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The Fall of Capitalism

“A great video from Press TV on the inevitable fall of capitalism, definitely worth a watch”  JB-) Capitalism is a cult. It is devoted to the ideals of privatization over the common good, profit over social needs, and control by a small group of people who defy the public’s will. The tenets of the cult […]

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At the end of the day…

At the end of the day, We all want the same basic things. Food & Water & Shelter Liberty Care Consideration Acceptance Integration Recognition Its our society that keeps us permanently distracted from what is really important. Fame and Fortune increasingly looks like a curse that inevitably destroys all those it touches. At the end […]

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Another Day in Occupied Palestine

Members of a Palestinian family react as they watch Israeli bulldozers demolishing their family house in the Arab east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina on February 5, 2013. If only people were so concerned about defending Muslim rights as well as Jewish rights. I will always remember that picture of the young Palestinian boy who […]

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Stewart Lee on the future of comedy

A quick blast from the good old John Snow – Interviewing the British comedian Stewart Lee from “the future of comedy”, and guess what we are unlikely to see it on the main stream media. Shocking I know, But Stewart’s program sound interesting if I had a TV, but I sold my monolith-like TV for […]

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Magus Juggler

Juggling, Jestering & Jabbering

I was first introduced to juggling whilst working at a performing arts college in the dark north of England. All the students were taught how to juggle, I got to know one or two of the students and they taught me the basics. I kept on juggling from time to time but never took it […]

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Atlantic Bridge, Liam Fox, Adam Werritty & Israel

originally published 09-Oct-2011 Atlantic Bridge was set up as the name suggests to bridge across the Atlantic; as an Atlanticist think tank. To foster and maintain that “special relationship” between the US and UK. Founded by Liam Fox in 1997 Atlantic Bridge was ostensibly a charity but failed to meet the basic guidelines for a […]

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Assad to RT: ‘I’m not Western puppet – I live and die in Syria’ (EXCLUSIVE)

In an exclusive interview with RT, President Bashar Assad said that the conflict in Syria is not a civil war, but proxy terrorism involving Syrians and foreign fighters. He also accused the Turkish president of eyeing Syria with imperial ambitions. Assad told RT that the West creates enemy scapegoats – from communism to Islam to […]

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David Cameron and the Transference of Evil

Scapegoating – the Transference of Evil. I love Chunky Mark, he is a great inspiration to me and he is absolutely right. David Cameron really made a tremendous gaff today. When confronted by a list of paedophiles in British politics sourced from the Internet,  he looked rattled and stupidly came out with the following comment. […]

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Max Clifford on Creating False Images

In this covertly shot video on Max Clifford the infamous PR consultant to the UK rich and famous, we hear Max make some interesting comments. 1. Max starts off by saying as long as they (the stars, rich & the famous), are not messing around with little kiddies, then he doesn’t mind, no problem at […]

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The Cult of Celebrity, Narcissism & Paedophilia

What do Garry Glitter, Jonathan King, Michael Jackson and Jimmy Savile have in common?  – The Cult of Celebrity creates narcissists and potentially paedophiles.  In this article, I hope to outline some of the connections between these ideologies. Narcissism Excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance. Extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view […]

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What is the Con?

DE(CON)STRUCTIONS OF DESTRUCTION The Purpose of the Con is to Conceal the true Condition of reality. Percepetion is a means to Control through the Construction of Contradictory realities as they are woven together to create Conflict and Consent. Don’t Conform, don’t Confirm the Con. Make no Concession to the inconceivable Condemnations. The Con is Concealed […]

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The Police are the Criminals

The notion that the Police are upholding the rule of law looks more and more ludicrous with each passing day. The Police are there to defend the Criminal Elite, Bankers, Politicians and Media from real scrutiny and accountability. This week two police women where blown up in Manchester and the media went into overdrive to […]

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How to format a WordPress Post correctly

Problems can often occur in WordPress posts if they are not formatted correctly resulting in broken layouts. The chief problem is errant <div> or</div> tags. A div is a standard html tag used to enclose objects, but it is not needed normally in WordPress. This bug or glitch,  is caused by Authors who copy and paste articles or […]

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Spiritual Perfection

Technical Difficulties

Apologies whilst doing some work to increase our security at deLiberation I accidentally managed to take the whole site down for 7 hours or so. We did not get hacked, it was just me messing things up. Our AbNormal service has now been resumed. Thank You for you patience. OM.    

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‘They fly, they spy and they kill’

Published on Sep 5, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews They fly, they spy, they kill. But whether we like it or not drones, or remotely piloted aircraft, represent a contemporary phenomenon that is here to stay. And the Canadian province of Alberta is set to become a hub for the testing and development of the flying killing […]

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