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Is Indo Pak war imminent under Israel’s man Modi?

The Uri Attacks did not as Prime Minister Modi predicted “isolate Pakistan” rather it highlighted the atrocious sufferings of the Kashmiri people under Indian rule. After the Uri incident, Russian forces arrived in Pakistan to hold joint military drills, while Indonesia offered Pakistan defence equipment, Iran, China, the OIC ,Turkey and Nepal have all showed […]

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ISIS vs Sauds

Will a “highly likely” London terror attack bolster support for a failing war in Syria?

After a spate of devastating terrorist attacks that took place in Belgium France and Germany, Prime Minister Teresa May repeatedly said a terrorist attack in the UK is “highly likely”. She also said the Government is “making more funding available to the police for counter-terrorism policing”. Therefore it appears rather suspicious if the terror threat […]

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Orlando another False Flag, ISIS and demonizing Muslims

The Orlando terror attack by Omar Mateen, whose Afghan father with anti-Pakistan sentiments worked with US intelligence, was committed to ensure that the process of demonization of Muslims based on the strategy of war on terror continues and also justifies the continual presence of US forces in Afghanistan and covert operations in Pakistan. Soon after […]

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Secret Muslim Graveyard

IsraAID Refugee crisis and Clash of Civilizations

If there is any doubt that rampant Islamophobia, Al Qaeda,  Arab Spring, war on Syria, ISIS and the tsunami of refugees entering Europe is not part of Zionism’s plan to establish greater Israel and the  New World Order then just visit the idyllic island of Lesbos and watch the drama unfold. The sleepy island of […]

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False Flag Attacks, ISIS and ‘Hey Bruv You aint no Muslim

As the New Year approaches and celebrations break out and most people in the words of John Lennon will “hope it’s a good one without any fear”. Fear and trepidation is all we can look forward to, as the same pattern of terror attacks and tightening of civil liberties resulting in further marginalization of Muslims […]

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UK’s Muslim Manifesto and the roots of Islamophobia

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell (1903-1950) ~ As the quagmire of hate and discrimination becomes deeper, faced with marginalization at all levels from unemployment, wealth, education, poor housing, and growing numbers in Prison, Muslims in Britain have ‘democratically’ decided, not to join ISIS as […]

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Je Suis Charlie, Islamophobia and the resurgence of Al Qaeda

The aftermath of the Paris attack, predictably resulted in a wave of Islamophobia sweeping across Europe with hundreds of anti Islam incidences reported, including shootings and grenades thrown at Islamic buildings; in Dresden alone 25,000 people marched calling for death and expulsion of Muslims. While tweeting Je Suis Charlie many have also be sending #killallMuslims […]

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Why are ISIL Takfiris obsessed with killing Shias?

ISIL terrorists move along beheading and chopping bodies, attempting to establish a Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, while the Muslim world shouts back “not in our name.” According to political analyst, Gordon Duff the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia is “waging a corporate war” on the entire Middle East by supporting the Takfiris. He argues […]

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Why Is Israel looking for Imam Mahdi?

During the US occupation of Iraq it was routine to torture Iraqis in prisons like Abu Ghraib whose prison guards were using tactics learnt in Israeli training camps as Robert Fisk pointed out in ‘Abu Ghraib torture trail leads to Israel’; one of the most baffling questions asked during interrogation was “Where is the man […]

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Photos of the Woolich Terror Attack

The Woolwich terror attack exposes Saudi and Israeli collusion

There has been immense speculation whether the Woolwich terror attack was another false flag operation or just Muslims angry at US and Britain’s aggressive wars. The mainstream media’s practice of ‘lapdog journalism’ ignores glaring questions left unanswered concerning the Sandy Hook shooting incident; the Boston Bombings; the Woolwich murder and of course 9/11 and 7/7, […]

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Sectarian warfare through Zionification of Islam

The abuse at Abu Ghraib where Muslim detainees were raped, sodomised, forced to lie on one another naked, forced to masturbate, urinated on by US prison guards standing around with Alsatian dogs taking pictures were all part of Americas policy of ‘exporting democracy and western values’ to Iraq. The horrendous abuse that was carried out […]

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