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Britain, Eager to Match France’s Self-Abjection

The French newspaper Le Figaro gleefully announces:

Dieudonné Banned from Entering Great Britain

The controversial humorist wanted to come to GB to support his friend, the football player Nicolas Anelka, who had made the «quenelle» gesture during an English championship game.

After creating a polemic in France, the controversial humorist Dieudonné has now been banned from entering the UK. The reason: the support for the «quenelle» shown by his friend Nicolas Anelka.

«We can confirm that Mr. Dieudonné is the object of an exclusionary measure,» a announced on Monday a speaker for the British Interior Minister. «The Interior Minister will try to deport from the UK any person for whom she considers the measure necessary for political reasons or concerns of public security,» was the justification used by the employee of the Home Office.

According to APA, Dieudonné had announced his intention to come to to London to support Anelka, the center forward(?) of West Bromwich Albion (WBA), after the polemic created by the quenelle gesture he made during the Dec 28 game. Anelka risks a suspension of at least five games if the English federation (EF) considers him guilty of incorrect conduct. The International Tricolor has asked EF ten days ago to lift the charges against him.

«C’est un prince»

At the center of a vivid controversy in France, the «quenelle» — represented by an arm stretched down with the other bent, touching the shoulder — is considered by some, like the president of Licra, Alain Jakubowicz, to be a «reverse nazi salute». The fans define it as a defiance, a simple anti-establishment symbol.

Only a few hours after making this gesture,  Nicolas Anelka explained on  Twitter that it had been just a special dedication for his friend Dieudonné.

On January 23, Dieudonné described Anelka as a “prince” in his interview on the Skynews channel. «He is a very courageous person for whom we have a lot of respect and admiration. We are in solidarity with him, entirely behind him, and very proud of him. His stand is noble and he is a prince for us», said the controversial humorist on the English TV channel.


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One Response to Britain, Eager to Match France’s Self-Abjection

  1. Markus Wolfe February 4, 2014 at 6:55 am #

    I like Paul Eisen’s comment regarding Anelka.


    I’m fairly sure Nicolas Anelka will get a hefty ban for his brave quenelle at the December 28th West Ham match.
    And when he does, what if he straightway gives the FA another one.

    And what if at the next match without Anelka, and in the pre-match lineup, his teammates together, give another one to Zoopla, the Jewish-owned firm who pressured West Brom and the FA to have him banned.

    And what if the fans, all 25,000 of them, stand together and, as one, deliver a right royal quenelle to ‘the Jews’ – those Jewish individuals and organisations and their non-Jewish minions who, by their arrogant and supremacist ways, put people like me (also a Jew) at risk.

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