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nichola sturgeon

Brexit Boost for Scotland’s Wacky War of Independence

A month on from the Brexit vote and Scotland’s EU-smitten First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, continues to stamp her foot in frustration. But hopefully, after her frantic tour of European capitals pleading for Scotland to remain a vassal of the EU one way or another, the absurdity of her stance is beginning to dawn on her. […]

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Banksy Direct Democracy

Brexit was a Victory for Direct Democracy

Brexit was a remarkable act of direct democracy and has caused shock-waves throughout the world. On the surface Britain voted to leave the EU, but there were many more motives at play. It was a massive protest vote at the ruling elite and the traditional two party paradigm. It was a rejection of Neoliberalism, but […]

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Iraq verdict: Trouble if heads don’t roll

The much-edited Chilcot Report finally arrived and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has issued a pretty-sounding apology for his party’s decision to go to war in Iraq in 2003. He called it the most serious foreign policy calamity of the last 60 years and “a stain on our party and country”. It’s unfortunate that he dignifies […]

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Anti-democratic Pro EU Protesters

Anti-democratic Pro EU Protesters

Britain is divided post brexit. The main cities voted to remain and the other areas in England & Wales to leave. The disconnect between our political representatives and the people has never been greater. Scotland voted to stay in the EU and is now pushing for another independence vote. The Pro EU campaigners are now […]

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Jeremy Corbyn Compares Israel to ISIL

Jeremy Corbyn compared Israel to ISIL, he said at the launch of the Shami Chakrabarti anti-Semitism report: Corbyn: “Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel than our Muslim friends are for the self-styled Islamic State” Jeremy is currently under attack by a host of Blairite quislings. Their aim is to bully him […]

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BREXIT: Perception, Reality and the Struggle Ahead

Friday, June 24th, 2016, 09:04 AM: Britain voted to leave the EU by a narrow margin. The result will go down in history as the beginning of the end of Jewish extremism in the Western hemisphere. Brexit proved what that great philosopher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, once said in the movie ‘Predator’: “If it bleeds we can […]

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A Great Day in European History

No one believed in this victory. Even most of those who led the campaign for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union did not expect that on the morning of June 24, 2016 it would be announced that the majority  voted in favor of a break with the Brussels bureaucracy and the policies pursued during the […]

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Will Brexit be blocked?

Unprepared Government is paralysed. Need for an all-party transitional cabinet with vision to steer it through. Democracy has delivered. The UK as a whole has spoken. It’s Brexit. Not everyone likes it, and the enemy within are plotting to obstruct it. Prime minister Cameron and Chancellor Osborne are tight-lipped, Cameron appearing only to announce his […]

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Brexit celebration

Victory Is Possible

Few people expected the positive outcome of Brexit referendum. Among other doubters, I expected the UK government will borrow a trick from the Clinton collection, and proclaim the Bremain hath it. We witnessed so many dirty tricks in the Dem primary this year: the votes were not counted, but the newspapers called Hillary the winner; […]

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Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Coup – Quislings turn on Corbyn

Following the shock defeat of the Remain campaign in the EU referendum, the Labour have quickly turned to finger pointing about who was to blame. Jeremy Corbyn was quickly singled out as the scapegoat. Chief EU quisling Hilary Benn tried along with other Blairites to organise a coup against the Labour Leader. A vote of […]

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