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Cyber Wars – CIA gets Hacked.

cheshirecatJanuary 15th 2012, the CIA website is hacked by f3nix_h4ck3r. A release on Pastebin called ‘usuario & Pass Cia’ shows the CIA’s main website being probed, or penetration testing as it is euphemistically called. Penetration testing is where a website is scanned for vulnerabilities. Hackers don’t actually do this themselves, well very rarely. They have special software designed for “penetration testing” that stealthily sniffs, scans and probes websites and ports of computers, looking for back-doors to get inside websites.

Then these programs deliver reports to the hackers detailing everything the software probes have discovered. It is then, that the hackers start to devise strategies based on those recon missions. Often the hacktivists paste their reports anonymously on public websites so that others can analyse the reports and find exploits and break in or disrupt websites.

After weeks of sustained attacks on any websites with anything do with Israel, the targets  of hack attacks is now shifting again. The latest to be targeted by hackers are the CIA, FBI and the White House no less. A few hackers can be a problem, but what about an army of Internet hackers growing virally, attacking the old guard and championing Truth, Justice and Peace? That is what is happening on the internet, on websites like Pastebin. The era of cyber-wars has begun. But it looks like a cyber civil & global war, where the oppressed peoples are attacking the establishment elite.

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