent ~ JB)

Saudi Arabian hacker rules!!!
(30 MB compressed, 210 MB uncompressed)

We are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forget, we do not forgive…
Enjoy and share it!


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