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Diagram of Thought on Palestine

Go to Diagramatic Thinking re Palestine for a diagrammatic representation of how I view current thinking on Palestine, and my own path through it. At times this becomes pretty convoluted, with polar opposite decisions at certain points. In this respect it is nothing like a flow chart, but more a representation of how the mind (well at least my mind) moves forward through opposite polarities, much as Hegel said it did. I’d be very interested to hear the views of visitors to this site, and in particular to know what you think I’ve missed, or where I’ve gone wrong.



2 Responses to Diagram of Thought on Palestine

  1. ariadna February 13, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

    All my admiration for this graphic summary, which is more than a “path of thought.” It is the diagram of the labyrinth in whose center lies the beast to be vanquished.
    Despite my name I don’t have the ball of thread either.
    What strikes me in looking at it though its the lack of Palestinian involvement.
    Not Palestinians without (like Abounimah) but those within. I realize they are powerless and trapped inside the maze. I also have been amazed more than once by the combination of their ‘sumoud’ and optimism, as if they hope that eventually zionists will spontaneously sprout a conscience, become human, the world at large will openly support them, and their day of justice will finally arrive.
    Perhaps then some of us, people like us, should move in!
    Not like ‘settlers,’ but like long-term visitors. Peaceful activists INSIDE Palestine.
    Not like those fake NGOs, not exactly like human shields, and not like orientalists arriving to teach the backward locals.
    Like people who have nearly exhausted the other paths leading from outside to the center of the labyrinth and are willing to try some ‘lateral thinking’ and start from inside.

  2. Francis Clark-Lowes February 13, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    Thanks Ariadna. But oh dear, I thought you might have that ball of thread so that you could help me find my way through this maze better than I have done.