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Juice Rap News: MSMBS Headlies

Juice Rap News casts a discerning eye over the remarkable series of events over the last few weeks. From Gaza to Syria, ISIS to Ukraine, sinkholes to Ebola, and Ferguson to Robin Williams, the world has been experiencing a seemingly endless series of disturbing events: how do we manage to deal with all the painful […]

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The Islamic State – or Islamic Gang?

Great video from Vice News on the ubiquitous Islamic State. A fascinating overview into their nature which seems partly Stalinist in its strict and brutal enforcement of views in every way, their strong education and indoctrination, social programmes and total cruelty. Islamic Cultural Marxism Notable  from the video is the fact that the Islamic State […]

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The Brian Clare Abuse Story

In this incredibly powerful and moving video from Brian Clare video he promises that he will name a a household name as a Paedophile very soon. Published on Aug 7, 2014 In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Brian Clare at the Children Screaming To Be Heard event in London England. Brian is one of many victims […]

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John Prescott (MP) accused of ‘trivialising the Holocaust’

John Prescott was last night accused of being ‘deeply offensive’ to Jewish people by comparing the Gaza Strip to a concentration camp. The leaders of Britain’s Jews criticised the comments by the former deputy prime minister, saying they ‘trivialised’ the Holocaust and called on Labour officials to investigate his ‘misconduct’. Lord Prescott wrote in the […]

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Israel is now the Jimmy Savile of nation states

Alexei Sayle; Comedian, actor and author has spoken to Caabu about the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza. He compares Israel to Jimmy Savile the UK’s most notorious sex offender to date and a psychopath devoid of any feeling. #Israel is the Jimmy Savile of nation states abusing Gaza's children says Alexei Sayle #BBCTruth4Gaza — Dirty Truths ✌️ […]

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The Kosher Nostra Paedo Scandal

Meanwhile in Britain we are having yet another enquiry into how children in care homes were sexually abused. Many of the people involved are Jewish or Zionists and all seem untouchable. Many are saying that Jimmy Savile was the tip of the iceberg and rather that being just one bad apple. He was actually procuring […]

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Confessions of A Jewish Holocaust Revisionist

From David Cole to David Stein to David Cole Journalist Joshua Blakeney interviewed David Cole, the Jewish Holocaust Revisionist who recently rejoined the historical revisionist community after spending sixteen years operating under the alias David Stein, a mainstream holocaust consultant and organizer of parties for members of the Republican Party. Relevant links include: […]

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Israel vs Palestine [RAP NEWS 24]

RAP NEWS 24: ISRAEL & PALESTINE [S02:E04]. Decades of failed peace talks have led nowhere. But do not lose hope just yet: join Robert Foster as he attempts to host the first ever Middle East Peace Raps, using rhyme and reason to bring together Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, and a representative of Hamas. […]

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JOHN HARRIS : It’s an Illusion | 2009 (FULL VERSION)

Filmed at the The British Constitution Group Lawful Rebellion Conference in Stoke-on-Trent on the 24th January 2009. John Harris gives us his perspective on what’s going on. He describes how we are economic slaves to a debt dependant system, notably achieved through the deception of the birth certificate and the creation of a legal fiction […]

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The Militarisation of the Police

his article draws its inspiration from this info-graphic on the “The Militarization of the American Police” sent in to the deLiberation email account. The same too has happened here in the UK with the traditional British Bobby & policing by consent  having  disappeared and been replaced with the new highly armed Police warriors. Handcuffs ranged […]

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Rebranding Torture the American Way

There is a war going on and it is becoming more and more a war of words. The prisoners that are held at Guantamano without being charged are not prisoners of war despite being arrested in a theatre of war. They are “illegal combatants” and therefore not subject to the “Geneva Convention” which details how […]

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RAP NEWS 23 [S02:E03] CRIMEA MEDIA WAR-GAMES. It’s March 2014 and following on from an extremely successful Winter Olympic Games, Russia decides to organise another fun sporting event: and the whole world’s invited. Welcome to the Paramilitary Games in the Crimean Peninsula. Unfortunately, in spite of Russia’s best intentions, the Western Media doesn’t seem to […]

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Climate Change Denial & Other Heresies.

The term “denier” has traditionally be reserved for so-called Holocaust deniers but of late this term has once again arisen to popularity, but this time the it has become transformed into “Climate Change Denial”. Man-made Climate change is it seems an incontrovertible fact and those that deny it have heaps of scorn thrown upon them. […]

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The Complete Banker

A Great tune from the Divine Comedy… Can anyone lend me ten billion quid? Why do you look so glum, was it something I did? So I caused the second great depression, what can I say? I guess I got a bit carried away If I say I’m sorry, will you give me the money? […]

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Uruguay plans to sell pot for $1 per gram to battle illegal drug trade

Uruguay is moving forward with a plan that would combat drug trafficking by creating a government-run marijuana industry that could begin operation as soon as next year, reports the Associated Press. Smoking marijuana has reportedly been legal in the country for some time now, but growing, possessing, buying, and selling it haven’t been. “The illegal […]

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The Blues Brothers on a mission from God

Exceptionalism & the Mission from God.

In this article I will try to connect the dots between various forms of exceptionalism and how they have embedded into our society as dangerous memetic viruses and are doing tremendous harm to the World. Primarily this article will limit itself to looking at three types of exceptionalism. Jewish exceptionalism British exceptionalism American exceptionalism Jewish […]

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Russians buy Typewriters to stop NSA

This story caught my eye and twisted my lip into a wry smile. Progress is indeed a wonderful thing, the Russians have ordered typewriters each with a unique fingerprint (to detect and trace copies) to stop their top secrets being hacked and/or leaked. “Unlike printers, every typewriter has its own indvidual pattern of type so […]

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