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Ayesha Gaddafi: Patriot in Exile


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Like her or not, but you’ve got to respect the honourable Ayesha Gaddafi: Her 6 year old sister murdered before her eyes by the Americans, her brother killed by NATO, her father betrayed and assassinated by mercenaries, her husband killed in defence of his country, her infant children murdered under French bombardment and all before her 35th birthday. For if you want to see what a modern North African-Arab woman ought to look like, look no further than this determined, flawed but undeniably courageous representative of her people. Here’s someone who never sold her intellect to the West, never reciprocated false flattery or compromised on the fundamental tenants of the revolution, even if others did.

Her only mistake was to fall for the old confidence scam by thinking that she could trust Rothschild controlled, criminal regimes in the West. Ayesha believed she could change corrupt institutions (e.g. UN, EU etc) from within, move amongst money-grubbing cutthroats and Talmudist brigands unmolested and immune to their intrigues / greed driven plots. She was wrong. For just as the United States praised pro-Palestinian Syrian President Hashim al-Atassi, months before using the U.S. embassy in Damascus as a CIA terror camp to oust him in a coup d’etat, so too, did they lull young Ayesha into a false sense of security. Here she was thinking that she was making a difference as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador; tackling important issues like poverty, women’s rights and the fight against HIV/AIDS: Blissfully unaware that the same organization who slapped her on the back today, would be the ones to stick the knife in tomorrow. And who can blame them? For Rothschild vassal states are cruel and ruthless by nature, demented swine with no sense of loyalty or honour, and given their bitter experience with U.S. terrorism in the 1980s, the Gaddafi family of all people ought to have known better. After all, you don’t stick your arm in a Viper’s nest just because some of them look like they’re smiling. For it was only when Ayesha let her guard down against her avowed enemies, that she betrayed an innocence and naivety that would cost her dearly down the line.

Now I’m not one to claim that the Jamahiriya was perfect, far from it, nor do I dispute the fact that some Libyan dissents had legitimate concerns vis-à-vis domestic and foreign policy; but no one can justify the disgraceful manner in which Tripoli was taken, the NATO massacre of Misrata, the out and out treachery involved at Sirte and how some rebels cheered on the vile and cowardly parasites of the Anglo-American-Israeli-NATO crime gang in destroying their own country. Ayesha Gaddafi opposed all this, not for herself or her family, but because she, like her father before her, has an innate and unwavering commitment to justice, an integrity-in-practice that cannot be bought or bartered with. Why else would ‘The Claudia Schiffer of North Africa’ abandon the sybaritic pleasures of nepotistic privilege to defend Iraq against a decade of Anglo-American-Israeli siege, if not to uphold the values she’d been bought up with? Why would she bother joining the legal team to represent deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein despite the fact that the Baathists were often at odds with the Jamahiriya, if not because she places a high value upon the dignity of her people and the sovereignty of the Global South?

Ayesha Gaddafi takes a lot of abuse from anti-Gaddafi elements, but the one thing they’d be hard pressed to deny, is that Ayesha is a true Libyan patriot, and will remain so for the rest of her days. And thus in the absence of any real charges, the enemy invents and fabricates as many crimes as they can possibly imagine: They call her decadent, as if having a home is some kind of a war crime, conveniently ignoring the fact that Libya had the highest standard of living in all Africa with home ownership enshrined in law for every citizen as a basic human right. Col Gaddafi himself spent years living in the military compound like his fellow troops and officials.

They claim she’s a hypocrite and that NATO invaders found large quantities of alcohol in her home: But don’t they always? What else did they find, I wonder: cocaine, pork scratchings, a singed copy of ‘The Satanic Verses’, perhaps? It’s the same old nonsense we always hear, in fact, they don’t even bother following through anymore, remember the hysterical lies about Libyan troops on Viagra gang raping civilians in Tripoli? Of course you don’t, because it was absurd Anglo-American-Israeli propaganda that evaporated like mist before the eyes of the world.

They call her self-absorbed and corrupt, despite the fact that she participated in the best of all charitable activities without fanfare or self-promotion. Ayesha Gaddafi’s ‘Wa Attassimou’ organization and The Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation launched aid vessels to break the Jewish siege of Gaza, Palestine, put up a legal fund to defend Iraqi hero Muntadhar al-Zaidi (who memorably threw his shoes at U.S. war criminal George W. Bush and Western stooge Nouri Al Maliki in 2004) and have contributed to many other good causes over the years.

Ayesha Gaddafi fled to Algeria with her mother and surviving members of the family after the fall of Tripoli, and has since been banned from making any political statements as per the terms of her exile. She continues to battle with the force of the law to gain some measure of justice. Her bid to sue NATO for the terror attack on Muammar Gaddafi’s home which killed her brother; Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, her infant daughters and three of her nephews and nieces, was unsurprisingly rejected by Rothschild controlled plutocrats in Brussels. Another petition, filed by Ayesha’s lawyer; Isabelle Coutant-Peyre in Paris, seeks to indict former French Defence Minister Gerard Longuet and Israeli sayan / President Nicolas Sarkozy for war crimes. Now its highly unlikely that this case will ever see the light of day in France but may well be filed away by Rothschild as a means with which to ‘motivate’ Sarkozy and Longuet should they ever stray off message.

Undeterred and typically defiant, Ayesha ignored the restrictions on her political activities and issued a statement to Syrian news channel Al-Rai, calling for a renewed struggle against the Anglo-American-Israeli-NATO imposed National Transitional Council:

 The NTC’s so-called revolution arrived with the planes of NATO. My father is always among us. We don’t forget the orders of father urging us to continue fighting, even if we no longer hear his voice: Avenge the blood of your martyr. Revolt against the new government.”

Needless to say, Algiers weren’t too pleased about this and sternly reissued the warning to refrain from making political speeches and statements. Her critics dismiss Ayesha’s resolve and rhetoric as the hubristic rants of an embittered loser, but sometimes, it isn’t victory which makes someone a hero or heroine, but the heroism they display in defeat that elevates their standing in society: Ayesha Gaddafi, beaten but unbowed, never gives up but with each setback, she’ll begin to see the distinction between ‘Justice’ and ‘The Law’, begin to realize that despite her best efforts, the window has closed and what was is no more.

A handful of deluded supporters pine for her return to revive the Green revolution whilst others will not rest until she’s put before a show trial as per the wishes of the Anglo-American-Israeli-NATO crime gang: Ayesha’s story is a cautionary tale which reinforces the importance of vigilance in the face of external threats and internal betrayals. The dangers of appeasement,  the need to remain focused in the midst of ‘The Longest War’ and most of all, to keep your guard up at all times, to stay alert almost beyond the limits of human endurance.

Ayesha Gaddafi was a force to be reckoned with, and her enemies knew it, still; she tried her best, and that’s all anyone can ask for.

“As Almighty Allah (swt) says: “If there are amongst you, twenty patient ones, they will defeat two hundred. And if there are amongst you 100 patient ones, they will defeat 1000 from the disbelievers as they are a people who understand not.”


40 countries, with their attacks; using planes, missiles and technologies by air and sea and utilizing their agents on the ground: And the Libyan people are still resilient and fighting.


To the silent, I will say to them. What do you have to say about the humiliation that is the new regime, what sort of regime is this? All of these people betrayed and broke their oaths which they gave before, who says they will not break oaths and promises to you?


And to the NATO rebels, if you have any common sense: NATO, who when they wanted to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, landed boots on the ground because they could not find any traitors who were willing to take up arms against their fellow countrymen.  Sadly, they found such people within Libya who would take up arms against their fellow Libyan brothers.


This is why I will say there is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God. Believe in God (Allah), Believe in God (Allah). God (Allah) is all I need. He is the best guardian”.

Ayesha Gaddafi, August, 2011

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  1. Lasse Wilhelmson March 26, 2013 at 9:02 am #

    Touching and fair written. Very nice KA.