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AMIA Again

This remarkable documentary, well worth watching in its entirety, posted on Richard Edmondson’s blog, recapitulates and updates the story of the bombing of the Jewish cultural center, AMIA, in Buenos Aires in 1994.The case is still open, due to a meandering investigation thwarted from the beginning by the Israeli embassy through pressure, bribery and a […]

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Seize the moment!

Seize the moment! They want war? Then launch a full-blown BDS assault on Israel and its supporters There was never a better moment for the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement to mass-mobilise for a mega-campaign to not only impact more heavily on the lawless Israeli state but also unmask those in business and public […]

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Exit Agent Hague

…still making excuses for Israel William Hague has quit as British foreign secretary. We thought the fawning Zio, Miliband D, was bad enough but his successor, Hague, probably made us even more enemies around the world. Did he finally realise that his infatuation with the criminal state of Israel was incompatible with his position as […]

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Why are ISIL Takfiris obsessed with killing Shias?

ISIL terrorists move along beheading and chopping bodies, attempting to establish a Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, while the Muslim world shouts back “not in our name.” According to political analyst, Gordon Duff the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia is “waging a corporate war” on the entire Middle East by supporting the Takfiris. He argues […]

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Dead teenagers: Netanyahu’s criminal settlement policy put them in harm’s way

The BBC, that paragon of broadcasting, repeatedly fails to give the necessary context when reporting events in occupied Palestine. The rest of the mainstream media are equally guilty but we still tend to look to the BBC as the standard setter, a lofty position from which it has slid a long way recently. In its […]

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RAND Corporation Instructs Poroshenko

The RAND Corporation, founded in 1948 as a design research center, has dedicated itself since 1950 to  research in the field of ‘national security’ for the US government, becoming in effect the R(uin ) and A(nihilation) of N(ations ) by D(esign) corporation. A leaked  RAND memorandum furnishing Poroshenko and his oligarchocracy with a detailed plan for […]

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4-minute warning

limitations can be teachers. my current internet contract sets a rather stringent limit on how much video i can watch, and this has led me – despite my well-known technophobia – to study the optional HTML parameters start= and end= controlling which time-slice of a youtube video actually gets played. if you glance at the […]

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crimes against truth: 911

(the most egregious crimes against truth are the operations which deliberately implant a big lie in the minds of an entire population. a big lie is not usually an out-and-out fiction like the idea of Santa Claus. for it to be politically effective a big lie must be rooted in reality. an often-quoted aphorism is […]

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Re-Colonizing Nigeria: Division, Destruction and Plunder

Borno State, Nigeria, 14th April, 2014: 276 students were kidnapped from the Chibok Government Girls Secondary School, by ‘Boko Haram’. Intelligence reports from 2008 onwards, identify Boko Haram as a front for the Israeli Mossad. Infiltrated by the illegitimate state of Israel around 2008, Boko Haram is used to wage Jewry’s proxy war on Nigeria. […]

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9/11 and Ukraine: It’s All in the Family

Why 9-11 Truth is the Only Option by Christopher Bollyn May 13, 2014 America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. ― Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835 Wealth does not bring goodness, but goodness brings wealth and every other blessing, both to […]

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Jewish Oligarch Behind Ukrainian Massacres and Contract Killings

Kiev protégé allegedly behind Mariupol and Odessa massacres – leaked tapes Two explosive conversations have emerged as leaked tapes on the internet. In one, Kiev-appointed governor of Dnepropetrovsk (southeastern Ukraine) and Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky threatens ex-presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev who called for a referendum, telling him there is a million dollar contract on his head […]

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Ukrainians to Obama

A reporter asks a group of Ukrainians in the city of Kramatorsk (where by some accounts 39 people were killed today, most of them intentionally burned to death) what they think about Obama. They start gesticulating and talking all at the same time and I am sure they are trying to express their admiration and gratitude to […]

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You’re a Nazi! No, You’re a Nazi!

Like charity, propaganda begins at home. In the ongoing Ukrainian conflict with Russia facing US/NATO et al. both sides have reached for the time-tested ultimate accusation: “Nazi!” to convince their own constituencies first of the evil of their adversaries. While American (sort of) politicians have gone so far as to call Putin “Hitler,” Putin and […]

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Understanding the Ukraine Crisis and Its Players

Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine by Christopher Bollyn Video of Palm Sunday press conference with the legitimate President of the Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, who was ousted by violent gangs who seized power in Kiev in late February. The U.S. government was instrumental in the overthrow of the elected government in Kiev and now supports the […]

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RT Gives JP Heartburn

It is clear that RT has been giving the Jewish-owned American foreign policy and the Jewish-owned Western media a lot of heartburn, shredding their lies about Russia, Ukraine and Crimea to pieces and exposing their sinister involvement in the manufactured new color revolution leading to the coup d’etat step by step: the intercepted conversation of […]

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World War I : A Century of Carnage

ROTHSCHILD’S WAR “Corral the 50 wealthiest Jews and there would be no war”. Henry Ford Event: World War I (28th July 1914- 11th November 1918) Death toll: Approximately 37 million people. Outcome: Great Empires dismantled (i.e. Ottoman, Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian). Rothschild central bank becomes the dominant world power with Britain, the United States, Russia and […]

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Hail to the Saker!

It is not often that a new voice breaks through in the alternative media with as much distinction, originality, humanism, wide-ranging expertise, originality, depth of perception, fine analysis of the political iron fillings forming patterns around the large magnets, and above all honesty as that of the “Saker.” He calls his blog Vineyard of the […]

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Osama Bin Laden — the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Carlotta Gall has a lot of it. Gall. Maybe “gall” is the wrong word due to its pejorative connotation. Carlotta is a brave journalist reporting truthfully in the bastion of accurate reporting, NYT, not caring about appearances. So all her reports align with the neocon agenda, so be it! Let the chips fall where they […]

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Everything You Have Been Taught Is A Lie

Everything You Have Been Taught Is A Lie – 1942 At a mass meeting in Prague, 200,000 Czechs pledge loyalty to their homeland and to the German Reich. I read that somewhere a while ago and it has really made an impact on the way I think. This statement is continuously proven correct. Where do […]

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Lakhdar Brahimi — The Sayan of Levant and Beyond

Taking Stock of Lakhdar Brahimi by Thierry Meyssan Posing as a Third World activist, Lakhdar Brahimi was the last person to host the Vice-President of the Tricontinental, Mehdi Ben Barka, before the latter was mysteriously kidnapped and murdered. Following the independence of Algeria, he was successively secretary-general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to […]

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Venezuelan Bishops — Shepherds Siding with the Wolves

Venezuelan Bishops Request the Pope’s Intervention in the Crisis If the Permanent Committee of the Venezuelan Bishops ever made a critical statement about the massive illiteracy of the poor people in Venezuela before Chavez became president (which his program virtually wiped out), their dire poverty (which his Bolivarian revolution relieved in great part), or the […]

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Direct US Involvement in Destabilizing Ukraine

Correspondence of US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Андрей Споров (Andrey Sporaw) (sporaw) We have hacked e-mail correspondence of US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh and a high ranking official from Ukrainian General Staff Igor Protsyk. It appears that they are planning to conduct a series of attacks on Ukrainian military bases in […]

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The Brown Revolution of the Ukraine

I am a great fan of Kiev, an affable city of pleasing bourgeois character, with its plentiful small restaurants, clean tree-lined streets, and bonhomie of its beer gardens. A hundred years ago Kiev was predominantly a Russian resort, and some central areas have retained this flavour. Now Kiev is patrolled by armed thugs from the […]

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Israel: “If You Want a Thing Done Well, Do It Yourself”

“If You Want a Thing Done Well, Do It Yourself” is not a Jewish proverb, not one of the many pieces of wisdom by which Jews have enriched mankind. No, if that were true the percentage of Jews attracted to manual labor and indeed warfare (not the mongering but the participatory kind, especially when real […]

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Inflation Jacks Up the Price of Color Revolutions

US, EU Paying Ukrainean Rioters is the title of the Press TV report below  confirming the ‘bears do indeed sleep in the woods” type of claim that the US and EU are paying protesters, trying to start another color revolution in the  Ukraine. That is not what got my attention. It was the escalating cost of […]

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Israel and Its Killing Game in Theory and Practice

In the article below, Jeff Gates makes the case that no matter how criminal and irrational seeming his behaviors are, the criminal (in this case Israel) can be not only fully rational but a consummate strategist and tactician, dedicated to manipulating his “marks” to get them to accept, submit to, and even aid and abet […]

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Takfiris and Their Supporters

Takfiri terrorists strangulate Syrian girl in public This file photo (above) shows foreign-backed militants fighting in Syria A grisly video has emerged showing Takfiri terrorists operating in Syria strangulating a young girl in public. In the video, a Takfiri hooded executioner strangulates the young girl to death using a piece of metal wire in an […]

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Armageddon — the Gospel According to Netanyahu

Powerful indictment and warning by Mark Glenn. All can be rest assured that following Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the UN in September of 2012 featuring his now-infamous ‘bomb-about-to-go-boom’ cartoonery, that despite most of the world reacting with laughter at what took place, some however did not… Yes, in lieu of any official statements forthcoming, […]

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Jewish Neocons Stirring up Trouble in the Ukraine

Intercepted Phone Call Exposes Neocons’ Game in the Ukraine [Ed. Note: Both Victoria Nuland, the "Matze Maiden," and Jeffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador to the Ukraine, are Jewish neocons. Pyatt is unusually involved for an American ambassador in local ethnic ceremonies related to a very small minority, and yes, easy to guess which. As Wayne Madsen stated, "Pyatt’s […]

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Make 9/11 Truth Go Viral

Let’s Make 9/11 Truth Go Viral  Global Research is committed to Counter-propaganda. Forward this article far and wide. Post it on social media, cross-post it on blog sites and independent media. (GR Editor M. Ch.)   Introduction With polls consistently showing that approximately 50% of Canadians and Americans doubt the official story of 9/11, the […]

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Color Revolutions: Recipe From a Master Chef

Srdja Popovic  – an asset of NWO, branded as a “resistance strategist,” explains in the second video below how to engineer “revolutions” making a coup d’etat look like a popular revolution, although of course he uses Orwellian language to present his recipes and boasts about the ‘color revolutions’ he has helped to create. Touted by Liel Leibowitz […]

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Jews Don’t Tango. They Step on Your Feet. Hard.

Adrian Salbuchi is not one of the best political analysts/commentators “this side of the Atlantic” or one of the best “South American analysts/commentators.” He is simply one of the best political analysts/commentators in the world today. His in-depth chronology and analysis of the Israeli false flags in Argentina, aided and forcefully misrepresented in Argentina by […]

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Ecuador: False Flag/ Color Revolution Needed

There is so much that is wrong with Ecuador one doesn’t know where to start. First, under the commie leadership of Correa, Ecuador is following the dangerous Bolivarian Revolution pathway opened by that Venezuelan enemy of democracy, of the US, Western civilization and of Israel, the late Hugo Chavez. Correa apparently wants to assume Chavez’ […]

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Glenn Greenwald – the “Truth to Power” Purveyor by Appointment

Along with Sibel Edmonds, Scott Creighton has been tenacious in tracking, analyzing and debunking the MSM stories on Snowden and Glenn Greenwald, pointing out he glaring discrepancies between the “product” and its advertising claims. Describing himself as a courageous crusader for  transparency in government, freedom of information and journalism brave enough to “speak truth to […]

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Blood in Beirut

Beirut Blast Targets Middle East Stability by Finian Cunningham The deadly blast which hit the Lebanese capital on Friday is the latest attempt by enemies to destabilize the entire Middle East, an analyst writes in an article for the Press TV website. “The latest deadly attack in Lebanon’s capital Beirut is yet another desperate attempt […]

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Victoria Nuland — The Matze Maiden

[Ed. Note.  In this exposé of the neocon tentacles of power that control and direct US foreign policy, not only in the ME, but globally, Wayne Madsen focuses on Victoria Nuland (née Nudelman), whom he daubs the neocon "Doughnut Dolly." Further down he calls the "gifts" she distributes to protesters in various locakes of color revolutions […]

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US-Israel Special Relationship Timeline

“The US” is variously referred to by some to connote (1) the state/government and its (a) current polices and actions and/or (b) its historical track record; (2) the American people (a fluid entity whose demographics have changed dramatically over the past decades to the point where whites are no longer the majority); or (3) the […]

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10 Explosive U.S. Government Secrets About Israel

This article focuses on the intel gathered by America about Israel and its Nuclear/WMD proliferation… er sorry, ‘security endeavours’ and the ceaseless attempts by Jewish Power to control world affairs in the interests of Israel. It is because administrations and civil services can become infiltrated and corrupt that it is unacceptable to have governments deciding […]

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Jewish terror comes to Kenya...again.

Jew-Hadists in Kenya: The False Flag Unravelled

The Westgate shopping mall terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya was an Israeli false flag operation. Facts and Discrepancies ‘The Kenyan Daily Post’ ran an article on September 23rd exposing secret codes used by the terrorists: These code-words corresponded to the names of U.S Masonic Lodges located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The code Israel used to […]

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Al Qaeda: One for the Gipper

US Al Qaeda Founders/Controllers Exposed By Gordon Duff and Press TV Al-Qaeda was established under the authority of President Reagan on March 27, 1985, with National Security Directive 166. This established a broad cover organization that could engage in arms and financial transactions otherwise prohibited by US law.” High-level sources inside America’s intelligence community are […]

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Assad’s Culpability in Seven Easy Assumptions

On Voltaire net, Thierry Meyssan demonstrates cogently that the Syrian government did indeed use sarin gas against civilians (mostly children), a crime for which bombing Syria is justified. His argument hinges on accepting the seven assumptions he delineates below (emphasis added). In the preamble to his article Meyssan places the credibility of Assad’s culpability in […]

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9-11 Cop Breaks Silence

As we see how closely the US, Israelis, Saudis and al Qaeda work together in Syria, it might be worthwhile examining how they might have previously worked together to launch the so-called “War on Terror”. Many do not know that a group of Israelis—ostensibly set up to film the event before it happened—were arrested immediately […]

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Optimization of Lies about Syria

Optimization: A mathematical technique for finding a maximum or minimum value of a function of several variables subject to a set of constraints… or Making a system, or decision as functional and effective as possible by certain mathematical procedures (as finding the maximum of a function) ___________________________________________ Let the initial lie — that Assad is […]

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Against War on Syria

A series of tweets by Nicolas Maduro, on the subject of Syria and the proposed military strike by Imperialist forces. Nicolás Maduro is the President of Venezuela. Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi. From Venezuela we join the voices in the world opposing the plans for an imperial military intervention against the Syrian people!! This is […]

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America’s Enemies Within

No, not who you think, whoever that may be. Who does the most harm to the high regard in which America is held worldwide, except for Russia, and for Arab and European riffraff (not their governments), South American riffraff (and some of their governments) and worldwide riffraff? Who is undermining America’s foreign policy and attacking […]

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U.S. fascism reaches the breaking point

Barack Obama’s decision to go crawling to Congress for permission to launch a gratuitous attack on Syria is more than a humiliating climb-down. It could well signal the beginning of the end of the zionist imperial presidency. This might seem like a bold claim—Congress is, after all, still Israeli occupied territory, as Pat Buchanan famously […]

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911 Obama Bombs Syria

Everything I did, I did for my country Pol Pot, “Day of Reckoning” by Nate Thayer, in Far Eastern Economic Review (October 1997) Underestimating evil is dangerous. Every foolish declaration may be a distraction, a decoy aimed at tricking the saints. Yet, sometimes dumb statements are not an attempt to fool others. Sometimes, they accurately […]

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Evidence Indicates that Syrian Government Did Not Launch a Chemical Weapon Attack

By Washington’s Blog Global Research, August 24, 2013   CBS News reports that the U.S. is finalizing plans for war against Syria – and positioning ships to launch cruise missiles against the Syrian government – based on the claim that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its people. The last time the U.S. blamed […]

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