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Horse tortured and killed mysteriously – Cornwall


StithianHorseKilled.jpgOn Sunday 8th of January, under cover of darkness. Someone entered a field near Stithians in Cornwall. They then drugged (it is believed) a 2 year old Stalion, and tortured it, cutting out its eyes, its penis and the mutilating it before killing it.

There were two other horses a mare and a fold in the field but they were unharmed.

I cannot imagine what would cause someone to carry out such a cowardly and barbaric act”

End Quote RSPCA spokeswoman

Sadly I can imagine what would cause this. ENVY. Here in Cornwall the division between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ is vast. Many places have become taken over by millionaires. Or are filled with holiday homes. People who don’t have to work, the Super Rich. They live in places like the picturesque Helford and have motorboats and horses to ride.

Then there are the ‘have-nots’ in Cornwall. People who need work but can not find any. Work and money are hard to come by in Cornwall and many working class people find it hard to get by and find work. Meanwhile they get to watch their wealthy neighbours indulging in their hobbies.

Its costs £6,875-£10,050 to keep one horse, approximately £16 000 to keep two horses.  Many people in Cornwall can not get even close to that income per year. Therefore the money being spent on those 3 horses was much more than a single people’s annual income in the South West. Therefore I am sad to conclude that the reason that horse was killed was because the person killing that horse was not worth as much as the horse itself. I am not trying to excuse this despicable act or condone it, but just place it in context. That’s how low our society has sunk and is sinking ever deeper. People end up being cast out by the system, end up sleeping rough. Its a tough world, and as the rich get richer, even more shocking crimes will manifest.




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