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Russian Spring Cancelled – Nyet to NGOs

In a wonderfully chess-like move, the Russian Parliament skillfully moved to block attempts to de-stablize Russia by using NGOs to encourage dissent.  AlJaZeera reported today that a new law had been passed with only one vote against and one abstention. The law would limit the operation of NGOs in Russia. Specifically foreign-funded NGOs would have […]

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Types of British Rain

Britain is notable for many things; It’s a small island with a bewildering variety of dampish environments with quite distinct geography, accents and customs and people from valley to valley to valley. Mainly Britain is very moist & wet, a land of rivers connecting and taking water that falls in the form of rain. Nowhere […]

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Michael Vause

The Paedophilia Problem In British Police.

Is there an institutional problem of paedophilia in the British Police Force and is that why many escape serious prosecution? The problem in the British Police with paedophilia in their ranks has been a story that has been bubbling around for quite some time, but the mainstream media and judiciary has buried each and every […]

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Queens Honours 2012

One thousand Brits were carefully selected by “People in power” to be honoured with gongs, merits and medals from the Queen. One woman on BBC Radio 2 eplained what it was like when she got her award from the Queen today. At first when I got it I was terrified, the the envelope was so […]

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Gay Marriage opposition growing in UK

The Government is pushing ahead with it’s plans to introduce same-sex marriage despite broad opposition from the UK public. Today a petition against Gay Marriage with over 550 000 names was delivered to Downing Street. Also today, 15 Imams from Scotland’s largest Mosques protested against same-sex marriage and supported Catholics and Anglicans in denouncing the […]

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Picture 1

Reality Check Weekly from PressTV

Press TV News Review for week ending Friday June 08-06-09-2012. I have started watching PressTV, it is sad when one has to watch media in another country to get some kind of balance, but that is what it has come to in Britain. The BBC and Chanel 4 Stations are a disgrace to journalism. So […]

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God Save The Queen & her Fascist Regime

Meanwhile in Britain the Queen’s jubilee approaches, 60 years of unelected rule over us simple peasant folk. I don’t know what is worse, a bunch of nobility ruling over us with little trouble at all, or all the people happily waving flags and cheering like mindless zombies amidst all the bunting. 60 years of Unelected […]

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Where do we come from What are we Where are we going

The end of the world as we know it?

Good news peeps, there is and end, or at least a merging…. Andromeda galaxy mashup in 4 billion years time according to some dodgy looking boffins. It makes you wonder though… Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? Utopia or Dystopia? Does anybody really care? Is Utopia doomed as the […]

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CrossTalk: Farewell Israel? (ft. Norman Finkelstein)

Norman Finkelstein’s new book on the American Jewish community has been both widely praised and criticized by influential writers. So is the American-Jewish romance with Israel coming to an end? Are the American Jews known for their liberal views distancing themselves from Israel? Or is it simply an overstatement? Do they support the current Israeli […]

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Sun Ra, Brother From Another Planet

I got into Sun-Ra 3-4 years ago and I quickly became fascinated by this Alien Cuckoo from Saturn. When he is good his very very good, When he is bad he is terrible. Well to be fair it’s not terrible, rather ugly sounding. Sun Ra merges beautiful and ugly sounds into a rapturous joyous noise. […]

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NSA’s Jewish Spy Masters

After the World Wars, a group of Intelligence services formed an agreement to fight communism and share intelligence and to help security. As part of this agreement a global communication monitoring system was established. Using all the members they could monitor all communications on the planet. This was gradually expanded and eventually became the Echelon […]

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Welcome to the Jewnited States of America

Washington May 9th, The U.S House of Representatives passed new legislation that confirmed Israel’s complete control of America.  Carried by a staggering 411-2 votes the new law ensures the complete cooperation between America and Israel and in particular agrees to ensure that Israel has maintains a distinct military advantage over any potential threats, be they […]

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Norman Finkelstein on Hard Talk BBC

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: According to Norman Finkelstein, American Jews fall out of love with Israel? In this BBC Hardtalk exchange he argues that they are now so unhappy with what Israel is doing that they want to distance them from the country. But is Finkelstein telling the truth here? I think that he is […]

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Peaceful & Lawful Citizens’ Arrest Of George Osborne

Public event  (Facebook)· By David Searle – (Reposted) PEACEFUL & LAWFUL CITIZENS’ ARREST OF GEORGE OSBORNE – 30TH APRIL 2012 On 20th April 2012 George Osborne announced he has committed a further £10 billion of contingent loans to the IMF, the organisation representing the interests of commercial banks and privately-owned central banks worldwide. It is […]

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Richard II

The Globe Theatre BDS Scandal

This is a story of three Theatres. The Habima Theatre of Israel, The Globe Theatre of London UK, and the Ashtar theatre in Ramallah, occupied Palestine. The Ashtar Theatre has recently received rave reviews, with an ‘Arab Spring’ version of Shakespeare’s classic tale – Richard 2nd, and are due to perform this May at the […]

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Shez Raja ft Gilad Atzmon – FNUK – Live at Pizza Express Jazz Club

Genius performance – feel the vibe ~ thanks searching… always got a good lead. Live at Pizza Express Jazz Club, Dean Street, Soho, London Line-up: Shez Raja (bass), Gilad Atzmon (tenor sax), Pascal Roggen (violin), Aaron Liddard (alto sax), Alex Stanford (keyboards), Chris Nickolls (drums) Mark Tucker(audio mix), Aaron Singer-Lee(video mix), Jarek Jarosz (filming), Al […]

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SKUP 2012 WikiLeaks Panel Investigative Journalism Conference

SKUP 2012 WikiLeaks Panel with Kristinn Hrafnsson, Annie Machon, Smári McCarthy English-language panel held at SKUP 2012 Investigative Journalism Conference in Oslo, 25 March 2012. Whistleblowing has been brought to the forefront of Journalism” A gripping video on Whistle-blowing and how journalism is changing as a response to the huge changes that the Internet has […]

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CrossTalk on BDS: Sanctioning Israel

An interesting debate regarding the future and effectiveness of the BDS movement. Omar Baddar carrries the BDS party line and emphasises cohesion of the Palestinian struggle, yet they seek paradoxically to disavow Gilad Atzmon for being critical of Jewish Power and culture that they say they wish to change. Puzzling indeed. What goals has the […]

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Heartlands Cornwall

Hedluv & Passman @ Heartlands opening Cornwall

20th of April 2012, the day the Heartlands development in Cornwall finally opened. Located in Pool between Camborne and Redruth it has been some 15 years to manifest in its glorious fullness. The Heartlands development is a re-development of waste industrial mining land, which funded by the lottery has created a hugely impressive community space. […]

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Julian Assange interviews Hassan Nasrallah

After much hype here is the first offering by Julian Assange from his new interview series on RT  “The World Tomorrow”. Still under house arrest in the UK for alleged Swedish indiscretions, Julian promises to interview some controversial figures. I was impressed by his first attempt,  although his awkwardness is still rather funny. “The state […]

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9/11 And the Cover Up

Video By Ryan Dawson Was Israel Involved in 9/11 Attack? “Ryan Dawson is clearly stepping into some very dangerous territory here, and I really commend both his courage and his talent. I urge every one of you to take the time to watch this movie.” The Saker Posted April 14, 2012 orginal source

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Who Watches the Watchers?

GCHQ (Government Communications Head Quarters) is the British intelligence agency responsible for providing signals intelligence. It intercepts and decodes messages, ostensibly to protect the UK and its interests from threats either here or abroad. It has two primary locations, the famous Doughnut in Cheltenham and the base in Bude, Cornwall where the Echelon system is […]

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Ecologic Documentary Trailer

A sneak trailer from a professional documentary about The Eco-Logic Recycling Centre in Cornwall and its struggle to survive. Since this was made Eco-Logic have been told that they have to leave the premises by the end of April, unless they can find financial support or alternative premises they will be closing for good. Owen […]

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I Left My Heart in Palestine – 2012

The Phil Monsour Band performing I left my heart in Palestine Brisbane in 2011. The song is on the new album Ghosts of Deir Yassin to be released April 2012. I Left My Heart in Palestine Standing at the checkpoint You were coming home from work Our eyes met we laughed about how the soldiers […]

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Israel secures Azerbaijan Airbases for Iran War

The Israelis have bought an airfield,” an official said, “and the airfield is called Azerbaijan.” said senior ‘un-named’ US officials The past two days has seen conflicting reports emerging regarding Israel allegedly securing 4 airbases in Baku, in Azerbaijan. If true this would significantly enhance Israel’s ability to wage war on Iran. Baku is less […]

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fake gold

Fools Gold – Tungsten Bars

I first heard about this story some years ago, but little evidence existed at that time. Essentially that America had created a load of fake gold bars and sold them onto the world market. Well to be clear,  they were gold plated with Tungsten in the middle. The reason being is that Tungsten has a […]

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The ADL, Gilad Atzmon & Free Speech

Gilad Atzmon, well known Jazz activist has been touring the US recently promoting his Book – ‘the Wandering Who’ and talking about Israel and Palestine. Yet some people have determined that Gilad Atzmon is not kosher for the general public, and he is not fit to talk, or be even listened to. The ADL (Atzmon […]

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Rich Siegel CD Release Event – New York

Rich Siegel CD Release Event “The Way to Peace” Featuring bassist Cameron Brown Special guest appearance, saxophonist/author Gilad Atzmon Friday March 16, 2012,  @ 7:00PM, The Duplex, 61 Christopher Street @ 7th Avenue, New York City, $15 cover buys copy of CD, 2 drink minimum Gilad Atzmon will be signing copies of his new book […]

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