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In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Unholy Devil

Shamir’s Obituary

Writing an obituary about a terrorist? I couldn’t degrade myself into that; yet, the topic was amusing to the extent of irresistible. “The Digger” had died. Yesterday, June 30, 2012, Israel’s seventh Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir died in Tel Aviv. He was 96 years old and had suffered a severe case of Alzheimer for more than a decade. In 1947, he earned his peculiar nickname after having escaping a British prison in Palestine through a 200 foot tunnel he had allegedly dug with a spoon. Even these colorful details weren’t enough to justify an obituary. Oddly, he is being praised by all Zionist leaders, even those belonging to the left. The state funeral will take place on Monday in Mount Herzl.

Yitzhak Shamir

Yitzhak Shamir

The Father

Born in the Russian Empire, in 1935 he settled down in Palestine. Yitzhak Shamir joined Irgun Tzvai Leumi (Etzel, the “National Military Organization,” sometimes shortened “Irgun”) until 1940, when this paramilitary group split. He chose to follow the smaller faction, known as Lehi (Hebrew acronym for “Fighters for Israel’s Freedom,” more commonly known in Israel as the Stern Gang, after its leader Avraham “Yair” Stern). Its declared aim was to evict violently the British authorities from Palestine, to the extent that they contacted Nazi Germany with a proposal to aid German conquest in the Middle East in return for recognition of a Jewish state open to unlimited immigration. Unsurprisingly, they were outlawed by the British, who offered generous rewards for the capture of its leaders. In 1941, Shamir was imprisoned for the first time, shortly before “Yair” was killed by the British police. Following the extrajudicial assassination, Shamir escaped prison and became one of the three leaders of Lehi, together with Nathan Yellin-Mor and Israel Eldad. Shamir reorganized the movement into an efficient organization of semi-independent cells. In the summer of 1946 he was caught, and imprisoned in Africa by British Mandatory authorities; yet, the following January he escaped through the abovementioned tunnel. He crossed to French Somalia, was arrested by the French, but eventually granted political asylum in France. His underground sent him a forged passport, with which he returned to Israel after the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948.

Yitzhak ShamirAfter 1948, the Irgun was incorporated into the Israeli Defense Forces; the bulk of the latter was made by former “Haganah” forces, the leftist faction of the Zionists. However, Lehi members were considered too extremist to be incorporated into the army. The answer came a few years later when an agreement was achieved and the remaining Lehi leaders joined the Mossad. Shamir was there between 1955 and 1965, reaching the position of Deputy Director. Later on, he joined Menahem Begin’s Herut Party (nowadays known as Likud and led by Benjamin Netanyahu). Eventually, he served two terms as Prime Minister, in 1983–1984 and 1986–1992. He is best remembered by his idleness, especially during the First Gulf War, during which he refrained from reacting to the Iraqi Scud missiles landing on Israel. During his turbulent lifetime, he raised a family. His son, Yair, looks almost as his father and offers an extraordinary addition to this unusual obituary.

Lehi Leaders Wanted | Yitzhak Shamir at Center

Lehi Leaders Wanted | Yitzhak Shamir at Center

The Son

Yair Shamir

Yair Shamir

At first, Yair Shamir looks like the antithesis of his father. He was named after Avraham “Yair” Stern, the Lehi leader killed by the British police, but this is his only connection with extra-official organizations. Mr. Shamir served in the Israeli Air Force as a pilot and squadron commander from 1963 to 1988, reaching the rank of colonel. Considering that his education is just a B.Sc. degree from the Technion, his meteoric ascend in the industrial world after he left the army is odd, but then, his father provided all the “Vitamin P” (“protection” in Hebrew slang) that Yair needed. Bloomberg Businessweek defines him as “this person is connected to 11 Board Members in 11 different organizations across 16 different industries.” Consequently, the list of his business activity is long and complex. The most impressive detail is that Mr. Shamir served as the Chairman of IAI, Israel Aerospace between July 2005 and July 2011. In other words, he is a senior member of the Israeli industry.

However, looking at the details one discovers the similitude between the two. The secretiveness of Yair is remarkable, as well as his dealing with some of the most delicate industries of Israel. In essence the differences between father and son parallel the changes in the state along their lifetimes. The father dealt with the destruction of the Egyptian missiles program in the infamous Operation Damocles. This was a Mossad operation that in August 1962 targeted German scientists formerly employed in Nazi Germany’s rocket program, who were developing rockets for Egypt. The son dealt with the most delicate aerospace deals of Israel, which includes the covert supply of missiles to countries. It is easy to see how these two symbolize the spirit of Israel. What is its true nature of this spirit?

and the Unholy Devil

Before the foundation of the IDF, the Zionist paramilitary units were divided in three organizations: “Haganah,” belonging to the left, and the rightists Etzel and Lehi. Among them, they were bitter enemies. In the 1940s, Ben Gurion and Begin fought over arms and ammunition smuggled by the Irgun aboard the Altalena. Ben Gurion feared the creation of a Fifth Column within the IDF, loyal to Begin rather than to the chain of command. Thus, he issued an ultimatum to the ship. The taunt was refused, and the subsequent armed conflict between the two forces led to the Altalena sinking and the death of sixteen Irgun and three IDF men. Nothing else mattered to all involved; neither the ongoing war with Arab countries nor the shaky international position of Ben Gurion’s fiefdom. The only thing that counted was the Ben Gurion-Begin war. Even now, mentioning the event in Israeli circles is considered bad taste.

The situation between the Haganah and the Lehi was not better. Stern was persecuted by the British when Stern’s Lehi “contact,” Hisia Shapiro, brought a last message from the Haganah on February 12, 1942. The message included offering to house Stern for the duration of the war if he would give up his fight against the British; in reply, Stern declined the safe haven and suggested cooperation between Lehi and the Haganah in fighting the British. Unsurprisingly, he was detained two hours later. While under the custody of three armed men, he was shot dead. There is no way of proving the rumors, but they are credible and consistent with the Zionists’ behavior patterns. There is no way the British would have performed an extrajudicial killing of such a magnitude if they wouldn’t have been assured “industrial silence” by the main Zionist faction. When the Haganah received Stern’s decline, the first thing they did was to give away his address to his persecutors.

Lehi Flag

Lehi Flag
A spirit of suspicion and unfaithfulness left us yesterday, reminding us that injustice will not last. Not even the Zionist one.

10 Responses to In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Unholy Devil

  1. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 1, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

    A sinister portrait hanging in a a very long gallery of portraits of sinister Israeli leaders.

  2. fool me once... July 2, 2012 at 12:01 am #

    “…a 200 foot tunnel he had allegedly dug with a spoon.”
    The exit of the tunnel and the original digging implement have become a jewish pilgrimage site known as,
    Shamir’s Spoon.

    • Ariadna Theokopoulos July 2, 2012 at 12:10 am #

      From the summer of 46 to January 47, therefore in 6 months he dug a tunnel 200 ft long and presumably wide enough for him to crawl through, say 4 ft wide–he was puny. He dug 33 ft/month or more than 1ft/day in length and 4 ft in depth (and didn’t stop on Friday nights) each and every day, all with just a spoon.
      A magic spoon.
      What is it about spoons that attracts jews so much? See Uri Gellert.

      • fool me once... July 2, 2012 at 1:33 am #

        If he had timber to shutter and frame out the tunnel, surely he would have dug with a larger tool fashioned from the wood. There would have been at least 40 cube of earth to get rid of… nah it sounds like another bollox made up story or at least grossly exaggerated – funny and ridiculous at the same time.
        Uri Geller:
        “In November 2000, Geller sued video game company Nintendo for £60 million (the equivalent of US $100 million) over the Pokémon character “Kadabra” …Geller also claimed that the star on Kadabra’s forehead and the lightning patterns on its abdomen are symbolisms popular with the Waffen SS of Nazi Germany.”
        “On 11 February 2009, Geller purchased the uninhabited 100 yard-by-50 yard Lamb Island off the eastern coast of Scotland, previously known for its witch trials, and beaches that Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have described in his novel Treasure Island. Geller claims that buried on the island is Egyptian treasure, brought there by Scota, the half-sister of Tutankhamen 3,500 years ago and that he will find the treasure through dowsing. Geller also claimed to have strengthened the mystical powers of the island by burying there a crystal orb once belonging to Albert Einstein.”
        Enough said.

        • who_me July 2, 2012 at 2:26 am #

          “nah it sounds like another bollox made up story or at least grossly exaggerated”

          one should consider the source of the story:


          with those credentials, it is obvious the story is absolute truth and nothing but the truth. 😉

        • fool me once... July 25, 2013 at 11:26 pm #

          21 Jul 2013
          And now for Uri “jewish delusionist extandanaire” Geller’s, latest mis-direction;
          ” I ask the waiter to bring a spoon. I did my signature performance and I handed it to the Palestinian and it continued to bend in his hand. From that moment the brick wall broke down. They signed the agreement.”…
          “Geller, though, ostentatiously stonewalls like a magician refusing to reveal how he does his tricks. Did he really deploy his para-normalist powers to wipe floppy discs hand-couriered out of the Soviet embassy in Mexico City? He couldn’t possibly comment. How about the Entebbe raid – was that Geller knocking out radar over Africa so Israeli jets could fly into Uganda undetected? You might say that, Uri can neither confirm nor deny.
          For years Geller was apparently part of the CIA’s psychic opps programme whose brief was to organise mind-reading against the enemy. The programme was closed in 1995, but Geller will confirm that after 9/11 he got a call. “The only thing I can tell you is that I was reactivated.”

  3. who_me July 2, 2012 at 12:38 am #

    interesting read. a couple of things:

    “but then, his father provided all the “Vitamin P” (“protection” in Hebrew slang) that Yair needed.”

    according to ostrovsky, the mossad uses the term “horse” to describe this. someone with powerful connections that help them is said to have a powerful horse. i mention that because of the shamir mossad connections.

    “The only thing that counted was the Ben Gurion-Begin war.” & “The situation between the Haganah and the Lehi was not better.”

    if only these terrorists/gangsters had gone all out and killed each other off. imagine how much better the world would be now. zionist factions should be encourged to draw each other’s blood at every opportunity.

  4. who_me July 2, 2012 at 12:42 am #

    btw, the lehi flag is the standard “2 fingers up the rectum” symbol. curious. 😀

  5. etominusipi July 2, 2012 at 10:04 am #

    who_me wrote: btw, the lehi flag is the standard “2 fingers up the rectum” symbol. curious. 😀

    actually the hand shape represents a pistol aimed at G_d. the Almighty has been forced to follow the Zionist agenda in the same way the US has been blackmailed by the Likud threat to employ the Samson option. an earlier late 19th century version of the symbol had smoke issuing from the ‘barrel’ of the gun (the two extended ‘rectal’ fingers). the sight of this drove the by then already insane Frederick Nietzsche to dash off a telegram to Cosima Wagner containing the now-famous words “Gott ist tot”. few noticed G_d’s quiet reply in the personal column of the London Times asserting that “rumours of My death have been greatly exaggerated. one of those who did was a young cattle-rancher named Marco Twain Chesterton, who appropriated the phrase for use in establishing his reputation as a humorist. fearing that this development might adversely affect the hasbara operation to propagate the Protocols, Jacob Schiff insisted that the smoke be airbrushed out. thus was born Irgun. the rest, as they say, is h_story.

  6. etominusipi July 2, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    footnote to the above: i have this anecdote fron Dr Andrew Roth, who as a young medical intern assisted in the terminal care of the renowned Israeli diplomat and former Stern gang lieutenant Sir Jack Slapper (earlier known to MI6 and the US FBI as the Chicago-based gangster Jacob “Enigma” Schleppstein, whose monniker derived from his habit of riddling his opponents with machine-gun fire. Schleppstein is believed to be the middleman who provided ammunition for several of the hit squads employed in the [Jack] Kennedy assassination. to avoid being called before the Warren Commission Schleppstein underwent plastic surgery and adopted a westernised name. he was shipped to London in a stolen WWII U-boat, where for a time he served as vice-chairman of a major London discount house, and was rewarded with the title of ‘Licker of the Royal Arse’ – a high distinction, although a purely honorary post. together with his close friend (the then Chief Rabbi) Lord Emmanuel Lubovitcher he was active in setting up ‘Bright Stars’ a charity which funds gifted children from poor Jewish families in the East End of London to be educated in Hebrew-speaking universities in the rogue state of Israel).