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Anisa Abd el Fattah

The Anisa Uprising: Occupy the Presidency

Anisa Abd el Fattah is running for President of the United States.  But you should also be aware that this is not just a run for the presidency. This is a rebellion, an American uprising, or what we call a Peaceful Intifada! The campaign is essentially calling an ASSEMBLY.   Its objective is to use […]

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Apocalypse in Gaza

What makes the holocaust so important?

Following weeks of harasment by Zionist infiltrators Tony Greenstein and Abraham Weizfeld;  Paul Barrow, an American solidarity activist told the two tribal activists what he thought of them both. ~ the Editors… I wouldn’t be so generous as to call you or Weizfeld an “anti-Zionist Jew,” Tony (Greenstein). You look pretty Zionist to me. Zionism […]

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