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Double Standards of Mass Murder

A Virginia college, a Colorado high school, a Texas military base, an Arizona strip mall, a Colorado movie theatre – all have become part of a recurring event in America: mass murder.

Following the latest massacre Tom Mauser, the father of a 15-year-old victim at the Columbine High School slaughter in 1999, described the inescapable scene: “Hysterical victims fleeing in terror.

“Anguished mourners crying out for lost loved ones. Stunned citizens praying together at candlelight vigils.”

Aurora 12

Aurora Victims

In the latest very sad day, 12 people were killed and another 58 injured by a psychopath with nothing better to do than mimic a mad film shoot-up.

Colorado governor John Hickenlooper said about mass killer James Holmes: “This is a deeply troubled, twisted, delusional person.”

That description was too kind.

ak 47

ak 47

In addition to the carnage wrought by Holmes in the cinema with his AR-15 assault rifle, Glock pistols and shotgun, he wired his apartment to kill more with explosive booby-traps.

So far, no one has any idea what Holmes’ motive might have been.

Did he need to have a motive for this kind of killing spree?

If no motive can be discerned, where does a maniac like this get the idea for his bloodbath?

Holmes studied neuroscience at the University of California Riverside. His studies involved “temporal illusions and the cross between fantasy and reality”.

According to reports, Holmes told police when he was arrested in the rear parking lot of the theatre minutes after the rampage that he was “the Joker”.

The Joker has long been a fixture in Batman comics and was famously portrayed by Heath Ledger in 2008’s The Dark Knight, the predecessor to The Dark Knight Rises.

Holmes had few friends and barely any social life, instead spending hours indoors playing the video game Guitar Hero.

More Mass murders:

The total number of people dying in attacks that claimed four or more victims climbed from an average of 161 a year in the 1980s to 163 between 2006 and 2008, according to FBI statistics.

“The motive for mass murder is so different from the motivation for single-victim murders,” criminology professor Jack Levin told The Huffington Post.

“These are well-planned crimes… Mass killings don’t depend on any given time.”

Between 1980 and 2008, 4,685 people died in 965 mass-murders, a Scripps-Howard study of FBI data revealed.

Christopher Valen reported “mass murders have risen five per cent from 1,360 incidents in 2008 to 1,428 incidents in 2009, despite a decline of 7pc in homicide rates over that same period of time”

Presidential reaction:

President Barack Obama’s statement on the shootings in Colorado included this:

“Now, even as we learn how this happened and who’s responsible, we may never understand what leads anybody to terrorise their fellow human beings like this. Such violence, such evil is senseless.”

He didn’t say “their fellow Americans”; he said “their fellow human beings”. He added: “It’s beyond reason,” and he was right.

The president also said “we may never understand what leads anybody” to commit such senseless evil.

So Mr President, what leads you to order mass murder in Afghanistan or Iraq, Yemen or Libya?

Drone Attacks

Drone Attacks

Is it acceptable to order someone else to perform such a heinous act?

Or are you suggesting that mass murder of foreigners involves killing non-humans?

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8 Responses to Double Standards of Mass Murder

  1. who_me July 30, 2012 at 10:37 am #

    “So Mr President, what leads you to order mass murder in Afghanistan or Iraq, Yemen or Libya?”

    lack of anything even remotely resembling a soul. that’s what.

    and the usual loyalty to israel and jp, that goes hand in hand with a total lack of a soul.

  2. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 30, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

    This is the best article by Balles I’ve read on deLib so far.
    The drone lover says: “we may never understand what leads anybody to terrorise their fellow human beings like this. Such violence, such evil is senseless” without any apparent awareness that much of the world thinks the same about him.

  3. happeh July 30, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

    “If no motive can be discerned, where does a maniac like this get the idea for his bloodbath?”

    Could it be that watching mass slaughter in movies and television shows produced by Israelis has something to do with it?

    Could it be the celebratory way that torture and murder have been spoken of in the Israeli controlled press for the past 12 years?

    Could it be psychic control by Israelis because they needed an incident to stop coverage of Joe Arpaio declaring he had proved Obama’s birth certificate was a computer generated fake?

    All three are involved, but for an incident of this magnitude that goes so deeply against how people are socialized, I think it had to be psychic attack. Like they did to the man who they had murder Anna Lundh.

    That would explain the Colorado shooter’s psychiatric problems too. One of the signs of psychic attack is psychiatric problems as the victim, who has been taught all their lives that telepathy is not real, tries to deal with the foreign thoughts the psychic attack is putting in his mind.

  4. who_me August 1, 2012 at 6:18 am #

    another double standard laid out:

    “CNN’s Christiane Amanpour asked Sudan’s Ambassador to the UK, Abdullahi Alazreg on Monday whether Sudan will hand over the country’s president, Omar al-Bashir, who has been indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court. Alazreg responded by saying that Sudan is “willing to hand over whomever, provided that America hands over Bush and the United Kingdom hands over Blair.”

    I must say, it’s a fair point.”

  5. Ariadna Theokopoulos August 9, 2012 at 1:57 pm #

    Unprecedented cloud of secrecy created by judge’s total gag order:

    Is it because of who his daddy is?

  6. Roy Bard August 15, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

    Juan Cole on the top ten differences between white terrorists and others

    1. White terrorists are called “gunmen.” What does that even mean? A person with a gun? Wouldn’t that be, like, everyone in the US? Other terrorists are called, like, “terrorists.”

    2. White terrorists are “troubled loners.” Other terrorists are always suspected of being part of a global plot, even when they are obviously troubled loners.

    3. Doing a study on the danger of white terrorists at the Department of Homeland Security will get you sidelined by angry white Congressmen. Doing studies on other kinds of terrorists is a guaranteed promotion.

    4. The family of a white terrorist is interviewed, weeping as they wonder where he went wrong. The families of other terrorists are almost never interviewed.

    5. White terrorists are part of a “fringe.” Other terrorists are apparently mainstream.

    6. White terrorists are random events, like tornadoes. Other terrorists are long-running conspiracies.

    7. White terrorists are never called “white.” But other terrorists are given ethnic affiliations.

    8. Nobody thinks white terrorists are typical of white people. But other terrorists are considered paragons of their societies.

    9. White terrorists are alcoholics, addicts or mentally ill. Other terrorists are apparently clean-living and perfectly sane.

    10. There is nothing you can do about white terrorists. Gun control won’t stop them. No policy you could make, no government program, could possibly have an impact on them. But hundreds of billions of dollars must be spent on police and on the Department of Defense, and on TSA, which must virtually strip search 60 million people a year, to deal with other terrorists.

    Informed Comment, 9 August 2012

    • who_me August 15, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

      nice comparison. but he forgot 7b:

      it’s never mentioned if the terrorist is jewish, but always very prominantly mentioned if the victim of a terrorist was jewish.

    • Ariadna Theokopoulos August 15, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

      There is a very good reason for #4. The parents of those terrorists are confused people who talk nonsense and even claim– as it happened after 9/11 with about 4 of them– that their sons are alive and kicking and only lost their passports.