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Wandering Who? Reading Group’s 4th Meeting

The Wandering Who? Reading Group invited the author of the book we are studying, Gilad Atzmon, to attend our gathering on Monday 28th May. We all agree that it is Atzmon’s swashbuckling personality which enables him to say things which others would shy away from. But there was some difference of opinion about both his […]

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Third Meeting of ‘Wandering Who? Reading Group’

The Brighton-based ‘Wandering Who? Reading Group’ met for the third time on Wednesday 11th April, this time in a tower block with a fantastic, if dizzying, view over Brighton & Hove. We were considering Chapters 4 and 5 of Gilad Atmon’s book, ‘The Sabra, the Settler and the Disapora Jew’, and ‘Fagin vs. Einstein’ respectively. […]

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A Modern St George and a Tribe of Dragons

A modern St George vowed one day to save his people from the ravages of a tribe of dragons. These monsters had been setting fire to towns and villages throughout the land, and if something wasn’t done soon, there would be none of his people left to save. Of course St George knew very well that not […]

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I’m So Glad We’ve Got Gilad

The attack on Gilad Atzmon by the UK Palestine Community Network, relayed on Ali Abunimah’s blog, is a depressing reminder that an influential section of Palestinian opinion has accepted the narrative about Israel-Palestine preferred by most (supposed) pro-Palestinian Jews. That is, of course their right. There is an argument for saying that Zionism is a […]

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‘Wandering Who?’ Reading Group 2

On 6th March the ‘Wandering Who? Reading Group’ in Brighton met again (see First Report), this time to discuss Chapters Two (‘Credit Crunch or Zio Punch) and Three (‘Zionism and Other Marginal Thought’) of Gilad Atzmon’s book. ‘How did America allow itself [to] be enslaved by ideologies inherently associated with foreign interests?’ (p. 26) This […]

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Keeping Palestine Solidarity Campaign Anti-Racist!!

Following a motion adopted at Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Extraordinary General Meeting on the evening of 7th April 2013 (Yom HaShoah), an Ethics Sub-Committee has been established composed of the following six members: Toni Grimmstein (Chair), Stephen Cohen, Simon Gold, Rick Silverman, Zeb Horowitz and Aaron Levin. The Sub-Committee is charged with ensuring that PSC remains […]

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Syria Poster

Something Odd About Reports From Syria

In his recent post, ‘Know Your Limits: Syria,’ Craig Murray wrote: ‘An important rule of good blogging is not to comment on matters which you do not understand. An important rule of my own life is not to try to understand everything, as no one man can.’ And that’s from an ex-diplomat who, even if […]

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Diagram of Thought on Palestine

Go to Diagramatic Thinking re Palestine for a diagrammatic representation of how I view current thinking on Palestine, and my own path through it. At times this becomes pretty convoluted, with polar opposite decisions at certain points. In this respect it is nothing like a flow chart, but more a representation of how the mind (well […]

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Diagrammatic View of Thoughts on Palestine

Diagramatic Thinking re Palestine. I attach a diagrammatic representation of how I view current thinking on Palestine, and my own path through it. At times the latter becomes pretty convoluted, with polar opposite decisions at certain points. In this respect it is nothing like a flow chart, but more a representation of how the mind moves […]

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Writer Gilad Atzmon

‘Wandering Who?’ Reading Group

On 7th February 2012 Ben Mullins, Brenda Brown, Francis Clark-Lowes, Penny and Jim Porter and Valerie Phillips (Phil) gathered in Brighton, UK, to discuss the Foreword and Chapter 1 of The Wandering Who? (Winchester and Washington DC, Zero Books, 2011). According to your point of view, this work is either ‘a fascinating and provocative book […]

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John Terry

Anti-Racism and its Discontents

[audio:] [audio:] It is natural that modern multi-racial societies should adopt a censorious attitude to the abuse of others on the basis of their race. But a problem arises when that attitude become so rabid that reasonable discussion of social and political phenomena becomes a taboo and when relatively trivial incidents are distorted […]

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What is Power? A Couple of Stories.

Pontius Pilate famously asked: ‘What is truth?’ He might just as well have asked: ‘What is power?’ Consider his situation. Pilate was the prefect of the province of Judea, the representative of the great Roman Empire. Before him stood a young other-worldly man who might be a nutter or a seer and who said nothing […]

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Why Not Jewish Power?

It is constantly bleated from certain quarters that the term ‘Jewish power’ is racist. How can you attribute power to a heterogeneous group like Jews? But let’s think a moment about the use of the word ‘power’. Does anyone have a problem with us talking about ‘the power of the media’? Or, in some countries, […]

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Let’s be Fair

My heart sinks when I hear that phrase, ‘let’s be fair.’ ‘Let’s be fair, George Bush had no alternative but to smash Afghanistan and Iraq.’ ‘Let’s be fair, what would you have done faced with that massive hostile gathering at Amritsar on 13th April 1919 or that dangerous looking civil-rights march in Londonderry on 30 January […]

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Questioning ‘the Holocaust’

My expulsion from both my local branch of PSC in Brighton, and from national PSC, and the upholding of the latter expulsion on appeal last Saturday, raises interesting questions about the right to free thought and speech. I fully accept the right of PSC to expel me on the basis of my views, if these […]

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All’s Fair in Love and the Class War

Predictably Tony Greenstein is crowing about his victory in having me expelled from Brighton & Hove PSC, from national PSC, and now about the overturning of my appeal at the AGM on Saturday 21st January Karl Marx famously wrote: ‘The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.’ (‘Thesis […]

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