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bloody corruption

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i hope this will be a mercifully short post. for the context of the above image, a bas-relief on display at BBC HQ, you may click on it to visit a thread on the forum at David Icke dot com which discusses some of the matters hinted at here.

after watching an excellent interview (excellent, because it is with someone who speaks truth in a measured way) drawn to my attention by fool_me_once, a senior analyst on deLiberation’s indefatigable team of eagle-eyed researchers, i paid a visit to the website dedicated to Hollie Grieg, a girl with Downs syndrome who has alleged sexual abuse at the hands of so-called ‘top people’ in the self-styled ‘British Establishment’. despite their infrareptilian ethics, such people have long been accustomed to wield considerable power over the lives of other human beings. but they have not used their positions as they should have done, in the disinterested service of the real needs and genuine aims of the entire community. instead they have lined their pockets with public money, colluded with the most morally abject of foreign warmongers, abused the powerless for their perverted sexual expression, misused their own power to construct and maintain conspiracies of silence, and generally disqualified themselves from the human race in the eyes of almighty God.

it is now coming time that all power is placed beyond the grimy and sin-soiled hands of this evil group, who must soon be properly dealt with by the law – not their own corrupt, apelike mimicry of the external trappings of ‘the Law’, but by real human law, which grows out of the genuine attempt, within the scope of our present limitations, to reflect those principles of cosmic justice which are the foundations of the evolution of higher consciousness on this planet.

I shall not take up your time by reviewing here the ramifications of Hollie’s case, which have recently included the unjust imprisonment of investigator Robert Green and revelations of the sinister role played by government “Social Services” and “Care” agencies. for those who wish to investigate further, the website already referred to provides the necessary background. my wish here is simply to offer readers of deLib one small morsel of questionable nutrition from my own poorly-stocked larder of truth.

on the Hollie site on October 23rd, admin posted a discussion entitled JUST WHO IS REALLY PROTECTING BRITAIN`S PAEDOPHILE NETWORK?

i noticed in the comments section to this article, that Judy Cature on October 23, 2012 at 11:24 pm said:

The revelations coming out of the BBC point to the inescapable conclusion that there is a culture of supporting pedophilia by those in positions of power within Institutions in the UK?

I have been under the misapprehension that it was just Scotland that was a haven for pedophiles?


i felt moved to pen a very quick reply to Judy, which is currently awaiting moderation. often such spontaneous outbursts have greater expressive power than more considered narratives, and for this reason, rightly or wrongly i decided to share this quick flash with my friends on deLiberation. there is nothing surprising or new in it. but it may be helpful (i) to realise that someone can harbour a naive misapprehension like “thought it was just Scotland…” (ii) to see a brief potted summary of what has educated me personally to the seriousness of this endemic abuse (iii) to begin questioning the legitimacy of gagging orders and other ‘legal’ restraints which are used to conceal evil and corruption in high places on the false presumption of pretexts like ‘national security’ (iv) to acknowledge how much the TV habit contributes to people’s enslavement and impotence.

we are not schoolchildren any more. we have grown up. the satanists and their corrupted lackies, toadies and lickspittles must now be consigned to the particular Hells for which they have always longed, and in which it is their immortal destiny to be confined for all eternity. here is my brief post in reply to Judy. it is meant only as a stimulus to further discussion.

@judy not just in scotland! senator John deCamp* has investigated a terrible web of this kind of abuse and corruption in the “top echelons” (!) of US society. or check out the duTroux ‘scandal’ in Belgium. or the Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast.

the pattern is always the same – links between powerful politicians and leaders of the criminal underworld. cover-ups by crooked lawyers, perverted judges and bent police chiefs. the attempt to frame honest police investigators and their witnesses. threats, blackmail, and even, as a last resort, murder.

the extremely seedy relation between politician Lord Boothby and the notorious Kray brothers (themselves obvious victims of abuse when young) is now sufficiently long ago to have been the subject of a brief channel 4 documentary about ten years ago, but such studies, although useful, never make the point that nothing much has changed. they passively support what i call the Bad Apple Theory – i.e. it’s just a few corrupt people. in fact this abuse is endemic, the so-called establishment is riddled with it, like the metastases of a horrible cancer.

c.f. also operation Ore. results “gagged” for 70 years. seventy f***ing years!!! where does that authority come from in a supposedly democratically elected government? people must wake up. stop being slaves of the TV and the dumbed-down, distorted reality it peddles. stop respecting an ‘authority’ that has no claim to your respect.

never forget this is not just perverted sex with cruelly treated minors. it is intimately related to political control by a class of people who murder millions in phoney wars around the world.

one very dodgy figure in Britain is bent (ex-)copper Peter Power, who has worked to protect high-level paedophiles in the police force. this same man was one of the masterminds of the 7/7 ‘terrorist’ atrocities in London 2005. (these things are all connected. a good 7/7 place to start is the recent film featuring whistleblower Tony Farrell, a senior police intelligence analyst: “Farrell and Kollerstrom are dead“).

“the people, united, can never be defeated” but the necessary degree of unity of purpose cannot be achieved until enough people have the will power to switch off that tempting telly.

  *NB as always in intel matters there are many layers to every onion

stop press: as a result of writing this article i have come across a rather long (2 hr) film. longer than i usually watch, but i never say never. it looks promising, i can’t recommend yet it as i’m just going to watch it after posting this, but the signs are promising.

epilogue 28/10/2012 noonish GMT

no, wouldn’t recommend the film, for reasons hinted at in comments. Henry James’great fluid puddings jibe was mere goblinesque churlishness when applied to the great works of Tolstoi  and Dostojevski, but may more usefully be applied to these truth movement blockbuster compilations.  it shows that 911truth could one day vie with holocaustianity. the Yvonne Fletcher sketch, plus the  appearance of Shrimpton and the Nazi interlude made it all worthwhile for me, but that could have been condensed into 10 minutes.  the Nazi theme originates in a branch of hasbara whose prime audience is naive goyim anti-fascists, and is is closely linked with pro-anti-anti-semitic outfits. e.g. here is a linked pair:

lys d’or


the info on the long spitfire debrief  re Assange’s wierd background crops up in many places and seems quite apt, but the forcefully pressed Nazi link seems somewhat tenuous. its only easily-imagined motivation would seem to rest on an unproven hypothesis that someone working for the Nazis could not, at the same time be an Israeli stooge. yet to think this might be a challenge even to a hyper-naive and credulous aspie like myself. if the Bush family are the Nazis, then they are evidently the kind of Nazis that zionists are comfortable to do bizness with. that thought raises the SQL Schwarznegger funding? he’s the ideal strong Nazi leader figure – so is he feared by the elite of the US Kosher Community? from his Hollywood background one tends to doubt it, as an initial null hypothesis, though if no-one feeds me an answer i can persuade myself to believe, i’ll attempt a bit of due diligence – his movie-actor/Nazi credentials combine all the ideological high-spots of the Reagan-Bush years. he could become a Mormon and take Hilary and Condolezza as extra wives. with that, and the backing of Samuel Untermeyer from beyond the grave…over to Mr Spielberg.


16 Responses to bloody corruption

  1. fool me once... October 27, 2012 at 6:39 pm #

    Good article David. I remember Muad’Dib getting shit for his 7/7 film, the Ripple Effect;

  2. fool me once... October 27, 2012 at 6:44 pm #

    Would it be possible for you to put up the “Farrell and Kollerstrom are dead“ video from your article? Very interesting, thanx.

    • Ariadna Theokopoulos October 27, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

      No, I don’t think we should be exposed to the opinions of Holocaust deniers:
      (per wikipedia):
      “UCL announced on 22 April 2008 that it had removed Kollerstrom’s honorary fellowship after articles of his were published on Holocaust denial websites. The college wrote that he had expressed views “diametrically opposed to the aims, objectives and ethos of UCL, such that we wish to have absolutely no association with them or with their originator.”[3] Kollerstrom’s “The Auschwitz ‘Gas Chamber’ Illusion” and “The Walls of Auschwitz” appeared on a website run by the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), and a third, “School trips to Auschwitz,” was published in March 2008 in Smith’s report, a newsletter and website run by the co-founder of CODOH, Bradley Smith.[12] The articles came to the university’s attention after Kollerstrom attended a book launch about the 2005 London bombings, where he expressed the view that the men accused of the attack were not involved in it, leading survivors and bloggers to make inquiries about him. On 14 April, one blog reported him as a Holocaust denier.[13] In May 2008, “The Walls of Auschwitz” appeared on the website of the Iranian government’s Press TV, when he gave them an interview at the suggestion of Michèle Renouf, a British woman known for her involvement with writers accused of Holocaust denial.[13][14]
      In “The Auschwitz ‘Gas Chamber’ Illusion,” first published on the CODOH website in June 2007, Kollerstrom wrote that there were no “lethal gas chambers” in the Nazi’s concentration camps, that cyanide gas chambers operated in Auschwitz only for the purpose of hygiene and disinfection, and that “the only intentional mass extermination program in the concentration camps of World War Two was targeted at Germans” in French and American-run concentration camps.[15]”

      • David Holden October 28, 2012 at 1:42 am #

        thank you for the timely warning. i had no idea that i had unwittingly been a party to propagating the views of a holocaust denier.

        however i feel sure you will rejoice to hear that in the long film i watched (a rather self-indulgent amateur compilation by a self-proclaimed christian friend of Tony Farrell, which somehow contrives to bring in the Nazis via the Prescott Bush connection; is far, far, too long (yawn); and has a truly ghastly soundtrack – Arvo Part’s lovely Spiegel an Spiegel is exploited as a camouflage for the compiler’s evident cognitive deafness, but there was a truly dreadful orchestral version of a Chopin prelude, and much, much worse. 911 truth aimed at church-going christians?) Kollerstrom only occurs in a single photograph of Mu’da Dib outside a prison. this other film studiously avoids all reference to our Khazarian friends, which is quite a feat, given the several hours of time spent dragging the by now heavily-laden cart of 911 truth.

        • Ariadna Theokopoulos October 28, 2012 at 1:50 am #

          “i feel sure you will rejoice to hear ..”

          The flights of hyperbole to which you abandon yourself sometimes, David, belie your much vaunted aspersion, or aspergillus or whatever you call it.
          “Rejoice” what? That they abstained from overt and maniacal anti-semitism, although they insist on misrepresenting the what comes after 8 slash what comes after ten?
          Even “glumly appeased” or “morosely pacified” would be a stretch.
          Quiet but watchfully alert is how I would describe myself here.

        • David Holden October 28, 2012 at 6:16 am #

          this poor Khazzar score may be attributable to various factors, one of which might be the recent presence on Farrell’s advisory team of a man who writes for VT – Michael Shrimpton – a suave, old-fashioned ‘legal advisor’ with shadowy intel connections. Shrimpy as he is affectionately known, plays the mildly eccentric conservative-voting Englishperson for VT’s mainly US readership. in his view of the great game the Israelis are the good guys, and the real enemy is the ruthless and powerfully financed DVD. at least one sincere commentor has left the VT forum board in anger because of Gordon Duff’s tolerance of and occasional advocacy for, Shrimpy. smoke and mirrors.

          greater than eight and less than ten, greater than ten but less than twelve.

          yes, that is the way i should like my children to remember that fateful day.
          that seems more respectful to the 343 first responders who perished.

          in fact one very good reason for suppressing the truth is the very real danger that if it were officially admitted that the boxcutter boys conspiracy (BBC) is widely seen to be a pack of lies it is possible, in today’s climate of rabid anti-semitism, that innocent Israelis and US-Israeli dual citizens could get blamed for the work of the DVD, since the latter outfit are particularly good at covering their traces. this is why no Nazi uniforms or parerphenalia (swastikas, military medals,etc) were ever discovered in the hijackers’ cars. i believe i have seen on the web that a signed photograph of Hitler and Goebbels was discovered several blocks from the world trade centre complex on greater than eight and less than ten, greater than ten but less than twelve. this valuable piece of evidence was in the possession of Mr L.Silverstein but was stolen in a clumsy DVD burglary.

          guilani and olmert

          we can be sure of this thanks to a remarkable co-incidence. another little greater than eight and less than ten, greater than ten but less than twelve miracle, if you will. ex-Mayor Guiliani, who happened to be dining with the Silversteins on the night of the robbery, had to relieve himself rather urgently during the hors d’oeuvres, and from the bathroom saw a man of Arabic origin with swastikas painted all over his face and clothing, shinning up an outside drainpipe with a boxcutter in his teeth.

        • fool me once... October 28, 2012 at 3:14 pm #

          “this other film studiously avoids all reference to our Khazarian friends,”
          If by “this other film” you mean “Farrell and Kollerstrom are dead” then check out 26.30mins;
          “…we have Efraim Halevy a former head of mossad, who in his article about the London bombings that appeared in the Jerusalem post…” etc.

          • David Holden October 28, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

            no i meant the longer one. as Ariadna pointed out FAKAD is definitely AS, this reference to Halevy being a case in point. how dare they? the
            big question is are they learning to do any better?

            it is highly characteristic of anti-semites, as of other serious criminals, that they cannot undo their evil past behaviour. they are scarred forever.

            our treatment is based on Wilhelm Reich’s R & R procedure; remorsereparations – just a matter of finding the appropriate formula in each case.

  3. David Holden October 28, 2012 at 11:42 am #

    i’ve added a short appendage to the post(see epilogue). would appreciate feedback on the client i shall only refer to here codenamed blikknikker (to rhyme with picnicker), in the context of the socio-economic decryption of the zionazi meme. i know it’s asking a lot, but i am working hard to combat any smear of ASism that might be levelled at me through 2nd order e-contamination or even by wilful misinterpretation of posts and comments that may, with or without my explicit permission as the jury may decide, have been published in connection with what a number of people have, possibly erroneously, referred to as my “name”.

    • David Holden October 28, 2012 at 11:56 am #

      NB the term ASism employed above must be carefully distinguished from AsIsism, which is a synonym for ProStatusQuoism. it is well-known that Islamic AsIsm is on good terms with the AXOFEV alliance.

      • fool me once... October 28, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

        A constructive criticism and with respect David, I’d say your comment above is getting a little too spurgy for the common folk. If the intention is to be read and understood it may be worth mingling in a tad more.
        Hope I haven’t crossed a line by saying that 😉 .

        • David Holden October 28, 2012 at 8:18 pm #

          all construcrit is welcome fmo, esp fro such a trusted and respected src as yrslf.

          • fool me once... October 28, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

            All I can come up with is “self righteous ***t”. If it is that, then I’ll be more careful, soz. 😀

          • fool me once... October 28, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

            Ooops! found it I hope – src = source, nice one cheers mate. 😉

          • David Holden October 28, 2012 at 10:16 pm #

            src = ‘source’ as in html tag (ask Ariadna for details, i believe she has been mugging up) 😉