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“Anti-Semitism” as a political weapon

Criticising Israel’s mistakes is acceptable. But questioning whether Israel is a Jewish state with a racist apartheid system that renders non-Jews second rate citizens – that is not acceptable. It makes little difference whether the criticism is based on facts. Few people who cannot claim Jewish descent would dare to criticize publicly. They are afraid of being accused of “anti-semitism”.

There is much talk of disarming countries with nuclear weapons. Not the US and its allies, but the so-called ‘rogue states’, especially Iran, which doesn’t yet have any weapons. Israel is hardly ever mentioned as a nuclear power although it has been for a long time. In spite of its advanced plans to bomb Iran, Israel is not seen as a threat to the surrounding world. The media regularly criticizes severely various religions, especially Islam, but never Judaism. Catholic pressure through lobbying, or the Pope’s speeches on political issues are discussed and criticized. The fight in South Africa against the Boers involved a whole world. Not because they were a “race” with undesirable characteristics, but because they were the social group who in their own interests formed and administrated a racist apartheid system. The same sort of criticism was aimed at the followers of Cecil Rhodes in Rhodesia.

All types of social, ethnic and religious groups defend their own special interests. It is considered quite legitimate for their spokesmen to do their best to promote these interests; just as it is quite legitimate to criticize the same. But the moment Jewish spokesmen and their organisations are criticised, the legitimacy vanishes into thin air. The mention of “Jewish power” makes most people’s blood run cold, but it is quite alright to discuss “gypsy power” or rather the lack of it. “Jewishness” has become taboo. This applies particularly to the combination of “Jewish” and of “power”. All kinds of power can be examined and discussed, questioned or rejected – but not the Jewish kind which is generally presented as non-existent.

There is growing anxiety in the Palestinian movement in Sweden about using “Jewish” as a prefix to the settlements, the state of Israel or the apartheid system, albeit the use is quite correct. The settlements for example are “Jewish settlements” simply because only Jews are allowed to live there. They are not Israeli because non-Jewish citizens are forbidden access to them. Neither are they Zionist as many Zionists are not Jews. It has now got to the stage where a leading spokesmen for the Palestinians in Sweden denies that Jews and Palestinians have disagreements, despite the law giving Jews all over the world the right to return to Israel, thus making them potential enemies of the Palestinians. Having a Jewish mother gives the right to live in the country taken from the Palestinians. One would be hard put to find a more fundamental disagreement. The issue of blood-relationship renders it, moreover, racist.

A reluctance to discuss Judaism’s significance for Zionism in Israel of today makes it impossible to understand why Israel was not content with fifty per cent, later eighty per cent, of Palestine. Or why a social democratic prime minister ordered his soldiers to break the bones of children throwing stones? And how can one understand why Jews in Jerusalem throw their garbage onto the roads and back yards of their Palestinian neighbours, spit at them, or why masked Jewish settlers during the “cease fire” launched pogroms on unarmed Palestinian farmers, women and children? Or why the Israeli “peace movement” and “left” do not question the Jewish apartheid system? Just and lasting peace can never be achieved without its transformation. Few people think that all this is a result of the Jews being an “evil race”. But if it cannot be explained by any other means, the few risk becoming too many. A racially-based hate of Jews is helped along by the label of “anti-semitism” pasted on nearly all criticism of Israel, not to mention criticism of Judaism.

Zionism, through its Jewish organisations, is the dominant interpretation of Judaism today. This is a renaissance of national Judaism of the Middle Ages and the judicial system Halakha with its extreme animosity towards non-jews who were seen rather as subhuman. This revival is seen as very beneficial by most Jewish organisations worldwide. They demand of their members positive commitment to the state of Israel. This is the context in which the behaviour mentioned above can be understood. Most Jews in the diaspora are, however, “happily” unaware of this and are being used by their Zionist leaders and rabbis.

Politics and religion have merged in the state of Israel today. A person speaking out for a secular democracy to replace the Jewish state, is accused of, in fact, wanting to “drive the Jews into the sea”. Most Jews today identify themselves not with Israel but with Israel as a Jewish state. This creates a fundamental contradiction for many Jews: supporting the Jewish apartheid state while promoting democracy in the countries where they actually live. Denying or whitewashing Israel’s politics, becomes a way of keeping one’s identity intact. Violent, groundless attacks with “anti-semitism” as a weapon is the method used against any attempt to lay bare this contradiction. A well known example is how Israel’s former ambassador to Sweden vandalised the art installation Snow White last year.

The risk of being labelled “anti-semitic” if you are not a Jew or of “self-hatred” if you are, creates self-censorship among those who are critical of Israel’s policies or dislike the successful lobbying carried out by Jewish and Christian Zionists, influencing US foreign policy. The so-called Friends of Israel, most of them spokesmen for Jewish organisations, have taken it upon themselves to be the foremost interpreters of the term “anti-semitism”. Few question this role as they run the risk of being tainted themselves if they do. The term “anti-semitism” is taking on new nuances all the time. Of late the slightest implication, as in “almost anti-semitic” or an “anti-semitic point of interest” has been enough to invoke self-censorship. The mention of these circumstances is often felt to be “dangerous” as it could lead to the growth of “anti-semitism”. All this in a western world where islamophobia is a considerably greater problem.

Jews are rightly proud of their success in almost all corners of society. In art and science and, not least, the media and politics. Israeli newspapers tell of the successful “likudification” of the Bush administration and delight in the fact that the Israeli minister for the diaspora is Bush’s new favourite author and pet in the White House. Russian oligarchs with Israeli citizenship take breakfast there. There is a culture of boasting about this among Jews. But should a critic of Israel point to these exact same circumstances, he would immediately be accused of spreading “anti-semite theories of conspiracy” and thus be barred from any further discussion.

The Jews have for many years had total entrepreneurship of “God’s chosen People” with a “biblical right” to Palestine. Zionism has been politically successful in reducing the Nazi war crimes to a Holocaust only for Jews. By presenting themselves as the major (the only?) victims in the history of humanity they expect to claim special moral rights. The method is used favourably to justify and cover up the genocide of the Palestinians. “Anti-semitism” is being used to stop criticism of Israel’s way onwards to achieve the Zionist goal of a Jewish state in the whole of Palestine. Before this goal can be realised, “peace” must be reached with the creation of a few Palestinian reservations on ten per cent of what was originally Palestine, walled-in and gradually wasting away. We are almost there now.

7 Responses to “Anti-Semitism” as a political weapon

  1. Jonathon Blakeley October 22, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    Great article Lasse

    • Lasse Wilhelmson October 23, 2012 at 8:21 am #

      Thanks, maybe it should be mentioned that this article was writter seven years ago, and a lot of things are now even more pregnant.

  2. Ariadna Theokopoulos October 22, 2012 at 11:19 pm #

    I hope it becomes completely uninteresting other than for students of history in my lifetime.

  3. Blake October 23, 2012 at 4:08 am #

    Former Israeli cabinet minister Shulamit Aloni (born 1928), during her August 14, 2002 interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! said: “Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel then we bring up the holocaust. When in this country (US) people are criticizing Israel then they are antisemitic. And the organization (Israel Lobby) is very strong and has lot of money. And the ties between Israel and American Jewish establishment are very strong – and they are strong in this country as you know. And they have power which is ok”.

  4. David Holden October 23, 2012 at 7:36 am #

    yes, glad you reposted this. seven years has not aged it. just reading a summary of the setting up of Israel – Stephen R. Shalom’s Background to the Israel-Palestine Crisis. – i never knew much history.

    technically Israel isn’t a colony, for the reason Gilad gives – no mother country.

    however it is a better-equipped and financed intruder which rules the natives around it in a good imitation of a colonial repressive regime: brutality, racism, apartheid, double standards…and an underlying raw nerve of paranoia that is sensitized by the siege mentality.

    in the “West’s” response there is a deep hypocrisy. because these countries have all been there, and got the T-shirts. just as we were “liberating” the countries we had plundered, the rogue state i referred to as HOE (Hell on Earth) was getting its colonial repressive act together.

    perhaps the whole thing is a play by Bertholt Brecht, acted out before our eyes on the world’s stage with real guns and bombed schools and maimed babies. and heroes getting medals. and speeches. and newspaper articles. and ‘chat shows’. and dead soldiers. weeping mothers. brutalized, soul-numbed generations.

    perhaps the holohoax serves its real victims (the Western governments, and their people) as well as its beneficiaries (the usual culprits).

    did the holohoax absolve them of imperial guilt – all the myriad sins borne silent witness to by blood-drenched flags, gravestones and by odd lines and shadings all over the Mercatored projection of the world.

    the Germans did it! the evil bastards!

    well, the Germans didn’t bomb Dresden. well, probably not. at least that can be investigated.

    or was it not Germans but Romans? echoes of the orderly tramp of the legions’ feet still haunt the European imagination.

    then it is the crucifixion all over again – but with fictional gas chambers instead of nails and a wooden cross.

    at a knock-down price in human lives – for lives are the currency of warfare – the (mainly fictional) holohoax victims atoned for the sins of a wicked colonial world, a rich, guilty world with a great deal it wished to be silent about. its ruling classes had not only exploited other countries in the vilest ways, robbing and murdering whilst preaching the virtues of their advanced civilizations – they had enslaved and exploited their own people.

    but atonement is for the sinful, and it cannot bring total relief from wretchedness. no, for the Brechtian theatre in the Middle East demands ourattention, with its wonderful special effects (like- white phosphorus) and its welcome kinetic backcloth of televisual gore – dismembered infants bleeding in bomb-rubble – and on the stage an intentionally wicked and parodic re-enactment of colonial brutality for all the world to see.

    what would a native American think of it all?

  5. mothman777 October 25, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    They want us not to oppose Socialism and Communism (as in the WWII alliance with Soviet Russia) and tell us that ‘Socialism’ is for ‘everyone’.

    But Socialism is only intended to be shared between members of the Judaic Tribe. Simple annihilation is intended for all Gentiles.

    In the January and February 1849 issues of his journal ‘Neue Rheinische Zeitung’, Karl Marx published articles calling for the extermination of whole races in Europe. “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”.

    “Some call it Marxism, … I call it Judaism” Spoken by Rabbi Stephen Wise.

    Anti-Semitism? A ridiculous thing dreamt up by those who want to hypnotize the Gentiles into feeling so guilty about doing something they are not doing that they will never resist being killed by the false accusers whilst they are being exterminated, in order that Jews alone inherit the Earth for a 10,000 year ‘Pax Judaica’.

    There was no holocaust:

    3.5 million Jews in all of occupied Europe during WWII

    1 million current holocaust ‘survivors’

    150,000 non Communist Jews in German armed forces plus their families (number unknown)

    250,000 French Jews never deported from France

    2 million Jews moved to Russia before outbreak of serious hostilities

    International Red Cross official camp death total for ALL RACES 271,305

    Total camp deaths of Jews out of the above total: between 50,000 and 70,000

    50,000 Jews taken by NSDAP to Palestine

    World Almanac – Worldwide Jewish population 1936 – 15,753,633

    World Almanac – Worldwide Jewish population 1940 – 15.3 million

    World Almanac – Worldwide Jewish population 1941 – 15.7 million

    World Almanac – Worldwide Jewish population 1942 – 15.1 million

    World Almanac – Worldwide Jewish population 1947 – 15.6 million

    World Almanac – Worldwide Jewish population 1949 – 15.7 million

    The above reproduced from ‘The Holocaust Hoax Exposed’ by Victor Thorn, which also contains similar figures from other sources, and many other official censuses exist besides even these from other sources that give similar figures, with a substantial number of them having been taken by Jewish authorities themselves, before they were informed that there was supposed to have been any holocaust, to pressure the UN into allowing the foundation of the state of Eretz Israel.

    ‘Even the German Ministry of Finance heretically perpetrates holocaust denial. The Minister stated in a letter that by July 1, 1979 “5,360,710 claims for compensation” had been received.’

    Yes, ‘antisemitism’ is most surely an entirely unjustified charge against anyone, a mere political weapon, since from the very beginning, the main scripture of the Jews, the Talmud, has always stated “Even the best of Goyim should all be killed”.

    Furthermore, the Talmud states that peace should never ever be made with Gentiles, so this statement from the Talmud is not even taken out of context.

    Jews would simply take advantage of our good nature, give us all a guilt complex, and kill us all at the same time. And indeed, they have been doing just that, and are still doing just that today, and have no intention of stopping till the job of genocide against all other races is complete.

    Just try asking Jewish company Monsanto to stop developing GMO bio-weapons to kill us all with, they treat you like you are simply deluded, and persist in the propaganda that they are ‘helping’ us.

    Just try and ask the Israeli government to retract their numerous threats of world annihilation using their illicit ‘Samson Option’ thermonuclear missiles, and, no doubt, ‘nuclear suitcase bombs’ stashed in cities around the world.

    The Jewish politicians installed in every NATO government in the world will tell you there is no such problem and refuse to allow any debate on the issue.

    Try to suggest to any newspaper in your country that they do a major feature on the current major threat of thermonuclear annihilation of your country by Israel. You will see your comments barred, or at the very least, you will not see the Samson Option issue addressed by any of their writers, when in fact the Samson Option should be headlined as a major issue on the front pages of every newspaper in the world, rather than incessant articles on the fake ‘war on terror’ using CIA Al-Qaeda mercenaries.

    That the Samson Option should be addressed is extremely vital, just as we are approaching WWIII, in which the Samson Option will surely be used, to annihilate all the Gentiles except just a few that can be conned into annihilating each other, leaving just the Jews and a few Gentile slaves, until such a time as the Jews see fit to completely exterminate every last gentile.

    By the way, Gentile slaves will soon be totally redundant, as DARPA will have finished perfecting humanoid robots in around 30 years, with similar intelligence to humans and greater strength and agility.

  6. mothman777 October 25, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

    If you would like to read more along the same lines, please visit Mothman777’s Blog’ and read; ‘THE SAMSON OPTION – ISRAEL IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE ENTIRE WORLD’.