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Lies, Fake News and War Mongering

The MSM is now 24/7 in the business of publishing lies, fake news and actively war mongering, having converting itself into an arm of the intelligence agencies, in the US primarily of the CIA. The lies are also passed as a hand-me-down, as seen in the reporting on 9/11, to BBC. What continues to amaze is […]

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Jackie Walker

Jackie Walker vs The Zionist Inquisition

And how self-appointed ‘thought police’ made Methodists cancel a Palestinian fund–raising supper “Sacked Momentum vice-chair to address anti-Israel event… Labour activist Jackie Walker to speak at Palestine Solidarity Campaign church event,” screeched a Jewish News headline. But once again the paranoid West Jerusalem media got it wrong. This was no anti-Israel event – it was […]

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Balfour An Apology by Clive Hambidge

Balfour An Apology? Committee Room 2a House of Lords  Clive Hambidge The Balfour narrative, biblically driven, was a prejudicial sweep of historical Palestine under an imperialist Zionist carpet underlying the 1922 League of Nations Mandate of the Balfour/Lloyd George deceit. The meta-physics of this ‘sociological’ religiosity seeks (indeed remains in) and re-turns to history, and, […]

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anti semitism

Antisemitism report tries to whitewash Zionism

The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee has just issued its report ‘Antisemitism in the UK‘ in response to concerns about “an increase in prejudice and violence against Jewish communities” and “an increase in far-right extremist activity”. It was also prompted by allegations of antisemitism in political parties and university campuses. The following observations […]

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ISIS vs Sauds

Will a “highly likely” London terror attack bolster support for a failing war in Syria?

After a spate of devastating terrorist attacks that took place in Belgium France and Germany, Prime Minister Teresa May repeatedly said a terrorist attack in the UK is “highly likely”. She also said the Government is “making more funding available to the police for counter-terrorism policing”. Therefore it appears rather suspicious if the terror threat […]

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A Crooked Mile

The “crooked mile” from the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes (There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile etc) is Fleet Street, which is well known to London journalists. So I was told when I joined the BBC at Bush House, at the very end of Fleet Street. Not only is the street […]

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nichola sturgeon

Brexit Boost for Scotland’s Wacky War of Independence

A month on from the Brexit vote and Scotland’s EU-smitten First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, continues to stamp her foot in frustration. But hopefully, after her frantic tour of European capitals pleading for Scotland to remain a vassal of the EU one way or another, the absurdity of her stance is beginning to dawn on her. […]

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Banksy Direct Democracy

Brexit was a Victory for Direct Democracy

Brexit was a remarkable act of direct democracy and has caused shock-waves throughout the world. On the surface Britain voted to leave the EU, but there were many more motives at play. It was a massive protest vote at the ruling elite and the traditional two party paradigm. It was a rejection of Neoliberalism, but […]

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Iraq verdict: Trouble if heads don’t roll

The much-edited Chilcot Report finally arrived and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has issued a pretty-sounding apology for his party’s decision to go to war in Iraq in 2003. He called it the most serious foreign policy calamity of the last 60 years and “a stain on our party and country”. It’s unfortunate that he dignifies […]

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Anti-democratic Pro EU Protesters

Anti-democratic Pro EU Protesters

Britain is divided post brexit. The main cities voted to remain and the other areas in England & Wales to leave. The disconnect between our political representatives and the people has never been greater. Scotland voted to stay in the EU and is now pushing for another independence vote. The Pro EU campaigners are now […]

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