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police brutality

Policing the Neo-colony

This article by Richard Pithouse was originally published at under a Creative Commons License. * * * *In the colonies ….the agents of government speak the language of pure force. – Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth, 1961 All societies are managed with a mixture of force and consent. But in South Africa […]

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For Every Two Jewish People There Must Be One Opinion

This article by Heidi-Jane Esakov, was originally published at under a Creative Commons License * * * * For every two Jewish people, there are three opinions. Contained in this quip is a proud Talmudic tradition that values and encourages debate and enquiry. Despite particularly contentious issues, such as the tensions between Orthodox and […]

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Philanthropy 2.0: Problem or Solution?

This article by Glenn Ashton was originally published at under a Creative Commons License * * * * Warren Buffett has pledged to give away the bulk of his fortune to philanthropic causes. Bill and Melinda Gates are prominent benefactors. In South Africa, Patrice Motsepe has joined the club. Russia has Vladimir Potanin. These […]

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Lula and Zuma

Dreaming of Our Own Lula Moment

This article by Richard Pithouse was originally published on under a creative commons license. * * * * We need to draw a clear distinction between redemptive fantasies that, while they may be comforting, ultimately function to legitimate injustice and, on the other hand, redemptive visions that can inspire collective action against injustice. We […]

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The Dehumanisation of the Palestinians

The Dehumanisation of the Palestinians

This article by By Heidi-Jane Esakov and Na’eem Jeenah was originally published at under a Creative Commons License. * * * * A ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel, which was to come into effect on Tuesday night, was delayed at the last minute due to ‘Israeli requests’. Despite the imminence of a ceasefire, […]

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After Marikana The World Sees Us as Boys and Savages

This article by Gillian Schutte was originally published at SACSIS under a Creative Commons License. * * * * I met Marikana community member, mineworker and activist, Tsepo M, at a coffee shop in Melville. He had some business to attend to in Johannesburg and a colleague set up the meeting for me to discuss […]

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Adapted by SACSIS from various sources

South Africa: ‘Facing Reality’

This article by Richard Pithouse was originally published by The South African Civil Society Information Service ( under a Creative Commons License * * * * The African National Congress has been captured by a predatory elite that is cynical, corrupt, ruthless and reckless. It is actively reinscribing unbridgeable inequalities into the deep structures of […]

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Fuck The Police - banner at Oakland

The Return of the Police Riot

By Jane Duncan Banner at Oakland, USA demo: Last week, the world was confronted with the horror of South Africa’s first post-apartheid massacre. Over thirty striking Lonmin mineworkers were killed by the police, who turned semi-automatic rifle fire onto the workers after claiming that they were shot at first. Time will tell whether this was […]

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Tax Dodgers

Libor, Tax Havens and the Filthy Rich

2012 is the year to dispel any doubt that capitalism is terminally ill. The recent Libor scandal in the United Kingdom, where the head of Barclays was pilloried for his responsibility in fixing one of the world’s most important international interest rates was shocking, not for the fact that it happened, but because it was […]

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Picture credit: Gillian Schutte

67 Minutes of Shame: Homophobic Hate Crimes Go Unnoticed

“Africa your silence is loud! Speak out against patriarchy, homophobia and transphobia.” So reads one of the many sloganed T-shirts worn by LGBTI rights protestors at the “Say No to Hate Crimes” picket at the Library Gardens yesterday. Other’s read: “My Sexuality, My Choice”, “Phansi Holomisa!” and “Zuma – your silence is killing our brothers.” […]

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Beware the Naked Women!

Originally published by Gillian Schutte on The South African Civil Society Information Service ( under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 South Africa License. Picture credit: FEMEN protest in France courtesy of WikimediaIn April 2009 women stripped half naked and took to the streets of Ado-Ekiti (Nigeria) to protest the rerun governorship election. Protesting under the title […]

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