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Do Demons Exist, and if so, are they Zionists?


The above video was made in 2002. As you watch, consider that the woman in it passed away in December of last year. Consider also that her husband and other members of her family are convinced she was beset by demons at the time of her death. The woman’s name was Alynn Pike. The man with her in the video is her husband, Rev. Ted Pike, director of the National Prayer Network.

Ted Pike is a genuine Christian conservative who opposes U.S. support for Israel and who for some three decades or more has been trying to waken other Christians to the true nature of Israeli apartheid and the dangerously disproportionate power wielded by AIPAC. “Today a foreign government, Israel, operates the most powerful lobby in Congress,” Pike says—and he has not been shy about quoting the Talmud or the racist public statements of Israeli rabbis to prove his points.

“The Talmud provides a frightening scenario of events leading up to a Jewish world conquest,” he has stated.

There’s evidence that America’s evangelical Christians are beginning to heed Pike’s warnings. Criticism of Israel can now be found on a number of evangelical websites (here, here, here, here, here, and here, for instance ), while divestment/sanction resolutions have been taken up by both the Methodist and Presbyterian churches. None have passed as of yet, but they do, at least with regard to the Methodists, seem to keep getting re-introduced year after year. Clearly Israel is facing the prospect of crumbling support among evangelical Christians, who traditionally have been its largest and most influential supporters in America, and just as clearly, Pike has played a leading role in the erosion of this support. That’s why his account of his wife’s apparent struggle against demonic possession is a fascinating, and eerily bizarre, story for us to consider.

Light and Darkness

 If you were to ask me, “Do demons exist?”—the only really honest answer I can give you is, “I don’t know.” However, as I’ve observed events of the last ten or twelve years—the wars, the slaughter of millions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere, and the destruction of whole nations—it does seem clear there are people in the world today pushing evil agendas, people who very much seem to be in thrall to…something.

A number of accounts of demonic possession are supplied to us, of course, in the New Testament. So what is it possible for us, here in the 21st century, to make of these? Yes to be sure, such concepts as psychosis, bi-polar disorder, and epilepsy were unknown two thousand years ago. So does that mean we explain away each of these accounts as incidents of physical or mental illness? In each and every case? Possibly—but somehow I don’t think so.

Clearly there are things that cannot rationally be explained by science. Take the story of “Maria,” for instance. A migrant worker living in the U.S., Maria suffered a heart attack and was rushed to Harborview Hospital in Seattle, where she was placed on a coronary unit. A few days later, she suffered a complete cardiac arrest, but was quickly resuscitated. The next day, being visited by a critical care social worker at the hospital, Kimberly Clark, she gave an account of a rather bizarre-sounding experience she insisted she had undergone during the moments she was clinically dead. Clark listened with feigned but seemingly empathic respect as the patient told of rising to the ceiling and looking down upon herself as the medical staff attempted to revive her. As the out-of-body experience progressed, she found herself no longer in the hospital room, but rather outside the building, floating in the air, where she suddenly became distracted by an object resting on a ledge—oddly enough a tennis shoe. In great detail Maria described the shoe—the little toe had a worn place and one of its laces was tucked underneath the heel. Unsure herself whether what she had experienced was real—and in desperate need of knowing—Maria pleaded with the social worker to go and see. Still skeptical and with deep reservations, Clark went to look for the shoe, and on the north face of the building, on the hospital’s third floor…she found it. Resting on a ledge and visible from a window, the shoe was precisely as Maria had described it—worn toe with one lace tucked under the heel. The story is related by Dr. Kenneth Ring, professor emeritus of Psychology at the University of Connecticut and longtime researcher of near-death experiences, in a 2006 book in which he chronicles similar case histories from more than two decades of research in the field. The book, entitled Lessons from the Light, relates dozens of cases similar to Maria’s—stories typically involving an out-of-body experience like hers, often combined with a tunnel and light, encounters with deceased loved ones, etc. Some of Ring’s subjects have even spoken of coming into the presence of a spiritual entity—often described as bearing unconditional love toward them.

Clearly science has not provided a rational explanation for “veridical NDEs,” as Ring refers to them (i.e. near-death experiences that are corroborated by witnesses such as Clark)—and if there is a place of “Light” from which “lessons” such as this may come to us, does the opposite hold true? In the days of Jesus, approximately 40 years before the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, the Pharisees in Jerusalem wielded considerable power, roughly comparable, in certain respects, to that held by Jews in America today. Yes, technically speaking, they were not the supreme lords and rulers of Palestine, but the Romans afforded them considerable latitude in terms of trade and commerce, the collection of Temple taxes, and even to conduct trials and mete out punishments to those deemed to have violated Jewish law. While it’s true Jews were expelled from the city of Rome by Tiberius in 19 AD, this does not seem to have adversely impacted Jewish fortunes in Palestine. But beginning 40 years after the crucifixion of Christ, things changed dramatically. The other main Jewish sects, the Sadducees, Essenes, and Zealots, were wiped out in the revolts of 66 and 132 AD. The Pharisees alone managed to linger into the modern age, and it is they who compiled the Talmud, the Zohar, and other such heartwarming Jewish religious texts in existence today. In the book Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, by Israel Shahak, we find the following rather curious passage:

Other prayers or religious acts, as interpreted by the cabbalists, are designed to deceive various angels (imagined as minor deities with a measure of independence) or to propitiate Satan. At a certain point in the morning prayer, some verses in Aramaic (rather than the more usual Hebrew) are pronounced. This is supposed to be a means for tricking the angels who operate the gates through which prayers enter heaven and who have the power to block the prayers of the pious. The angels only understand Hebrew and are baffled by the Aramaic verses; being somewhat dull-witted (presumably they are far less clever than the cabbalists) they open the gates, and at this moment all the prayers, including those in Hebrew, get through. Or take another example: both before and after a meal, a pious Jew ritually washes his hands, uttering a special blessing. On one of these two occasions he is worshipping God, by promoting the divine union of Son and Daughter; but on the other he is worshipping Satan, who likes Jewish prayers and ritual acts so much that when he is offered a few of them it keeps him busy for a while and he forgets to pester the divine Daughter. Indeed, the cabbalists believe that some of the sacrifices burnt in the Temple were intended for Satan. For example, the seventy bullocks sacrificed during the seven days of the feast of Tabernacles, were supposedly offered to Satan in his capacity as ruler of all the Gentiles, in order to keep him too busy to interfere on the eighth day, when sacrifice is made to God. Many other examples of the same kind can be given.

The more we learn about Talmudic Judaism, the more it seems we run into funny little tidbits like this. A rather remarkable analysis of the Talmud in fact is provided in the video above. You’ll hear Alynn Pike say, “The Talmud’s homicidal hatred of Gentiles leaps from its pages.” She also tells us, “The Talmud clearly does more than dehumanize Palestinians. It dehumanizes Jews. The Talmud is the scalpel that makes the Mideast bleed.” All statements that would be hard to argue with.

Ted and Alynn Pike were married for 27 years. In the account below, Ted Pike tells the story of his wife’s battle with demons—their onset in 2005 and the effect it had on their lives. As he puts it, “In the years following, we had to adjust to literally thousands of supernatural sounds, visions, and physical intrusions into our lives.” Doubtless there will be many skeptics—people for whom curiosity is a thing generally to be avoided and whose psychological well-being depends on seeing the world as systematic and well-ordered for the most part. And that’s probably the majority. But others, the more alert, the more heedful, InshallahDeo volente, will read Pike’s story with an open mind.

While we are both Christians, Pike and I come from opposite ends of the political spectrum. He is a conservative, while my own political background is the far left. On a number of points, gay rights for instance, we would differ. Yet on the single most crucial issue facing the humanity today—Israel and its lobbies and the threat they pose to life on the planet—our views concur without exception, which at least to my way of thinking (he might disagree) makes the inferred differences between us pale in significance.

And finally…yes, as you read the article, you’ll find that the demons—if we can call them that—display, for their own part, rather pronounced Zionist sentiments. Pike believes their attacks, insofar as the timing and severity of them, were intentionally designed to disrupt his and his wife’s political mission.



My Wife Died a Martyr for God and Freedom

Elizabeth Alynn Pike—1955-2011

By Rev. Ted Pike

On Tuesday, December 6, 2011, my beautiful and saintly wife Alynn passed from this earth. She was beloved by countless viewers of our major videos and by her family.

It is with greatest reluctance that I reveal the bizarre circumstances of her death. I almost certainly will destroy my credibility with readers whose beliefs exclude the possibility of the supernatural. Yet I believe God wants Alynn’s story known. He especially wants the pro-Zionist church to know the powerful demonic forces with which they align themselves—powers of deception now increasingly unleashed on the world.  I have always taught and attempted to live according to the premise that the whole truth, no matter how incredible, will uphold those who speak it. I must honor my wife by speaking the whole truth about her courageous life and sudden recent death.

First, some background. In 1971, at age 25 after years of study of Bible prophecy, the Babylonian Talmud and the Jewish world revolutionary movement, I was ready to write my book, Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma. I felt compelled to warn the evangelical church against her unholy alliance with Judaism, with impeccable documentation and Christian love toward Jews. I went to a cabin in the mountains to begin writing.

That night, my sleep was shattered by violent, racing nightmares. I was woken at least a dozen times. I had never experienced such mental assault. This continued every night. Unable to write, I returned home. Soon after, I became so weak I couldn’t walk 500 feet without lying down. Over months I experienced dozens of “visitations” by tangible presences in the night, temporarily paralyzing me, overwhelming in their sensation of evil. For the next 12 years, I could do only light work for no more than 20 minutes—usually accomplishing only five hours of work per week. If I pushed myself, I would be flattened by immobilizing exhaustion for at least five days. I existed on five percent of my former energy.

In 1983-4, God strengthened me enough to write and publish my book. Advertised in The Spotlight, it became a bestseller in its genre. Its uncensored truth about Talmudic Judaism filled a void. My Other Israel video followed in 1987, selling 10,000 copies in the first several months. Both works jumpstarted more active inquiry into the threat of Jewish supremacism. I showed the world that one individual, protected by God and truth, could walk onto the thinnest ice and survive.

Meanwhile, I had met a stunningly beautiful, 28-year-old jewelry designer and Christian conservative activist, Alynn Dunham. She was highly intelligent and passionate about theology and the arts. In her, I found the love of my life. We married in 1984.

After the wedding, my new wifewho was formerly able to work fulltime, walk up to ten miles daily, jog, and practice piano several hours a day—suddenly became extremely weak. We tried to leave for our honeymoon road trip but only got a few miles; Alynn was so nauseous and exhausted she had to lie in the grass beside the road.

For the next 16 years, she experienced unexplainable and debilitating fatigue comparable to mine. During these years, she never wavered in her devotion to God and political freedom. She never shrank from the shameful libel of “anti-Semitism” hurled against a husband who criticized Jewish supremacism and Israel. She was not just willing to bear any shame or suffering for the sake of truth; she earnestly and repeatedly asked the Lord to let her sacrifice even more if that would produce spiritual power. She accepted her weakness as a badge of honor. Her will and life was laid before the cross of Christ.  She became one with me in opposition to the forces of darkness. Once, while asleep together I dreamed that an evil man was coming toward my neck, his hands about to strangle me. We awoke simultaneously. Alynn said she had a terrible nightmare, that an evil man was coming toward her neck, his hands about to strangle her.

In 2000 we were both strengthened at exactly the same time and began to warn against ADL’s hate crimes legislation through video. In 1987, Alynn had appeared in The Other Israel. In 2001 she cohosted Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians, then in 2002 Why the Mideast Bleeds and finally Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance in 2003. These unique videos have been viewed by at least a million people and continue to awaken the world to the dangers of Zionism.

In 2003 Alynn had a seizure while driving and was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. After recovery from eight and a half hours of brain surgery, she showed dramatically worsened symptoms of attention deficit disorder, bipolarity and nervous frailty. Yet she remained an intelligent, indispensable partner. She assisted not only our political efforts but, just as important to her, our biweekly Bible classes.  Many lessons were inspired by her spiritual insights; she contributed immeasurably to the growth in holiness and dedication of our entire church. Alynn led by example and through her unique and fierce appreciation of God and His ways. She rightly deserved her reputation as a person of exceptional love, eager to spend any amount of time and energy to help someone reach a new level of faith and devotion to Christ.

Arrival of the Demons

On a pleasant evening in the late summer of 2005, Alynn and I were strolling in a large rock quarry. Suddenly, she exclaimed that the sky was covered with what seemed like an aurora borealis of streaking, flashing lights, a living version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. She saw an enormous black silhouette of a man’s torso and head in the heavens. This was all invisible to me. As we left the quarry and drove home, the sky remained alive to Alynn with fantastic shapes and lights. The stars darted around; colored lights appeared on trees and moving cars and inside our own car.

In the years following, we had to adjust to literally thousands of supernatural sounds, visions and physical intrusions into our lives. To fully describe the strange activity would take a very long book. Some critics will legitimately suggest that what Alynn experienced was hallucinations after brain surgery. But she was not alone.  Here I will relate very largely what I witnessed following our visit to the quarry, only some of the phenomena we encountered and a small fraction of what Alynn experienced. In fact, Alynn told me that, to spare me, she did not relate much of what was happening to her. Continue reading


I would encourage people, even the skeptics, to go to Pike’s site and read the rest of his story. You’ll find also, in podcast form, comments from other family members and friends, whose accounts, if anything, are even more compelling than the written article. Included are the remarks of Aaron Daws, husband to Alynn’s niece, who tells of the night he first became convinced the demons were real:

We were having a bible study here, and I stayed downstairs with her during the bible study. And before the Bible study began, she was already being attacked. She was saying, “kill-kill, die-die”, and telling all the spiritual people to get out, that kind of thing. So we all—several people went down to pray for her, and I ended up staying down there with her during Bible study. After everyone left, Alynn went to lie down in the bedroom, and a couple of things happened that made me certainly not a skeptic at all anymore. I was very skeptical in the first place, but I certainly had no skepticism after this situation. I went to try and comfort her. I tried to go into the room. As soon as I opened the door, Alynn started to seize, and she looked like she was in extreme pain, like she couldn’t handle me being anywhere near her, and then she managed a very light whisper out of her own voice—and I could totally tell it was her—that just told me that “It hurts when you’re near me.” And she said, “I’m so sorry. It hurts when you’re near me.” And she was very hurt that I couldn’t be near her, but it was very obvious that she was in pain. So I left the room, and I closed the door, and I went to sit on the couch, and this is the part that really was very obvious because she couldn’t see me at all, in any way shape or form. I went to sit down on the couch and she started screaming, “Don’t sit there. Don’t sit there,” over and over again, “Don’t sit there. Don’t sit there,” and so I sat down anyway, and then she just started screaming, and I went ahead and sat there, and then I went to get up and go into the room, and was told, “Don’t stand up. Don’t come in here,” several expletives, so I didn’t go in. And then I went to start looking at Ted’s statue that he was working on, and she started screaming again—and she could not see me—“Don’t look at it. It’s ugly. Don’t look at it. It’s ugly,” screaming, and so—and that was the end of that part. A few minutes later after a little bit more screaming, she came out, and she was herself again. She started playing the piano. She was playing ‘O Christmas Tree’ on the piano. She asked me to sing with her, and she seemed basically normal after that. And so it was a very stark contrast as well as an incredibly creepy experience for me. She could not see me, and so it was certainly a point in time where I had no doubt that there were absolutely demons in that apartment.

The full 89 minute podcast is available on mp3 here and streaming audio here . Below is a two-part video paying tribute to Alynn Pike, and uploaded to YouTube by Pike’s organization, the National Prayer Network:

And another quite interesting NPN video, entitled “Zionism is Stumped,” is made by Rebecca Pike:


Additional items of interest:

Video of Ted Pike responding to being called a “lying anti-Semite”—an accusation made by Joe Farah, of the pro-Zionist website World Net Daily

Jeff Rense and Ted Pike discuss the “Talmudic Takeover” of America in a program dated January, 2011. Discussion includes discussion of the “blatant and outright racism in Israel that is coming to the attention of the world.”


And this final item of interest:

Macabre video of a Pulsa DeNura, or Kabbalistic cursing ceremony, held by a group of right-wing Jews in Israel. The target of the curse is not Alynn Pike, but Ariel Sharon. What’s interesting, however, is the timing. The ritualistic ceremony reportedly took place on the night of July 19, 2005—around, or in close proximity to, the arrival of the demons at the Pike home. The video was uploaded to YouTube on January 7, 2012, almost exactly one month after Alynn’s death, and just five days after the uploading of the two-part tribute to Alynn Pike embedded above.



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21 Responses to Do Demons Exist, and if so, are they Zionists?

  1. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 12, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

    I had an unpleasant sense of unease reading this article, which is an absolute first on anything I have read on RE exceptional site.
    At first, because it felt like being made to witness a stranger’s profoundly personal and intimate experience, like a voyeur (voyeuse).
    I understand that for Ted Pike sharing it is a way of continuing the mission he and his late wife set out for themselves, that of showing to as many people as possible the “demonic” nature of JP’s ceaseless and ruthless pursuit of global power.
    Nevertheless I don’t care what demonic incantations the Kabbalists use to enlist “dark forces” to further their aims, I refuse to ascribe them supernatural powers.
    I am unwilling to use “demonic” in relation to JP in any sense other than metaphorically. To do so moves the fight against it into the realm of incantations and hope for divine intervention alone.
    It also moves it away from informing as many people as possible about WHAT exactly and HOW JP affects millions of people’s lives negatively; you tell them about the demonic possession and they may just shrug despondently and say “It’s the work of the Devil.”
    I find it understandable that such a belief may arise from frustration with the lack of success in thwarting their aims and a way of excusing/explaining that failure. I fear that this may in fact discourage some from attempting to fight such ‘awesome supernatural forces.’
    It was not the Jewish prayer fooling the angels into propping the Heaven’s door open that gave the Jews their colossal financial power, which brought about their colossal political power. It was their relentless pursuit and monomaniacal focus on their goal.
    It was not the failure of the Goyim to counterpose an equally clever and stronger prayer to slam Heaven’s gate in the nose of their wicked prayer that made Israel a rogue nuclear power, a racist war-mongering state practicing ethnic cleansing and starving the Palestinians in Gaza with impunity.
    It was not the Goyim’s failure to hit the demonic prayer out of the heavenly ballpark that allowed JP to set up the Fed and acquire the control of the US finances. It was not the Devil who helped them do it.

    It was the Goyim themselves, ignorant, seduced by greed, intimidated by threats and incapable themselves to rise their heads above their sectarian, national, class, other special interest stalls in which they have penned themselves.
    Incapable of counterposing to “Is this good for the Jews?” the more powerful and ethically healthy: “Is this good for humanity?”
    “is this good for the Jews?”–“demonical” and tribal as it is– will continue to beat all the way to… the illegally breached heavenly gate all other calls that are clashing with each other, narrow and manipulated to splinter even further, like “is it good for the sunnis? For the shias? For the methodists? for the blacks/whites/ women, gays/Greeks/middle class?
    To expose he demonic mentality and ideology contained in the Talmud and in zionism does not require buying into it first.
    Does denying them demonic power make the rest of us –looking at the record–appear less than fit? Yes, and if so, why not do something about THAT?

    • fool me once... July 12, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

      “It also moves it away from informing as many people as possible about WHAT exactly and HOW JP affects millions of people’s lives negatively; you tell them about the demonic possession and they may just shrug despondently and say “It’s the work of the Devil.”
      Yeah, I had two JW’s come a knockin’ a couple of days ago with all the “Armageddon’s just round the next corner, any time now, it’s all foretold etc, etc” spiel. When I brought up JP with the elder, the customary glazed eye response followed, where as his young acolyte seemed well interested and subtly nodded in silent approval.
      “If it’s not in the Book it’s irrelevant” mantra would probably have some credence if the said Book were; genuine, had all the chapters (complete), wasn’t written by humans and you didn’t have to be literate to read and understand it.

  2. Jay Knott July 12, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    Brilliant response, Ariadna. I was thinking of responding, but realized I don’t have the tact to deal with such sensitive subjects.

    The truthers in Portland, Oregon, invited Ted Pike to give a talk about Jewish power and the Palestinian cause. The pc left went postal. He’s right-wing! He’s a Christian! He uses the word ‘sodomite’! Better let Palestinians die than have the Palestinian cause tainted by political incorrectness.

    The lefties don’t realise it, but their political correctness is just an expression of ethnic interests.

    • Ariadna Theokopoulos July 12, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

      “Brilliant response, Ariadna.”

      Coming from you that’s a downer for me, Jay. Perhaps you think that denying JP any “demonic” power is a first step towards rejecting the whole idea of ZPC. That dog don’t hunt, Jay.
      Your ” Jews just happen to have cornered the finances of the US because they are smarter and better at it ” is still on record. As is your insistence on calling people refusing to buy the BBC theory “truthers.”

      “I was thinking of responding, but realized I don’t have the tact to deal with such sensitive subjects.”

      So you are saying I, by posting first, enabled you? Have I, an unwitting bad angel, propped open the gate so your tact-lacking “dealing” can sneak in?

      I like the way you wrapped it all up with the pretty bow of “freedom-of-speech-above -all” defense of Pike against the bad pc leftists.

      • Jay Knott July 12, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

        If Jews have done what you claim, they must be smarter and better at it. How could that not be the case?

        I don’t defend Pike because of freedom of speech. It’s a bit more subtle than that. It’s “what are the criteria for Palestine solidarity in the US?”. I say ‘opposing J power’. The left say ‘being pc’.

        And I don’t regard denying demonic power as a “first step” toward rejecting the whole idea of the Zionist Power Configuration. I already reject the concept of Jewish power, and argue that the USA supports Israel because of, er, imperialism and stuff.

        • Blake July 12, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

          “If Jews have done what you claim, they must be smarter and better at it. How could that not be the case?”

          I can answer that but would probably sound “anti-Semite” and “nazi-like”. Let’s just say they have no moral compass and attain positions of power through deceit and dishonesty. They lack a conscience most goyim have. I am not speaking of goyim like Hagee, Gingrich, Bush, et al now

    • who_me July 13, 2012 at 1:40 am #

      Jay Knott

      “The pc left went postal.”

      pc as in pelvic cradle?

      “The lefties don’t realise it”

      you are quite obsessed with bashing leftwing philosophy. your “anti-zionism” is more based more upon an abject fear of leftwing philosophy than anything really associated with anti-zionist views. you actually have no clue what real leftism is. all of your experience is with confronting zionist psuedo-lefties with your own zionist pseudo right polemical counters. a tactical fight between 2 fascist zionist jewish factions.

      ie: rubbish

  3. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 12, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    “If Jews have done what you claim, they must be smarter and better at it. How could that not be the case?”

    Very revealing. The mentality inherent in the above statements implies that the game, the ONLY Game has a cardinal rule:
    “Whoever kills an robs the most wins.”
    In such a mentality “smarter” = most cunning and “better” = most ruthless.

    “And I don’t regard denying demonic power as a “first step” toward rejecting the whole idea of the Zionist Power Configuration. I already reject the concept of Jewish power, and argue that the USA supports Israel because of, er, imperialism and stuff.”

    Oops, you stepped on your argument there and fell flat on your face. You “accept” JP but insist that the US supports Israel because of “imperialism and stuff”?!?
    That’s just a poorly expressed chomskyite zioprop. If the US is just being “imperialist” in its selfish interest of supporting Israel then where does JP come in?
    Disappointing, Jay. I thought you’d last longer.
    I was wrong. You couldn’t have been a contender. It’s Palukaville zioprop.

    • Blake July 12, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

      Excellent retort

    • Jay Knott July 13, 2012 at 2:41 pm #

      Ariadna – when I said ‘imperialism and stuff’ I was being ironic. I’ve argued against Chomsky’s view on Israel/Palestine consistently for years:

      I’m sorry if ‘better’ means ‘more successful’ rather than ‘more moral’, but I didn’t design the universe.

      • Ariadna Theokopoulos July 13, 2012 at 5:30 pm #

        Unless and until you disavow this
        “I’m sorry if ‘better’ means ‘more successful’ rather than ‘more moral’, but I didn’t design the universe”
        saying it was “sarcasm” I shall assume it is what you mean and think. Therefore:

        1. When you say “the universe” is designed like that you must mean the Universe/the World, not the Jewish world.
        If so, the World according to you rewards “success” (robbing, stealing, controlling and dominating) and jews are better at it.
        But in the Universe/World, jews are but a tiny speck numerically so it comes back to the puzzle of their “superiority.” You mentioned in a past post or two that you believe they are indeed “superior” on the basis of some biologic and social darwinism that selected the most superior among the superior.
        It is inescapably a racist view but also false and misrepresenting history.
        You are in effect an exponent of jewish shtetl thinking in maintaining that the World is the jewish world. It does not look like that from the outside the Wall. At least not quite yet.

        2. The World is not and was not like that, although the jewish world is now working hard (with some victories) at turning it into a jewish world.
        There was never a case in history when a group/people/tribe established a durable supremacy over another by ruthlessness, greed and aggression alone. Barbarian invasions were only brief and temporary catastrophes like floods and earthquakes but a conquest and dominion always implied a superior force also coexistent with a culture, rightly or wrongly considered superior to the vanquished one.
        If we discount (as we must) the existence of a link between the Askenazim and the biblical jews, the jews sill have almost a MILLENIUM of history behind them but they seem to have fed themselves spiritually, morally, aesthetically, culturally for all those centuries on the Talmud alone. No culture. No written history. No chronicles. Not even shards of clay pottery like those left behind in profusion by the long-disappeared Etruscans. No literature. No Ghilgamesh, no odes, or poems. No architecture and no music. NOTHING.
        The Spartans (sometimes falsely compared to the Israelis) were warriors too (although not usurers and not interested in wealth accumulation) and they despised education for the young (except physical education), yet even they left important cultural vestiges behind.

        This would be the first case ever, that against the track record of history the World rewards noting but course and ruthless pillage and receives NOTHING in exchange. No, Jay, the World is not like that, has never been like that. “Success” was never before defined as narrowly and exclusively as tribal grabbing as much as you can, at all costs.
        The jews have been successful in spreading their view of the “world” and their definition of “success” to a few powerful countries in the Western world but from the first ‘shudders in the loins’ (apologies to Yates) of the western world, where zionism was engendered to the hatching of the jewish egg this “success” is but the blink of an eye in historic terms. Too soon to rejoice.
        The difference between the World–with all its faults, some great–and the jewish world is not a matter of quantitative change (cleverer thieves, greedier murderers).
        It is a leap into a totally different, ugly world, without any humanity left and certainly (despite Paul and Gilad’s previous remarks on the topic) without any beauty. A world that spells the end of humanity as we know it. Again, it is too soon to rejoice: the World may well shake off the ugly, unsustainable world usurping it.

  4. etominusipi July 12, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

    it sounds likely that the Pikes were victims of a technologically assisted psyop – psychoactive poisons, post-hypnotic suggestion, ultrasound etc. the particular manifestations of an induced hysteria are of no special interest, though would be expected to conform to aspects of the attacked person’s belief-system.

    Polanski’s film Rosemary’s Baby was an interesting expose of the methods of satanists/zionists. i.e. hidden agendas, and a collaboration of apparently respectable professionals. you know how few people would question the bona fides of someone who is dressed in a police uniform, even though the same people spend a good deal of time watching actors dressed as policemen on TV.

    no sphere of life is immune. Jay poses as some kind of post-Hegelian social philosopher. Inert Bile poses as a sort of blogospheric shape-shifter.

    ‘the price of freedom is eternal vigilance’

    metaphorically one could argue that Rosemary represents ‘Christian America’, and the demonically fathered baby is the New American Constitution whose outlines are now becoming plain for even the dullest to see if they would merely open their eyes.

  5. happeh July 12, 2012 at 6:42 pm #

    Shouldn’t the article be titled:

    “Opponents of Zionists sickened by psychic attack”?

    And shouldn’t it be made clear the people involved talk of “demons” instead of “psychic attack”, because their religious world view can only explain what happened in terms of “demonic attack”?

    If someone like yourself took the time to explain “psychic attack” to them and how it works, then they could more correctly describe what has happened to them.

    • Jonathon Blakeley July 12, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

      Interesting Bits, not the best article. There is no need to ascribe supernatural powers to Zionists their ideology is sufficient proof of their lack of ethics.

      Happeh I agree!!, demons and angels for me its all a bit old school, like witches and warlocks. Its all too Happy Potter perhaps we need to move beyond that if ware going to evolve to a higher state on consciousness.

      • who_me July 13, 2012 at 2:20 am #

        Jonathon Blakeley

        “its all a bit old school, like witches and warlocks. Its all too Happy Potter perhaps we need to move beyond that if ware going to evolve to a higher state on consciousness.”

        i dunno, witches aint so bad:

        kinda nice, actually. look up a docu “this is rockbitch”, apparently it was broadcast in the uk at one time. it’s not bad on representing the life.

        • who_me July 13, 2012 at 2:28 am #

          R.I.P. Jo

  6. Jonathon Blakeley July 12, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    Do Fairies exist and if so are they for Gay Marriage?

    • Ariadna Theokopoulos July 12, 2012 at 10:37 pm #

      Yes, they do exist but they are shady and sick characters. What’s behind the Tooth Fairy’s weird collection of kids’ fallen teeth? She PAYS for each one so what’s the angle? Are there other fairies doing a sinister traffik in children’s body parts? Who is really behind them?

      • Jonathon Blakeley July 13, 2012 at 1:06 am #

        Teeth are a great source of Stem cells.

        • Ariadna Theokopoulos July 13, 2012 at 1:47 am #

          So you have a channel of communication with them and they explained it to you…

  7. who_me July 13, 2012 at 1:07 am #

    if only the zionazis were supernatural beings with all sorts of supernatural, psychic powers. but instead, they are real beings with armies of suckers at their beck and call. chihuahuas, able to influence wolfhounds to do their dirty work.

    if only they were demons. i could learn a few magic spells and the disgusting things would implode. that would make things so much more simple.