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Global Jewish Mafia

In the article below, published by Strategic Culture Foundation, Wayne Madsen analyzes the Magnitsky Act recently signed into law by President Obama in its
historical perspective, revealing the vast reach of the Jewish mafia, backed by Jewish power, not only in bending US foreign policy to its will, but also the policies of European nations. Steering the US into a renewed cold war with Russia, the Jewish power is attempting to dictate by blackmail the policies of Russia as well.

U.S. Punitive Law Targets Russian Government

by Wayne Madsen

The imposition of a Cold war-style law by the United States, the Magnitsky Act, which bars certain Russian officials believed by the United States government to have been responsible for the death of Russian accountant-lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, is a replacement for the Jackson-Vanik Act, which anchored U.S.-Soviet relations to the granting of exit visas for Soviet Jews to move abroad.

The Magnitsky Act’s formal name, «Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012», links Magnitsky directly to the repeal of Jackson-Vanik, the latter a bill that gave the Israel Lobby virtual veto authority over every aspect of U.S.-Soviet relations: primarily trade but also disarmament; scientific, technical, and cultural exchanges; and airline landing rights…

Magnitsky’s chief sponsor in the Senate was Democratic Senator Benjamin Cardin from Maryland, a leading member of the pro-Israel caucus in Congress. A Magnitsky-type bill has been introduced in Canada by Liberal Party Member of Parliament Irwin Cotler, another leading pro-Israeli politician. Cardin and Cotler are both Jewish. A Magnitsky law has also been introduced in the British Parliament. The British sponsor is Conservative MP Dominic Raab, who is also Jewish. British co-sponsors include former foreign secretaries Malcolm Rifkind, Jack Straw, and David Miliband, all Jewish. The pattern and reasoning behind the Magnitsky legislation is clear.

The Magnitsky Act bans a list of Russian officials and businessmen from entering the United States or having American bank accounts or owning property in America. The Magnitsky list can also be extended to cover other Russian nationals and there have been calls by the neo-conservative Zionist power circles in Washington to extend the list to Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the Russian State Duma.

During the Cold War, the Israel Lobby wanted the United States to pressure the then-Soviet Union into granting Soviet Jews the right to emigrate from the Soviet Union to Israel – although many ultimately ended up in the United States directly or via Israel. It was pushed through by the Cold War hawk from Washington State, Senator Henry «Scoop» Jackson, whose senatorial office gave rise to such ardent anti-Soviet neo-conservative officials of the Ronald Reagan administration as Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and Douglas Feith. Although Jackson-Vanik applied to all non-market economies, it was specifically targeted against the emigration policies of the USSR, although, in 2005, Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman attempted to invoke provisions of the act against Ukraine for anti-Semitic acts in the country.

Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, Jackson-Vanik required the United States to annually certify Russia’s human rights record in order to enjoy another year of trade links with the United States.

Sergei Magnitsky, for whom the American act is named, was a lawyer for Firestone Duncan, a Moscow law firm that represented Hermitage Capital Management co-founded in 1996 by Edmond Safra and Bill Browder, the grandson of the General Secretary of the Communist Party USA Earl Browder. Hermitage was once Russia’s largest foreign portfolio hedge fund. Bill Browder previously worked at the Israel-connected Boston Consulting Group, which once employed Binyamin Netanyahu and Mitt Romney during the same time frame. Hermitage stood charged with violating Russian tax laws and Magnitsky was imprisoned for eleven months of pre-trial detention and died in a Moscow prison on November 16, 2009 after suffering what authorities described as a heart attack. Magnitsky was accused of helping Hermitage defraud Russian tax authorities.

Magnitsky used phantom companies, holding companies, and tax haven firms to hide money. The firms extended from Vladivostok in the Russian Far East to Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Cyprus, Belize, British Virgin Islands, United Kingdom, and Dubai.

One of the front companies, Prevezon Holdings, Ltd., was 99 percent owned by Israeli «businessman» Denis Katsyv, and 1 percent owned by Martash Investment Holdings Ltd. of the British Virgin Islands, also owned by Katsyv. The Katsyv family has been investigated for the bank laundering scandal involving Israel’s Bank Hapoalim and Mafia figure Lev Leviev. Although the Magnitsky Act applies to anyone who benefitted from Magnitsky’s death, Katsyv owns millions of dollars in New York real estate and conducts Hermitage-related business from Manhattan. The Magnitsky Act apparently has a «Jewish exception» clause.

Browder was expelled from Russia in 2005 as a national security threat. Hermitage co-founder, the wealthy Brazilian-Lebanese Jew Safra, died in 1999 as a result of a mysterious fire at his residence in Monte Carlo that was later ruled an arson attack.

Browder’s grandfather willingly testified against the activities of the American Communist Party before the Senator Joseph McCarthy Communist «witch hunt» hearings and in 1957 told CBS News’s Mike Wallace that «Getting thrown out of the Communist Party was the best thing that ever happened to me». In the 1950s, there were more FBI informants in the American Communist Party than there were loyal party members.

Only four Russians on the 60-person Magnitsky List were associated with the prison where Magnitsky died. The remainder includes prosecutors and investigators for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Bureau agents, officials of the tax and economic crimes office, judges, and officials from the Republic of Tatarstan. In fact, by putting some 56 Russian law enforcement and judicial authorities on a U.S. banishment list, the only beneficiary is the ubiquitous Russian-Israeli Mafia that has taken over most organized crime activity from Brooklyn to Tel Aviv and Miami to Los Angeles. Russian Jewish Mafiosi crime figures can now rest assured that they won’t have Russian federal law enforcement and tax authorities peeking into their business activities in the United States because the presence of those officials has been banned by President Barack Obama and Congress. Washington precipitously acted on behalf of Russian-Israeli crime figures who travel unchallenged between London, Washington, Tel Aviv, Geneva, and Riga.

Russia responded to the Magnitsky Act by passing its own retaliatory version that not only puts American officials on a banned list but prohibits the adoption of Russian children by American families. It should be pointed out that the Russian-Israeli Mafiosi has become instrumental in the trafficking of children for all sorts of purposes, including the legal but unsavory adoption industry and illegal sex slave trafficking and human organ harvesting. Some U.S. adoptions of Russian children, arranged through fly-by-night criminal enterprises, have resulted in cases of child abuse being committed by the American parents.

Wariness by other countries of America’s unsavory record on foreign adoptions has not only resulted in Russia implementing restrictions on U.S. adoptions but moves have been made by China, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Belarus, South Korea, Cambodia, Georgia, Romania, Philippines, Ukraine, Sierra Leone, and Thailand to restrict or ban foreign adoptions.

Even during the dark days of Jackson-Vanik, the Russian-Israeli Mafia attempted to game the system. Because of trade sanctions against the USSR and Eastern Europe, American-Israeli Mafiosi figures like fugitive businessman Marc Rich engaged in barter transactions with the Soviets. Barter had other business-oriented names such as «counter trade», «counter-purchase», «compensation», «reciprocal trading», and «parallel transactions». Trade sanctions were by-passed through such barter agreements using counter-trade experts employed by some of the world’s largest banks, including Citicorp, European American Bank, Credit Lyonnais, and Creditanstalt Bankverein. And Rich made a fortune in the counter-trade world by inking lucrative agreements with not only the Soviet Union but also trade sanctioned encumbered Islamic Revolutionary Iran and apartheid South Africa. President Clinton pardoned Rich in an eleventh hour decision before leaving the White House in 2001. Because of Rich’s friends in Tel Aviv, he came off the U.S. government’s criminal «list» as fast as he went on it. Such is the value of American «lists».

Not only are there calls for the U.S. to expand the Magnitsky List to include senior Russian government officials, including those responsible for the prosecution of billionaire tax evader Mikhail Khodorkovsky, another darling of the pro-Israeli Lobby in America, but there is a move for the European Union to adopt its own Magnitsky Act. Barring Russian law enforcement and tax agents from the EU would be yet another god send to the Russian-Israeli Mafia, which wants unfettered business opportunities throughout the EU, even up to Russia’s borders with the Baltic States, Poland, and Finland. The Magnitsky Act was crafted by the Israel Lobby in the United States for the exploitation of the Russian-Israeli Mafia’s illicit activities around the world, all aided and abetted by a criminally-run regime in Jerusalem. The recent indictment of Israeli-Moldovan ex-night club bouncer and former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is a testament to Israel’s undeniable underworld links.
Criminal organized crime = “the purest expression of the Jewish spirit”? So says an admiring Jewish columnist in the video below. I’ll take his word for it.

12 Responses to Global Jewish Mafia

  1. Blake January 7, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    It is believed the Russian mafia (all Jews) alone funnel over $50 billion into the USA each year. The loose cannon Israel’s illicit dealings needs to be pulled and the whole rancid web of deceit & corruption unraveled and exposed. Israel inc. is a stinky business with black tentacles grasping into the most vile rackets on Earth feeding its ugly maw. Perhaps, that is the darkest secret of the Criminal State. A full expose would do a world of good transforming opinion regarding the state of Israel.

  2. pgg804 January 8, 2013 at 5:35 am #

    Hitler prophesized that Israel would become a safe haven for Jewish criminals in “Mein Kampf.”

  3. fool me once... March 18, 2013 at 4:06 pm #

    I came across a book called “Guilty Women” by Richard Baxter a couple of years ago in a second hand book shop, first published in 1941, 92 pages long.
    Bear with me, as it’s a hand type;
    Chapter 2 page 17
    “But, before 1930, Hitler was himself a victim of a broken romance. At the time he was just an ordinary working man, living in Munich, with no pretensions to political power. He was in love with a German girl who worked in a factory. It was just the ordinary everyday love match. The couples spent their evenings as other couples did, happy and contented in their own simple pleasures. Neither had any money to waste. Hitler was scraping and saving every copper to buy the home they visualised.
    Then the blow fell. The fair Aryan girl met another man, a rich man who could offer her luxuries she had never dreamed of, jewels, furs, motor cars and a grand home with servants to wait upon her.
    She seized the chance offered. Adolf never saw her again. She was whisked away from Munich and installed in her new home, surrounded with every luxury. But there was no wedding ring. The man tired of the working girl, and sought attractions elsewhere. She was left, deserted, with two children to rear. The girl drifted slowly down the usual path, her children became the property of the state to be cared for in a hostel. And their father? He had no thought for them or for the girl he had brought to ruin.That affair changed the whole course of Hitler’s life. The man who had stolen his sweetheart was a JEW.
    From that moment, Hitler became a Jew-hater, and swore to be revenged upon the whole race of Israel.
    That one Jew has brought misery and desolation to hundreds and thousands of his own race. Hitler’s thirst for revenge will never be satisfied while a single Jew remains.
    It was soon after he had been jilted that Adolf Hitler became Jew-baiter. He gathered together a number of his male friends and instilled in them the same hatred and bitter feelings against all Jews that he himself entertained.
    Night after night the Jew-baiters, armed with cudgels, and “koshes” made from rubber tubing filled with lead, would go out in search of Jewish victims. Many were brutally beaten and left in lonely parts of the city. The police of Munich tried in vain to discover the culprits. Hitler was leader even then, cunning, crafty, ruthless.
    Listen to him a few years later when organising his brownshirts.
    Again it was in Munich where he spoke, again it was at a secret meeting.
    He was about to open his great campaign against the Jews.
    These are his exact words.
    “The Jews, vile parasites of nations, systematically violate our inexperienced young blond girls and destroy something the world cannot replace. The whole race must be exterminated if the world would progress and remain pure.”
    It was a woman’s act which turned Hitler into the creature he is to-day. He never recovered from the shock etc etc ”
    Richard Baxter 1941
    Scroll down half way.

  4. fool me once... March 18, 2013 at 11:15 pm #

    “1941 when propaganda was at its height.”
    The contents of my Guilty Women comment above was not meant to be read as historical fact. The book factually existed in 1941 and still does today. It has value as a historical reference to the propaganda of the time, to which the british people were exposed and with careful examination can reveal clues to truth’s.
    Yes, it is a ridiculous notion that happy go lucky and all round Mr nice guy, Adolf Hitler, could be transformed into a “jew-exterminating” dictator of Germany, all because he got jilted by his girlfriend when she was seduced by a rich jewish man.
    The whole book is propaganda about nazi’s, Hitler and, supposedly, the women in his life, written as fact;
    “In the writing of “Guilty Women” I have given verbatim extracts from some of the statements which Hitler made at his secret gatherings when outlining his programme for the domination of the world by the Nazis. In order to do this, I am indebted to information supplied to me by men who were present at some of these meetings and to secret documents to which I have been given access. Of the authenticity of those secret documents there is no possible doubt.”

    • pgg804 March 18, 2013 at 11:26 pm #

      I’m sorry I misinterpreted your post. Unfortunately I think there are still some people that would accept that as the reason Hitler attacked the Jews. To some people, if it’s in a book it must be true.

      • Deadbeat April 3, 2013 at 5:01 am #

        You shouldn’t be sorry pgg804, FMO never made clear that his post was intended to be an illustration of pro-Jewish propaganda. He just publishes a propagandist screed without ANY context. Such behavior is toxic disinformation and if you hadn’t challenged him he wouldn’t have clarified the “purpose” of his post.

        Baxter was a propagandist and FMO could have easily posted an excerpt of “Germany Must Die” and psychoanalyzed where Theodore Kaufman obtained his hateful and murderous desires.

        • fool me once... April 3, 2013 at 12:07 pm #

          “You shouldn’t be sorry pgg804”
          I think you misinterpreted the use of pgg804’s “sorry”. It wasn’t a grovelling apology, but what is known as common courtesy and was received as such.
          “FMO never made clear that his post was intended to be an illustration of pro-Jewish propaganda.”
          As the text was so loaded and ridiculous I didn’t think it was necessary but when pgg804 made clear otherwise, I concurred by giving the explanation that said;
          “The whole book is propaganda about nazi’s, Hitler and, supposedly, the women in his life, written as fact etc.”
          “if you hadn’t challenged him…”
          Hardly what I’d describe as a challenge! DB, you would do well to take a lesson or two from pgg804’s example of self-controlled discussion technique.
          “FMO could have easily posted an excerpt of “Germany Must Die” and psychoanalyzed where Theodore Kaufman obtained his hateful and murderous desires.”
          Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into that. The book you refer to… “Germany Must Perish”
          (FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES)…was compared to Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal by an unnamed Time reviewer, noting that, unlike Swift, Kaufman’s work was not satirical.

          DH did an article on J.Swift;

  5. David Holden March 19, 2013 at 1:58 am #

    it appears from Mein Kampf that Hitler underwent a drastic change of sentiment towards Jews, but it seems clear this was due to an intellectual realization, not a personal setback. the focus of his thought was always the destiny of the German national spirit, with which his sense of identification was very strong. he was a historically conscious being – a remarkable quality rare in politicians – and by a thorough analysis he realized the Austro-Hungarian Empire, despite the superficial attractions bestowed by tradition was doomed as a living political force because the centrifugal forces of various nationalisms could no longer be restrained. therefore he must by the logic of the situation be committed to a unification of the German people living within the Empire with those of the Fatherland. there is nothing megalomaniac about such an ideal. and there was not much wrong with his perception of international Joo-ish power being an enemy of the German spirit. as is evident from our own conjuncture.

    • pgg804 March 19, 2013 at 4:32 am #

      I wonder if the fact that he was from Austria-Hungary, a multi-national state with ethnic rivalries (that I think were exploited by the victorious allies at the end of WW I) formed his strong belief in a German-only state.

      I think Goebbels is more interesting regarding this. He was little, but he was interested in the beautiful Czech actress Lida who rejected him. David Irving went to Austria to interview her. Goebbels also had a Jewish girlfriend but they broke up. And then he had a German girlfriend who said something about Jews he didn’t like and he criticized her and said the statement was anti-semitic. But Irving writes that after he arrived in Berlin he saw things that changed his viewpoint completely. That is interesting.

      David Irving went to Moscow in 1992 to retrieve Goebbels diaries and wrote a book based on them. He is the only person that could read Goebbels’ shorthand. After reading his website the other day he explained why the Goebbels’ committed suicide and killed their children. I felt sad for Goebbels’ wife after reading it. He always had an eye on other ladies while they were married and she was upset by this. She was a beauty in her own right. Irving says she wanted to end her life. She didn’t want to explain how he treated her and was always looking for other women.

    • pgg804 March 19, 2013 at 4:37 am #

      I’m sorry. I took a closer look at your post. So I guess we’re thinking the same way how Hitler came to believe in a German-only state.

  6. David Holden March 19, 2013 at 2:02 am #

    Brilliant post Ariadna! Wayne Madsen’s analysis and David Duke’s exposition make a searing indictment.