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Like a storm has hit me

I feel weary

and unevolutionary

what has stopped my flow

a no go

nothing to feed my intellectual

I feel so

out of control

and don’t know what to do

where’s my something to hang on to

my survival has been put on stew

for that’s the only thing I knew

In this torture of you

maybe I’ll grab a brew

sit down and watch a few

woo hoo

now boo hoo

back to where I used to be

what shall I do with thee

we shall see

for something’s gonna happen eventually

and inevitably

my options are limited

but now I’m starting to feel interested

aww, now there’s to many things to choose

guess I’ll sit down with my guitar and play the blues

now I feel like I can’t lose

I paid my dues

now I’m happy

and that’s good news

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