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Ecologic Documentary Trailer

A sneak trailer from a professional documentary about The Eco-Logic Recycling Centre in Cornwall and its struggle to survive. Since this was made Eco-Logic have been told that they have to leave the premises by the end of April, unless they can find financial support or alternative premises they will be closing for good.

Owen Braines is a wonderful character, an ex-heroin addict now a reformed eco-warrior, who has been for tea with the Queen. Owen is an anarchist and his vision has inspired and helped many in Cornwall. I salute him, the world needs more people like Owen. JB-)

One Response to Ecologic Documentary Trailer

  1. Somoe April 4, 2012 at 9:05 am #

    This man is a true visionary, and humanitarian (a real leader). Eco-logic is one of the best conceptions in our society. It’s a real shame that the government that sold itself to the people as one with concerns for the community uppermost on its agenda ‘The Big Society’, is completely failing the people and showing itself to be self-serving and allied to big corporations, threatening small businesses at the heart of our communities.

    Owen’s model at Eco-logic is an shining example of the way forward for not just Cornwall but the rest of our beleaguered country and as such deserves all the assistance we can muster.