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Divorce Israel, and Stop Fearing That Diplomacy With Iran Works

Reading mainstream media, it is hard not to marvel at the fact that over 70 years after WW II merged seamlessly into WW III, most media doesn’t provide relevant analysis of the main threats to democracy, free speech, or world peace. How little we learned from WW II, and how sad that, if we persist in our refusal to learn, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes. As pointed out by Gilad Atzmon, the same forces that bombed Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Korea and Vietnam are now bombing Afghanistan and Iraq, among others. This is why I say that WW II merged seamlessly into WW III. The USA is currently considered the only official “super power” in the world. Since the late 1890s, however, the Zionist movement has operated to establish itself on the world arena, through the mechanism of initially courting, later threatening, politicians of empires (or “super-powers”) and other strong nations, to pursue Zionist goals.

In that context, the question arises of how powerful the United States really is, and whether it is even a sovereign nation. Although the USA is a nominal democracy, its politics are not the outcome of a mandate given its government by US voters. Instead, a strong conglomerate of unrepresentative power is governing the USA, operating behind closed doors, out of sight of the voters that put the government in power to ostensibly represent the public. Therefore, it is about time we have some relevant analysis of US policies; US affiliations; and whom US politicians represent. This takes us to the topic of Israel, which is purportedly the United States’ closest “ally,” and also the main force behind the current push for attacking yet another country in the “Middle East” – Iran.

I am proposing that we demand answers to some pressing questions (see below) that mainstream, and even most “alternative,” media veer away from. I am looking for ways in which I and other regular people in the US can work towards convincing the US government to cease further escalation of the world conflict we are in. I have concluded that we can all contribute by insisting on answers to questions that we frame based on our own perceptions, rather than based on sound-bites rammed down our throats with flag poles, at the top of which fly US and Israeli flags in mindless concert.

The supposed “alliance” between the USA and Israel has me asking in naked wonder: Are there examples of Israeli conduct that indicates that it respects that USA? Has Israel ever conducted policies that could potentially have led to peaceful coexistence with its neighbors in general, and Palestine in particular? Does Israeli national ideology make peaceful co-existence possible?

As for the USA, I believe that the sooner people realize that the USA has more in common with Palestine than with Israel, the sooner we could all be on a path to peaceful coexistence. As Gilad Atzmon and others have pointed out, “we are all Palestinians.” In the USA, it is more a question of occupied minds than of occupied territory, but the USA is on a slippery slope there. Could it be that one reason the USA has such trouble recovering from its long struggle with yellow fever and subservience to Israel/Zionism is the shame of dealing with the fact that, unlike Palestine, the USA is under occupation as a result of its failure to resist? Is it too painful to face the fact that perhaps the land of the free and the home of the brave is neither? For while we can blame Zionism for trying to corrupt the USA, there is only the USA to blame for the success of the mission.

With mainstream media as a weapon of mass deception, and the integrity of mainstream journalism at vanishing point, it is hardly surprising that media reports we receive on the state of the world are mendacious enough to threaten to sway the US public into supporting another illegal war, this time on Iran. All is not lost, however, for there is the heart warming trend that more and more people, not least the young, are starting to see that something simply does not add up in the “information” we receive from our media. Also phenomenally encouraging is the spiritual awakening of cross-national solidarity movements throughout the world. Therefore, things can and will change, not only in the USA.

By popular demand of The People – person by person, country by country, we need to peacefully dismantle oppression, and institute democracy. I suggest we all start by speaking up. To that end, I direct the following 44 questions to press and other media; government representatives; community groups, and so on:

  1. Does Iran have nuclear weapons?
  2. Does Israel have nuclear weapons?
  3. What does Israel intend to use its nuclear weapons for (here, I am assuming it is not going to nuke its own back yard)?
  4. What foreign nation/s does Iran threaten?
  5. What foreign nation/s does Israel threaten?
  6. Has Iran ever attacked, or threatened to attack, the USA?
  7. Has Israel ever attacked the USA with military force?
  8. What happened to the USS Liberty?
  9. What is Israel’s relation to India, which is also a nuclear power, within which strong forces have an interest in joining its Hindutva movement to the Zionist goal of war on Islam and the Arab world?
  10. Why has Zionism been so successful in exploiting Jewish fears for purposes other than achieving safety for those whom it purports to represent, when Jews who are true to Judaism, such as the Torah Jews, offer a message of love, respect, coexistence, and dignity for all? (The Rabbinical Torah Jews consider the occupation of Palestine contrary to the will of The Almighty, while the official position of the state of Israel has always been to ignore Rabbinical interpretations of the Bible, and instead interpret passages about killing and looting as carte blanche to ravage the land for the sole benefit of “the Jews.”)
  11. Judaism is a religion, right?
  12. Why do so many people who identify as Jewish still believe that Zionism represents them, and helps them achieve security (or that Zionist ideology has the potential of securing peace)?
  13. Is Zionism anybody’s friend? Or does Zionism constitute the most all-encompassing form of anti-Semitism, in that it is in fact double-barreled anti-Semitism, for the following reasons: 1/ It seeks to eliminate an entire Semitic population, the Palestinians. 2/ Even assuming one accepts the semantic ploy that refers to Jews as Semites (which most Jews are not,) aren’t Zionist politics the biggest danger to the safety of Jews anywhere? In other words, is it not imperative to stop Zionism in its tracks, for the purpose of everybody’s chance of freedom?
  14. Is there an ideological difference between Aryan National Socialism and Jewistic National Socialism? By “Jewistic” I mean ideologies that base political entitlement on Jewish identity.
  15. Why is it that, when talking about the 20th century – which was riddled with holocausts – we refer to the German holocaust as The Holocaust?
  16. When we analyze the Crusades, the Roman, Ottoman, British, German, US Empires, or any other forces that have committed wide-scale atrocities, we are permitted, in fact expected, to look into the cultures that fostered them. Yet, when analyzing Israeli/Zionist atrocities, we are expected to self-censor, if and when we have any impulse to look into the Jewishness that Israel/Zionism purports to protect. Even when, in the words of the eloquent Gilad Atzmon, the tanks and planes that commit the war crimes are decorated with Jewish symbols. Why?
  17. Has any Israeli government wanted Peace (as opposed to a bigger Piece)?
  18. Do a majority of Israeli voters want peace? If so, what type of peace would they have in mind (here, we should remember that only about 6% of the Jewish population in Israel did not support “Operation Cast Lead”)?
  19. What borders, if any, does Israel/Zionism have in mind for “the Jewish state”?
  20. What position does Israel/Zionism feel it would be appropriate to settle for (no pun intended) outside any formal borders of Israel?
  21. Is it possible for Israel/Zionism to feel “secure” in a world where other countries have equal power and rights? Stated differently, is Zionism compatible with peaceful coexistence between equals?
  22. If a nation occupies another nation, should the occupied people have voting rights in the occupying country?
  23. What does democracy mean? (Here, one should discuss a span that starts with, on the one hand: A lynch mob, which is certainly a democracy in the sense of numbers. On the other hand: A nation in which the people who are governed have power to form the system that governs them. In other words, a show of casting a “vote” for one of few candidates, none of who represent the interests of the voter, would not qualify as a democracy. This is especially true in the USA, in which candidates are effectively permitted by the Supreme Court (although this could be challenged on constitutional grounds) to sell their mandate to a higher bidder (be it a “corporate person” or a foreign nation.) Moreover, the “two party system” is an insult to any serious proponent of choice. Not least because the “two parties” are inching so close to each other that, for all practical purposes, they constitute nuances of a one-party system, leaving voters the “choice” of checking “yes” or “no” to very narrowly framed questions. A further blatant humiliation to US voters is the “choice” of pledging allegiance to Israel either for “Democratic” or “Republican” reasons. The only current exception is Republican candidate Ron Paul, whom the press is largely ignoring.
  24. Is it possible to have a “Jewish democracy”?
  25. Is it possible to have a “White democracy”?
  26. Does the US government want Peace?
  27. For every Jewistic Zionist in the USA, how many Christianic Zionists are there? By “Christianic” I mean ideologies that base political entitlement on Christian identity.
  28. Do Christianic Zionists want Peace? If so, do they wish to achieve it with or without stepping up WW III first? Stated differently, do they think it is necessary to “redeem Israel” for “the Jews” as a prerequisite to the second coming of The Lord?
  29. Do a majority of US voters want peace?
  30. Do a majority of World voters want peace?
  31. What are the fastest growing industries in the USA?
  32. What corporations and other entities have the largest stakes in the for profit prison industry of the USA? Here, I refer to detention centers on US territory, as well as throughout the world.
  33. What corporations and other entities have the largest stakes in the for profit “security” industry in the USA? I am referring here to extensive background and credit history checks for the purpose of conducting the simplest transactions; fingerprinting to be allowed entry into amusement parks or renting cars, etc.; cameras covering most public spaces and places of business, and so on.
  34. What is the “Department of Homeland Security” in the USA fashioned upon?
  35. Does International Law – from which nation states derive their legitimacy – permit one country to send its drones or live agents into another country to murder people?
  36. Is the term “targeted killing” meant to imply that murder is legitimate if it is intentional and directed at a specific person?
  37. Why has the word “sayanim” been deleted from Wikipedia? And why does my spell-check indicate that the word doesn’t exist?
  38. Why does mainstream media refer to incitement to genocide as “lobbying,” when done by Israel and its networks? (Here I am assuming that “lobbying” does not refer to collective national lobotomy.) The Genocide Convention of 1951 defines “genocide” asacts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group, and forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.” The Convention also declares that there shall be no immunity. Persons committing this crime shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals. It is a sad irony that the USA and Israel are both parties to the Genocide Convention…
  39. Is incitement to genocide an expression of free speech? In the same vein, does the “freedom of movement” include the right to move a bullet or a kitchen knife into another person?
  40. Why the separate standard for Israel and its networks, when others are criminalized for “Holocaust Denial” if they delve into analysis of the German holocaust?
  41. Assuming, as I do, that nobody wants to see a repeat of how the Weimar republic ended, is it not in everybody’s interest to look very closely at all the causes and dynamics that led to the German holocaust? We need people like Gilad Atzmon, and we need him now. Lest history repeat itself. Again.
  42. Why do we repeatedly hear that the US and its “ally,” Israel, are both afraid that diplomacy with Iran won’t work, when it couldn’t be clearer to a random passer-by that the real Terror lies in the knowledge (as opposed to the mere fear) that diplomacy with Iran – who has never attacked another country – has worked and will continue to work. In fact, Iran’s self-restraint towards foreign nations (unfortunately not towards its own people) is quite remarkable.
  43. What Terror Group or Nation is the strongest, most long term, and most immediate threat to the USA, as well as to democracy and free speech anywhere?
  44. Is it time to divorce Israel?


4 Responses to Divorce Israel, and Stop Fearing That Diplomacy With Iran Works

  1. aemathisphd March 28, 2012 at 2:18 am #

    “Assuming, as I do, that nobody wants to see a repeat of how the Weimar republic ended, is it not in everybody’s interest to look very closely at all the causes and dynamics that led to the German holocaust?”

    Please elaborate.

    • fool me once... March 28, 2012 at 3:19 am #

      “Please elaborate”
      Elaborate Mathis.

  2. ariadna March 28, 2012 at 2:28 am #

    Paul summed it up best: “on and on, round and round.”

  3. pgg804 April 24, 2012 at 6:39 am #

    I thought this would be a good place to re-post Chaim Weizmann’s letter to Winston Churchill in which he asserts that US Jews can drag the USA into WW2, just as they did in WW1. Weizmann was the leader of the World Zionist Organization when he wrote the letter and he subsequently became the first president of Israel. In Weizmann’s words “It has been repeatedly acknowledged by British Statesmen that it was the Jews who, in the last war, effectively helped to tip the scales in America in favour of Great Britain. They are keen to do it – and may do it – again”.

    The article also contains the original facsimile of the September 10, 1941 letter that you can download and view for yourself. We can thank the historian David Irving for this find. He was given access to Weizmann’s papers years ago and made copies of the years of correspondence between the two men.

    I also want to stress the importance of having a copy of the actual letter. With the years of lies that were driven into peoples heads that became “facts’ merely by repeating the lie over and over again (soap and lampshades made from Jews fat and skin, four million murdered at Auschwitz and the deliberate mistranslation and lie that President Ahmadinejad of Iran threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”), here we have actual proof.

    And in this speech Hitler replied to Chaim Weizmann: