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Views from Venezuela: From Left to Right

As another fascist Franco takes the stage in the world conflict of greed versus social justice I write this report from Venezuela as a member of diverse research delegation of seven women from the USA who are visiting Venezuela to listen to the Venezuelan people about their lives in the new Bolivarian Republic. We are […]

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Training Killers in the Classroom

6/18/12 Training Killers in the Classroom June Terpstra and Husayn Al-Kurdi “If they would rather die, said Scrooge, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” The militarization of public schools is a subject concerning the life and death of the young people of this country and those millions across the globe they […]

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Memorializing the Holocausts of the USA

Did you ever notice how most major USA holidays celebrate genocides and holocausts?  Today is Memorial Day in the USA celebrating the deaths of all the men that were drafted into or bought the military industrial complex’s war propaganda. The United States has sent troops abroad or militarily struck other countries’ territory at least 216 […]

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