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“Iran is not the threat, we are.”

It is time to stop being Israel’s Bitch! I renounced my US citizenship and the United States of Hypocrisy refused to acknowledge my right, our right, to self-determination. Alright then, I am thinking now that maybe I just needed to leave for 10 years or so and reflect on things, now that I have, I […]

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Israeli Apartheid Week and Ken O’Keefe

The students at the University of Kent have received this, there is significant pressure to cancel my speaking engagement this Friday. Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you today with regards to an event that has been organised by the Kent Palestine Solidarity Group as part of Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) which will feature Ken […]

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Ken on Fire

Ken O’Keefe Lecture at Middlesex University

Israeli Apartheid Week- February 23, 2012 Here is my lecture last week at Middlesex University. The one with our friendly Zionists. Watch the video to see what they reckon I should be jailed for; ‘incitement’ they call it. I would have to agree that telling the truth is the mostrevolutionary activity of our time and […]

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Picture 23

Dedicated to Brother Khader Adnan

Dedicated to Brother Khader Adnan – Where 1 passes, 1000 will pick up – Justice For Palestine I do not understand the French language, but I understand the meaning of this music video all too clearly. It seemed more than fitting to share it with brother Khader Adnan in mind. Brother Khader is refusing to […]

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US Congressional Bill Lists me as a Terrorist

Myself and a US citizen, along with IHH and several Turkish nationals are named as having ‘known links to Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations’ in US Congressional Bill now being processed through the traitorous US Congress. Here is the applicable paragraph; (9) In 2010, IHH organized a flotilla that included the ship Mavi […]

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Israel’s Latest War Crime Feb 9, 2011

EU/USA Complicity Knows No Limit – video by Ken O’Keefe Israel has intentionally dropped two large bombs on the AL-Qerem Medical Supplies Factory in Jabalya, Gaza. The building is totally destroyed, as was all of the medical supplies and equipement. Gaza is already in crisis mode for lack of medical supplies, this bombing will mean […]

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Samouni Family & Israeli War Crimes

During Operation Cast Lead Israel committed massive war crimes for all the world to see. Among these crimes the use of White Phosphorus in densely populated areas, use of Depleted Uranium, bombing civilian targets of all sorts without military necessity, destroying civilian infrastructure with no military justification and the infamous massacre of the Samouni family… […]

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