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BDS Issues Star of David Badges

The leadership of Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) announced yesterday that registered BDS members would be required to wear Star of David badges whenever participating in BDS activities, including their organization meetings.

It was a move that stunned some pro-Palestinian activists and may cause some consternation worldwide if the press reports would regrettably sensationalize it.

During the deliberations of the Committee of Ten, dissenting voices objected to the idea, calling it a potentially offensive reminder of the darkest days in the history of mankind.

Supporters contended that, on the contrary, the symbol is now a badge of honor that proclaims, “This above all: Never again.” Furthermore the recent fad among the diaspora Jewish youth to have concentration camp numbers tattooed on their arms proves that sensitivities have changed from sorrow to pride.

They also pointed out the practical advantages of the badge, like the fact that, during large-assembly BDS meetings that are attended by not yet-registered BDS members, the badge would afford easy recognition of those who can be allowed to take the floor.

A Palestinian member of the BDS inquired whether the badges would all be yellow or whether non-Jews would be issued a different color Star of David, pointing out the successful similar measure adopted by Israel with different color license plates issued in the West Bank.

A prominent Palestinian BDS leader disagreed strongly with this suggestion, insisting that issuing exactly the same badge to all members was essential to symbolically expressing the indissoluble unity of purpose of all BDS members, steadfast and unflinching (“No quarter given!”) in the struggle against the biggest threat to the pro-Palestinian cause: anti-semitism.

An awkward moment occurred when a newly inducted BDS member stated that he had heard that the infamous anti-semite Gilad Atzmon had written pejoratively about the Jewish and Zionist affinity for symbols and wondered whether this new BDS measure might not unwittingly give him more fuel.

The fact that the speaker stated categorically that he had never read anything written by Atzmon and his lack of familiarity as a new member with BDS speech protocols made it easier to overlook his gaffe. Other members hastened to add that they had not read any of the writings carrying a BDS anti-semitic (AA) rating nor will they associate with those who did.

The proposal to issue yellow Star of David badges to BDS members was adopted in unanimity by the Committee, which vindicated the confidence of the BDS leadership in the commitment of its membership, since the Committee had ordered the badges in advance from a distributor in Haifa who had had them manufactured in China.

Participating by satellite in this important videoconference, a member of the British anti-anti-semitism (AAA) BDS branch also suggested that a secret BDS handshake be adopted as an additional secure measure of mutual identification among members outside the organization’s venues. The satellite signal was spotty, however, and due to the poor transmission, his demonstration of how to use the thumb of the opposing hand over the handshake to signify “6” appeared confusing to viewers.  Others also expressed concern that an organization with such an open and transparent agenda as BDS might be erroneously associated with secrecy and masonic rites. This last suggestion was rejected unanimously.

All further meetings and activities were suspended pending receipt and distribution of the badges.


2 Responses to BDS Issues Star of David Badges

  1. David Holden October 24, 2012 at 10:54 pm #

    very fine, Ariadna. one of your finest conceipts.

    i was so taken by it that i showed it to one of my neighbours, Ms Sylvia Bagshawe, a vigorous lady in her fifties. she was so taken with your idea that she asked me to transcribe this letter to you.

    Dear Ms Theokopulos

    i enjoyed the article by you that David showed me very much. the next day it kept nagging at me to pass on what may be helpful to you.i’m afraid i’m not an internaut, i am something of a technofugue to begin with, as computers play havoc with my intermittent extreme hyperactivity attention deficit disorder syndrome(IEHADDS), and my pharmaceutical bill is already the size of the GNP of a small nation. so i just wrote this by hand, and David has been kind enough to input the data into your machine. he chose a different face for the Badge of Penance, obviously. the leader of our Parish Council would probably be unfamiliar to your readers!

    one problem we encountered with badges was that they are easily counterfeited.

    policing badgeholders requires an official system of accreditation.

    the BASC (Badge Accreditation Sub-Committee) should be democratically elected each year. voting in these elections is a privilege automatically acquired upon becoming a badge holder.

    the committee will issue each badgeholder with a badge certificate.

    wearing a badge without possessing the required paperwork will be punished by immediate ex-communication.

    a member may, for a variety of other reasons reasons, particularly the crime of association, or by being in possession of literature or watching such material on the internet,supplied by any person or persons deemed as proscribed by the Badge Sub-Committee.

    3rd-tier association is punishable by removal of the offender’s badge. the culprit must write an essay explaining exactly where and how he or she went wrong. if the account is judged to conform with the required standards, the offender may apply for rebadging after a period of time determined by the committee. in the interim the transgressor must wear the Badge of Penance (BOP) which bears a portait of Comrade Greenstein. failure to wear the Badge of Penance is punishable by immediate expulsion.

    i hope these guidelines may be of assistance to you in the BDS movement. although our project was building grass-roots support for a new village community centre i’m sure many things are the same in every political arena. i wish you and your organisation great success in the future.

    sincerely yours,

    Sylvia Bagshawe

  2. Ariadna Theokopoulos October 25, 2012 at 10:40 am #

    Please thank Ms Bagshawe for me, David. It is a good thing you published her letter. All those measures would be very useful at Mondoweiss, where in the spirit of free debate, in fact to make the debate free-ER, yet they have reduced the number of topics allowed in comments so as not to distract the readers with an embarrassment of choices.