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U.S. fascism reaches the breaking point

Barack Obama’s decision to go crawling to Congress for permission to launch a gratuitous attack on Syria is more than a humiliating climb-down. It could well signal the beginning of the end of the zionist imperial presidency. This might seem like a bold claim—Congress is, after all, still Israeli occupied territory, as Pat Buchanan famously […]

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Fars News Agency

Canadian Author: Mideast Peace Talks Doomed to Failure

TEHRAN (FNA)—Canadian columnist and political author Greg Felton believes that the new round of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will ultimately fail and lead to nowhere as the Israeli regime is continuing to insist on its illegitimate demands and also is not ready to engage in talks on an equal footing. According […]

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2013_05_26_zombie vote

Zombies breathe life into moribund government

(The TV studios of WTFN’s award-winning current affairs newsmagazine Face of the Nation. It is a few days after the May 14th B.C. provincial election. Host Brian Cohen is seated at his newsdesk.) BRIAN COHEN: “Good evening. With a commanding lead in the polls and anti-government sentiment widespread, nobody gave the government of premier-designate Christy […]

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2013_05_09 L.A. Confidential

This story is true; the facts have been fabricated to keep the false flag flying

For decades, pretentious wonks have declared that we live in “The Information Age,” as if information were a commodity unique to our time. Inanity aside, the claim is patently false, notwithstanding the advent of computers and virtually instant communication. We do not live in an “Information Age” because “information” connotes data that is beneficial and […]

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FIFA’s anti-racism dictatorship a greater threat to football than ‘racism’

In June, Israel will host the European Under-21 football championship, and in doing so will formally debunk the myth that FIFA gives a toss about fighting “racism.” In fact, it will confirm, as if further confirmation were necessary, that the great football anti-racism campaign is a pretentious, divisive sham. Let’s examine two starkly contrasting examples […]

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2013_03_19_Justin Trudeau

Israel’s proconsul to Canada faces political defeat and a future on the fascist dungheap

Though it’s been said, it bears repeating: Stephen Harper owes his political existence not to talent or popularity, but to the political exhaustion and enfeeblement of the opposition Liberal Party. After three majority governments under the strong leadership of Jean Chrétien, the Liberals spiralled into dissension and irrelevance under a succession of weak stewards—Paul Martin, […]

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WTFN Lance Boyle

Oscar Preview 2013—Part 2: The Leni

LANCE BOYLE: “Good evening, and welcome to Part 2 of WTFN’s pre-Oscar special presentation from our West Coast Studios in Los Angeles. I’m Lance Boyle and back with me is move critic Miriam Kale. (to Miriam). Miriam, on last week’s show you told us that Lincoln will likely take the Oscar for Best Picture, but […]

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WTFN Miriam Kale

Oscar Preview 2013 Part 1: Moralizing and myth

(The set of “The Cutting Room” in WTFN’s West Coast studio. Theme music starts up, and a high camera pans down to show a man and a woman seated in upholstered chairs separated by a coffee table. All around are movie posters and stills of actors and actresses. The music dies down, and the host […]

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With leaders like Netanyahu, Israel doesn’t need enemies

In 1949, Israel lied to gain membership in the United Nations, but by the skillful use of blackmail, murder, bribery and Holocaust® guilt it has been able to inhibit the “civilized” world from doing anything about it. As a result, the UN, that great forum for world peace, has by inaction been co-opted in the slow, […]

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2012_11_25 GOP Toast

U.S. electorate rejects Romney’s 1% solution

(THE SCENE: Professor Ray Langston’s graduate seminar in political psychology at a Canadian university. It’s the Monday after the 2012 U.S. election. The students are seated around an oblong table. Professor Langston enters and takes his seat.) PROF. RAY LANGSTON: “Well, did everyone watch the U.S. election results?” REG: “I did, but only because I […]

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