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Hezbollah Is Confusing Us

Hezbollah Islamic Terrorists Are Confusing The Hezbollah soldiers are Islamic terrorists. That’s a given. We got it. They pose an existential threat to Israel and also to Jews and Christians alike. The photos below, posted by the Saker (h/t Lasse), are likely to be confusing to some of us. That is why it is very […]

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ISIS is Furious with Truthers

ISIS is Furious with Truthers

ISIS is furious with ‘truthers,‘ “deniers’ or whatever one wishes to call the conspiracy theorists who refuse to believe the definitive findings of the official 9/11 Commission Report. The conspiracy theorists should take note because ISIS is not to be trifled with. ISIS is a serious organization. It is in fact a state, the Islamic State. […]

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Global Telecommunication Channel Hijacked

Incredible : He highjacks a Chain of Global Telecommunications with Just an Atari and a 56 K Connection  After the successful feat of making three colossal towers of reinforced concrete and steel crumble by highjacking three commercial aircrafts with nothing but boxcutters on 9/11 2001, the obscure islamo-bamboulas have struck again. In fact, the TV5 Monde channel has been the target of a […]

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3 stooges

Barb Weir interviews moderate Syrian rebels

Global Research reports that the US will send up to 1000 troops to train moderate Syrian rebels at centers in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar this spring.  After much searching, I was able to find three of the prospective trainees and talk to them about their expectations. Barb Weir:   Do you know where the […]

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Soros the Satirist

George Soros gave a speech on Ukraine recently that is one of the best political satires ever, all the more so for being a deadpan delivery by a man who modestly does not see himself as a satirist but merely as a cynical, lying predator. His description of Ukraine will be judged in the fullness […]

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Cartoons & Freedom of Speech

Here is to freedom of speech: cartoons and art on topics somehow neglected by the mainstream media. The French satirize the claim of Charlie’s alleged defense of freedom of speech by spelling Liberté d’Expression as Liberté d’Expres Sion” (in French “Sion” is Zion), as in this cartoon in which the demonstrator’s sign says “I submit” […]

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Python Chased Away with a "Leafy Branch"

Python Chased Away with a “Leafy Branch”

Somewhere in southwest India a dog was trapped in the death grip of a python. The python relies on its enormous constriction power to subdue and suffocate its victims before devouring them The dog was minutes away from death when the owner arrived and started hitting the python with a leafy branch. The annoyance was enough for […]

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Tribes of the World

Tribes of the World

Tribes of the World Minus One I am not Jewish but I am an educated and sensitive non-Jew, aware of the never-ending plight of Jews worldwide, mindful of Jewish sensitivities and alert to any manifestations of anti-semitism, be they subtle, like omission and silence. I hope and trust that the new head of ADL will […]

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Humanitarian Dome

Israel’s Humanitarian Dome Against Norwegian Doctors

“Surgical strike” took on new meaning today as Israel defended itself against a Norwegian surgeon. “Dr. Mads Gilbert is a danger to the state of Israel,” said a senior government official with a comb-over and an impeccable American accent, who prefers to remain anonymous.  “It’s bad enough for someone to save Palestinian lives at the […]

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Hurricane Quenelle Has Been Cancelled

Attention people of Réunion, Comores, Maurice, Madagascar and Zimbabwe: Hurricane Quenelle, scheduled for the 2014-2015 hurricane season has been cancelled! It will not be permitted to do its thing under this name, but only following rebaptazing and acquiring a name that is not offensive to Jewish sensitivities. Hurricanes, according to custom, are named two years […]

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Islam Must Be Reformed!

Transcript of the Address to the Select Committee of (redacted) by (redacted). Mr. President, Mr. Treasurer and Esteemed Colleagues, I stand before you not as an executive but as a colleague willing to speak frankly. Mistakes have been made that must be acknowledged and confusion seems to have slowed our progress, which must be eliminated […]

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Information War for Ukraine

Information War for Ukraine

“The information war for Ukraine” – Satirical German program “Die Anstalt” (Eng Subs) German comedians once again satirize the lies insistently propagated by the German MSM about the tragedy that is Ukraine in a sketch that has the audience laughing and applauding. The image of the Novorussiya defense fighter showing a toy picked up in […]

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