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In Memoriam as We Await Ariel Sharon’s Descent into Death

[Ed note: Ariel Sharon died earlier today ~ Though this piece was written prior to his death it was felt it was worth sharing regardless of the timing.] “Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s organs are failing and he remains in critical condition Thursday, …” (, 01/02/2014). For six years, Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of the State […]

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mr fischbein


Mr Fischbein in 1968    MY LIFE IN BOKENWALD by Lenny Geldfarb * “Yes, I was born in Hampstead, and when I was a youth I unfortunately became addicted to the exercise of a shameful habit – the purchase of second-hand books. It began as an innocent mechanism of psychological compensation but grew to become […]

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A Gloss For The Perplexed

Recently one of deLiberation’s finest and most impassioned journalists, Stuart Littlewood, did us all a great service by printing and criticizing the British PM’s speech to a shadowy but influential Westminster lobby group which calls itself the UKHOEA (United Khazar Hell On Earth Association). The text of this speech, as published, did seem rather ghastly, […]

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