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Goldman Sachs cooked Greece books

Max talks about the continued under-regulation and lack of enforcement for wide-scale Banking fraud. He also talk about how Goldman Sachs undermined the economy of Greece to strip it of all its assets. The Banker elite it would seem are largely immune from prosecution or censure. One wonders how long the people will this endure this blatant criminality.

One Response to Goldman Sachs cooked Greece books

  1. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 7, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    Great cartoon by Enzo Apicella–Heracles having slain the Hydra –Merkel–is dragging her by the hair.
    If only! Greece is not Heracles today.
    It is the Hydra in fact–the incestuous family of robber-murderers, EU and the Goldman Sachses–who is in fact pulling Greece’s spent body by the hair.

    “One wonders how long the people will this endure this blatant criminality.”

    Who knows? The massive global propaganda that attributes the fall of Greece to to its people being fat and lazy and spoiled by ludicrously expensive social programs (like pensions…) and “business” as being beleaguered by high taxation and burdensome regulations has had an effect even among the poor. They eye each other with resentment, thinking: “Maybe it is so. Look at Ianis, look at the paunch on him. He worked for the municipality all his life, drew a nice salary, and now gets a pension, whereas I…”