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Britain to Abandon War on Drugs

Recently Britain and Italy decided to declare the estimated value of Drugs and Prostitution and declare it in their GDP, contributing 10 Billion Pounds in the UK. This despite the fact the Britain has relatively backward drug laws when compared to the rest of Europe. France however has chosen not to follow the new EU regulation.

A recent report from the Home office showed that there was no correlation between harsh prison sentences and drug reduction, quite the opposite.


Portugal has in the past few years pioneered decriminalising all drugs, Uruguay and Colorado are relaxing their drug laws too. It’s only a matter of time until Britain announce a radical new overhaul of it drug laws. Total decriminalisation of drugs and licensing, hence taxing, is the most obvious way. Several UK think-tanks have already calculated how much potential money they could make.

With decriminalisation will come a hoard of new green start-up businesses – the potential is vast. Politicians have grown up finally and faced the facts, everybody is doing drugs from the Royals to lowliest serfs.

Royal Commission on Drugs

People are pushing for a Royal Commission on Drugs – The will look at the medicinal, recreational, therapeutic & commercial use of drugs in all aspects and hopefully come up with some better rules.

From prohibition to regulation

This will bring a faux liberalisation which they will undoubtedly exploit to further their own insidious aims. My prediction is this that the Conservatives will propose a radical overhaul of all drugs including decriminalisation and the licensing and taxing of the drug market. This will prop up their flagging government bogged down in scandal and give them a revived appeal.

So far only Britain and Italy have implemented these rules it will be interesting to see what other countries do in response. Liberalization, regulation and Commercialisation it’s got be better than rampant criminality…

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