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Islamophobia: Modern crusade against Muslims


Despite constituting a significant minority in the western countries, Muslims around the world are subject to disproportionate, unjustifiable bias. Such attitudes distance them from their most fundamental social rights by portraying them as extremists and fanatics. The group is represented as able to endanger the interests of Europe and America.

As reported by the German Central Institute Islam Archive, there are 53 million Muslims living in Europe (excluding Turkey) who represent some 7.2% of the continent’s population. According to a Pew Research Center 2011 demographic study, globally Islam has 1.6 billion adherents, making up 23% of the world’s population.

Muslims exist with other groups in peace and tranquility. Nobody can claim that Muslims have been dangerous or harmful to the security of the western countries, because there’s no evidence to confirm this claim. Even those who allege that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by Muslims receive a response from American media figures such as Jeff Rense, Christopher Bollyn and Kevin Barrett who maintain that 9/11 was an inside job, carried out with the complicity of the CIA and Mossad.

The mass media of European countries regularly and recklessly insult Islamic religious symbols, especially the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The most prominent example of these insults was the publication of 12 blasphemous editorial cartoons by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September, 2005 which prompted international anger. Many understood that such actions result in continued antagonism and bitterness, serving only to add fuel to the fire of anti-Islamic sentiments.

The term Islamophobia, which is described as an irrational fear of Islam and Muslims and prejudice against and hatred of them, came into common use following the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. In actuality, the term was spread by the US government which launched two military expeditions in the Middle East for the alleged purpose of combating what they termed “Islamic fundamentalism” and terrorism.

As a result of media propaganda, Muslims in some countries are demonized and ostracized, unable to attend or perform prayers in public, assume government positions, pursue their social rights on equal terms with other citizens or adhere to their preferred dress codes.

It was recently revealed that the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has been engaged in widespread religious and ethnic profiling and the monitoring of Muslim communities and houses of worship in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. A coalition of social activists in the US is calling on the Senate, the Department of Justice and the US Marshals Service to take action in response to the illegal police monitoring of the Muslims in greater New York.

The revelations are contained in documents obtained by the Associated Press (AP) showing that undercover NYPD officers in a “Demographics Unit” targeted the Muslim communities with the assistance of individuals linked to the CIA. NYPD officials are denying the Demographics Unit ever existed, despite the publication of an NYPD presentation that described the mission and makeup of the unit.

Independent sources, including Islamophobia Watch have reported that the monitoring of mosques and the daily affairs of Muslims in the United States has intensified since the 9/11 attacks; the CIA has been carrying out underground intelligence operations to scrutinize the daily life of Muslims within the country.

According to Islamophobia Watch, the CIA has dispatched undercover officers to public places such as bookstores, shops and cafes to keep an eye on the daily affairs of Muslims. It has also used informants known as “mosque crawlers” to monitor sermons delivered by Muslim Imams and take action when necessary.

While in western detention, Muslims are treated inequitably and unfairly. Several reports have been published which detail how Muslim prisoners of the United States and Europe have been subject to torture, mistreatment and abuse. Babar Ahmad, a citizen of south west London, is one of several Muslim detainees who are being held in European and American jails without being charged in a court hearing.

Ahmad was arrested on August 5, 2004 on charges of providing materials to a website which supports Chechen and Taliban insurgents. Since then, he has spent seven years in prison without trial.

Since his detainment, Ahmad has been subjected to torture and humiliation by the UK police. Scotland Yard officers have beaten him, stomped on his bare feet with boots, sexually abused him, mocked his Islamic faith by placing him into a Muslim prayer position and taunting, “Where is your God now?!” and applied life-threatening neck holds to him.

Muslims in the West are deterred from wearing clothing expressive of their faith, another representation of Islamophobic and xenophobic sentiments. A law in Belgium can fine and imprison for up to seven days a woman wearing burqa or niqab, a fabric covering for the lower face. In France, since April anyone wearing niqab or burqa in public is subject to fines of 150 euros and “citizenship training.” Moreover, an Italian parliamentary committee has drafted a law which bans women from wearing items that cover their faces in public.

Overall, what is clear is that Muslims in the West are treated as second-rate citizens; their social rights and freedom seem to be confiscated. Western mainstream media regularly associates terrorism with Islam and attributes terrorist activities to Muslims. The European governments overtly express their disdain for Islam and the Muslims, allowing the enactment of laws which limit and restrain social liberties of Muslims.

Islamophobia is a modern crusade against Muslims by societies which boast of being liberal and democratic, but in practice are xenophobic and intolerant. How can a truer image of Islam and Muslims be demonstrated to the West?

6 Responses to Islamophobia: Modern crusade against Muslims

  1. who_me July 17, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    the force behind all these bigoted laws singling out muslims, all the the institutionalised bigotry against muslims, all the prejudiced representations, all the hate crimes, all the hate rhetoric, all the hate encouragement can be traced to jewish sources. there is no doubt about it. the article fails to point this out. the jp hate campaign against muslims has been going on since before palestine was stolen from the palestinians. the source of islamophobia is jp. if that is not pressed and exposed, their islamophobic bs will continue. the cowards get away with these crimes because people don’t expose them and tinkerbell around the disgusting bigots instead. the only way to stop them is to expose the slimy little cowards and put them on the spot.

    • who_me July 17, 2012 at 11:45 pm #

      the article does provide a wealth of information and is very useful for bring it together. but the avoidance of mentioning the jewish influence behind modern islamophobia makes the article disempowering, rather than empowering. people need to know who is responsible for these crimes in order to effectively stop the crimes. they’re whizzing into the wind, otherwise.

  2. Laura Stuart July 18, 2012 at 6:44 am #

    Sometimes I read articles or hear talks from people/groups about Islamophobia which I feel could lead Muslims to feel like victims. Encouraging feelings of helplessness and victimhood is really not healthy.

    Because there are different levels of Islamophobia starting with every day racism on the streets such as that promoted by the EDL right up to the top level where you discover just who are the people working at the top levels on the Prevent policy or Internationally, you may not become aware of the higher levels.

    One fast track way to realisation is to get involved in Palestinian issues.

    Another is to understand the Quran which is full of information which is relevant today as it was 1400 years ago, the Quran is amazing at revealing the describing the flaws in mankind and how they manifest themselves, plus it gives much information on the character of the Jews and Christians.

    Some Jews are working hard to bring some kind of “Liberal” Islam into being where the Quran is not taken literally as a revelation, but such a project is doomed to failure and sponsoring and giving publicity to so called “moderate Muslims” has got no where, as soon as any Muslim starts spouting the words “reform – progressive – modern – secular” they are exposed and become irrelevant.

  3. Jay Knott July 18, 2012 at 12:18 pm #

    Islamophobia in the West is exaggerated. Partly, it’s genuine fear on the part of Muslims. Partly, it’s left-wing victimology – Muslims are victims-du-jour. Partly, it’s a complete misreading of the dynamics of Western societies, the cause of war, etc.. Religious prejudice doesn’t have much to do with it.

    On September 17, 2001, president Bush visited a mosque in Washington DC and made a speech claiming Islam is a peaceful religion. It was made clear to airport security that they are NOT allowed to search someone for ‘flying while Muslim’ – white grandmothers are just as likely to be searched.

    There were nevertheless violent attacks on Muslims after 9/11, and hatemongers do exist. The most virulent Islamophobes in America today are mostly Christian, not Jewish. The Jewish neocons didn’t want to invade Iraq because they think it’s full of Muslims. The USA didn’t invade Afghanistan because it’s a Muslim country, but because it appeared to harbor the organization responsible for the September 11th atrocities. Of course, we all know now that they got the wrong country.

    • who_me July 18, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

      lol, no real problem with islamophobia, jewish people are not to blame for islamophobia and israel/jp had little to do with causing the iraq war.

      as usual classic zionazi propaganda from jay knott. he forgot to mention the 72 virgins, though. the boi must be slipping.

    • who_me July 18, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

      another example of jay knott style logic:×350.jpg